How to win a bonus challenge match in Pubg mobile? Solo tips in Erangle

How to win a bonus challenge match in Pubg mobile?

The Pubg mobile bonus challenge is the best opportunity for the player to get rewards like outfits, gun skins, and free UC.
It is a local tournament where 60 players can go for the match with no bots. It means only the real player fights each other to win the bonus challenge match on the Pubg mobile.

A photo of winner winner chicken dinner in the Pubg mobile bonus challenge.

The player doesn’t get rewards directly from the match. Instead, they get bonus challenge points by which they can redeem the ‘rewards including UC’.

To play the bonus challenge event requires a ‘bonus challenge voucher(BCV) or UC. As per calculation, one BCV costs 10 UC. And, on the TDM and a classic Erangle map, the match is played.

How to register for the bonus challenge?

  • Go to bonus challenges.
  • Tap on the best register option(Use bonus challange card).
  • And wait for the matchmaking (Don’t close the interface until success)

The more voucher you invest in, the more rewards you will win from the bonus challenge tournament.

But, it’s risky too because if you lose the match, your limited voucher will go to waste. Therefore, think twice before selecting the register option.

Now, your task is to win the match and earn more points.

Tips to win Pubg mobile bonus challenge solo match in Erangle

Choose a suitable place for landing.

The bonus challenge match is special for the players, so everyone plays safely. During the battle, you will face the hidden enemy on the battleground.

Therefore, you should choose a proper place for landing where you can get enough loot and no enemies.

These are some safe places in the picture of the Erangle map where you can land to win a bonus challenge:

Besides these places, you can land elsewhere. But don’t land on the hot drops if you want to survive hackers.

Try to be in the top 10

In the match, you get good points by getting the best position and chicken dinner then more kills.

Therefore, you should focus on survival rather than the kills. Try to survive longer for chicken dinner to get more points in the bonus challenge.

The higher rank gives more rewards in the Pubg bonus challenge match. A picture

For example, if you hear a firing sound around your location, be alert and avoid the rush. In the solo mode, there are full of camper that is difficult to locate.

And if you go for the rush, then surely someone will shoot you from the back. Therefore, avoid the rush and fight in the perfect situation by taking covers.

Use bolt action

In solo, a mode sniper is the most useful weapon. If you get bolt action with scope, don’t miss that opportunity.

If you can give a headshot in the 1-2 level helmet of your enemy, they will die without a knock.

Use bolt action to win bonus challenge match in the Pubg mobile. A photo of AWM

So, use snipers like M24, KAR98, and AWM to win the Pubg mobile bonus challenge match. But, only try to give a headshot- otherwise, the enemy will escape the zone.

Other ideas

  • Don’t run in open places without a vehicle. As much as possible, try to increase your survival time to get more bonus challenge points in the Pubg mobile.
  • Use more smoke grenades during the match for emergency cover.
  • Don’t run immediately for the loots in the airdrops. Because your opponents also have the same idea in their minds.
  • Avoid bridge camps and hot drop places.

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