Berserker title in Pubg mobile: Have you unlocked it?

Berserker title in Pubg mobile: Have you unlocked it?

Berserker is a temporary but reputable title in Pubg mobile. However, if you can maintain your rank in the top 100 positions, you can hold it forever.

To unlock the berserker, you have to give more damage to your enemies during the match.

Moreover, to be eligible, your rank should be platinum with at least game level 30.

Is it challanging to get berserker? Yes, it is hard to unlock the title because there is always high completion among the players for regional titles in Pubg mobile. And you know, giving damage to the opponents is a big deal.

However, if you follow the tips, you can increase your survival time, kills, and damage with rank for the berserker title.

How to unlock the berserker title in Pubg mobile?

(I) Play on hot drops

Your only goal is to give more and more damage to your opponents on the battleground. Therefore, you should land in such a place where most enemies land.

So, the hot drops are the best place to get a title quicker- You will get many enemies there.

Moreover, it’s better to play 1 VS 4(solo VS squad) in the hot drop to complete your task faster.

(II) Use the assault rifle

Assault rifle is the best weapon to give damage to your enemies in Pubg mobile.

So, remember two things, don’t use sniper because AR is better. And don’t waste your time on camping and hiding.

Instead, move to another location to get more enemies after finishing all the squad in the hot drops.

(III) Keep moving from the first day

The ranking for the berserker title starts from the first day in Pubg mobile.

Therefore, you should be ready from the starting day. By doing so, you can get a higher rank than your opponents.

But, if you are late, it will be hard to complete the task because of completion.

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