How to get ace dominator tier in BGMI\Pubg mobile quickly?

Do you know? It’s hard to reach in ace dominator tier in BGMI\Pubg mobile than the conqueror. You need 5200 points for the ace dominator and 4200 for the conqueror.

The player who wants to get a conqueror should go through the lower levels. So, it’s necessary to know the best ways to get more points for the ace dominator tier to go ahead faster.

Rewards in ace dominator
(I) Ace dominator name tag.
(II) Ace dominator title and avatar.
(III) 1600 silver fragment.
(IV) Ace dominator exclusive team-up special effects.

Ace dominator avatar in Pubg mobile and BGMI

5 Tips to reach the ace dominator tier in BGMI\Pubg mobile.

Play with your best friends

Before making a rank push decision, you have to choose the best friend as a squad.

If you play with random players, you will get many disturbances in gameplay because unknown people will not help you.

So, firstly decide who will be your squad. Secondly, Join the team that includes your favorite people.

Know the best map
Play on the best map to get ace dominator tier quicker in BGMI\Pubg mobile

Every time one questions arise, which is the best map in pubg mobile and BGMI to get more points for ace dominators.

So, the answer is Erangle map because,
(I) You are familiar with all the locations inside the Erangle.
(II) It is a suitable map for camping and rush.

Select permanent drop location
Jumping from airplane in Pubg mobile and BGMI

Don’t land one day in one place and the next day in another place. You have to start your journey from the location that you know better.

So, decide where to land and do it in every match. I think the place on the given map is best for landing. There you will get the best loot, less enemy, and more vehicles:

Safe location in Pubg mobile and BGMI Erangle map.
Avoid the rush and fighting on a first and second zone.

If you fail to survive in the first circle, you will get more than 25-35 points minus in the ace lobby.

Therefore, instead of kills, focus on survival time to get plus points for Ace dominator tier in pubg mobile and BGMI.

Before the second zone, take all necessary loots like best guns, scopes, attachments, and healing materials. Then, you can bridge camp in any best locations.

Be careful in the last zone.
Winner winner chicken dinner for ace dominator in BGMI\Pubg mobile

It’s hard to get chicken dinner in the last circle. During that phase, you will get more than 25 alive enemies.

Therefore, be careful and use these techniques:
(I) Teamwork is compulsory for cover time.
(II) Don’t drive the vehicle on the edge of the death circle.

Which mode is perfect for getting ace dominator rank quicker?

The squad is the best mode to get the ace dominator tier quickly in BGMI\Pubg mobile. Moreover, there are other benefits:
(I) More fun and conversation with teammates.
(II) Squad mode is best to get more points
(III) Best for planning and strategy.

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