Here’s how you get free bonus challenge voucher on PUBG Mobile.

free bonus challenge voucher on PUBG Mobile

The bonus challenge voucher of PUBG mobile is used to play the rewardable event ‘bonus challenge‘ for free.

Every PUBG player waits for the bonus challenge tournament to collect the points because challenge points are used to redeem UC, Outfits, Skins for free.

And it required 10UC to play one bonus challenge match, which is an expensive method.

But, you can play that bonus challenge for free, if you have a ‘bonus challenge card‘.

Therefore, I will give you tips to get a challenge card so that you can play a Pubg bonus tournament for free.

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How to get Pubg mobile bonus challenge voucher for free?

You will get a bonus challenge card once a week, but how much you will get weekly; depends upon your tier.

  • You can collect three vouchers per week if you are on the Ace tier
  • If you are on the crown tier, you will receive two bonus challenge voucher weekly.
  • Finally, you get one voucher weekly in your diamond position.

So, this is the way to collect a PUBG mobile bonus challenge voucher for free;

1#: Launch your ‘PUBG game’.

2#: Tap on the ‘event’ option.

3#: Tap on the ‘recommendation‘ option.

4#: Click on ‘weekly report‘ option and tap on the ‘go‘ option.

5#: Scroll down and tap on the ‘collect‘ option.

6#: Now, you will get your reward in the game mailbox. So, tap on the game ‘mailbox‘.

7#: Finally, tap on the ‘system‘ option and collect your bonus challenge voucher along with BP and silver fragment for free.

So, play the bonus challenge event without using your expensive UC.


So, you will get fix number of bonus challenge card each week depending on your tier or, rank.
Therefore, don’t forget to collect them weekly, and push your rank to get more bonus challenge voucher.


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