How to win every close-range battle in the Pubg mobile?

win every close-range battle in the Pubg mobile

Do you think it’s easy to win the close-range battle in the Pubg mobile? But the truth is that it’s more challenging than the long-range fight. The first level of becoming a god of Pubg is to know how to survive a ‘close-range fight’. Because almost 60% of fighting happens at close range during the mission. The close-range fight takes place in these three situations:

  • When you landed on the island.
  • When you go for the rush or the enemy rush on you.
  • And in the last circle.

So, don’t you think the situations are the most challenging? But, if you are the master of the short-range battle, then no need to be afraid. Otherwise, learn to fight close range like a pro to get chicken dinner in every Pubg mobile match.

The ‘5 tips to win the close-range battle in Pubg mobile are:

Upgrade aiming skills

The win-and-lose situation depends on your aiming skill. Therefore, try to improve it with more practice- increase the firing accuracy so that your bullet never go waste.

Play TDM matches without aim assist for improving aiming. The aim assist is for the auto-target that is not good for hand practice. While you go for training in the TDM, don’t use aim assets-You will see progress.

Furthermore, you can practise in the cheerpark. There you can get all loots and unlimited ammo. However, in the cheerpark, most of the player practice by using full attachment- It’s not a good idea.

If you want to improve the aim, you need to pick up only an extended mag and scope. Improving aiming will help you to get chicken dinner in the close-range fight.

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Weapon matters

to win the close-range battle use high damage weapons in the Pubg mobile. A photo

To beat the enemies in short-range battles in the Pubg mobile, you need a high-damage weapon that can knock an enemy in a shot.

The best gun for short-range fights is M762, MK14, Groza, AKM, and M249. And you can get these weapons in the airdrops and other random places. Just use them.

Don’t use ads scope

Don't use ads scope for the close-range battle.

Most of the time, players open ads scope during the short-range battle. Not a good idea…!
Mainly, ads scope is for Mid-range and long-range flights.
During the short-range fight, you should not open ads scope because it reduces the movement speed which creates difficulty to target another enemy quickly.

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And another advantage is if you don’t use the scope of the ad in the short-range, the chance of headshot increases.
(ADS scope increases aim accuracy, but in the most case it’s not good for a short-range fight)

Try to target the weak point.

Give headshot and win the close-range battle in the Pubg mobile

The weakest part of your enemy is their head. Therefore, try to target it. You know the headshot gives double the damage to the body.

And for an accurate ‘headshot’ use a laser sight. This attachment improves the aim so that you can give a headshot to your enemy in a close-range fight in Pubg mobile.

The best movement is needed.

Movement is necessary for fighting a close-range battle. Is your aiming skill is good? Now, learn to heap fire, jump fire, jiggle fire, and prone fire to win the Pubg mobile close-range battle.

(Heap fire)- It’s a trending move for close range. Fire button+crouch button+move left=move right

(Jump fire)- Fire button+jump button+slide joystick where you want to jump

(Jiggle)- It’s the best of all time to wipe squad in close-range fights. Tap the fire button+move left+move right
(from a distance of 2 to 3 meters)

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