How to build a creeper farm in Minecraft to get lots of gunpowder?

How to build a creeper farm in Minecraft to get lots of gunpowder?

Gunpowder is a necessary recipe that you can use to make TNT in Minecraft, and you can build a creeper farm if you need it in a sufficient amount.

How do you get gunpowder in Minecraft?

The more common way of getting gunpowder is to kill creepers, but making it go BOOM doesn’t give anything. Another way to get gunpowder is through chests in desert temples, the nether fortress, sunken ships.

However, the most efficient way to produce sufficient gunpower in Minecraft is to create a creeper farm, also known as a gunpowder farm.

How to build the creeper farm in Minecraft?

The materials required to make the Gunpower\creeper farm in Minecraft are cobblestones, trapdoors, 2 buckets of water, torches, 2 campfires, 2 hoppers, 2 chests, and 28 carpets and cats. After collecting all the resources, you can follow these steps:

(Step 1)
first step to make a creeper farm in Minecraft

Make the layout as in the picture below with cobblestone (2 layers high). The vertical is of 13 blocks, and the horizontal is 5 blocks on each side. In the middle, two walls, leaving 6 blocks of space.

(Step 2)

Remove one layer down and place 4 trapdoors on the corner.

second step to make gunpower\creeper farm in Minecraft
(Step 3)

Put the carpets in the formation like in the picture. Here 6 carpets on each side must have 2 blocks of space except for the last one. Then in the one layer hole, remove 3 blocks more.

(Step 4)

Creepers are scared of cats, so tame cats and put them on the corners of the farm. In Minecraft, you can tame a cat by feeding it raw cod while sneaking from the back.

Taming cat in Minecraft to build a creeper farm.
(Step 5)

On the hole, you dug in the middle, pour 2 buckets of water from the corner, and dig straight until the point where the water stops flowing. Then make a small room where the water stops flowing.

(Step 6)

Put two chests and hoppers down by connecting to the chest. You can do it by crouching. Then put two campfires above the hoppers and cover the rest of the bit with glass.

(Step 7)

Make a way for yourself, and cover the roof with trapdoors first. Then place stone slabs on top of it. That way, the creepers won’t spawn on the roof.

First layer of gunpower farm in Minecraft
(Step 8)

Then build an AFK area. You can make an AFK area by going 120 blocks above the farm, and you can use scaffoldings or any blocks for that. Be sure to light the grounds near the farm. Otherwise, the creepers will spawn outside.

How to build a creeper farm in Minecraft to get lots of gunpowder?

There, your farm is complete-Just sit in your afk area for some minutes, and you will see a lot of gunpowder in your chest.

It is just one layer of creeper farm, but if you want more gunpowder fast in Minecraft, use stone blocks on the roof instead of slabs and build the formation like the first one.

Place the carpets and cat in the same position and leave the middle part open with trapdoors in the corner. Just remember to cover the roof with trapdoors first and then slabs. You can add as many layers as you want.

creeper farm in Minecraft