Here’s how to get free character voucher in PUBG mobile 2021.

get free character voucher in PUBG mobile

The ‘character voucher‘ is used to purchase or, unlock different attractive characters in PUBG for free.
And the different characters have different features. Therefore, if the player plays every PUBG matches using those characters, they get rewards like outfits, voice message, and emotes for free.

There are different types of Pubg characters among which some are free, and other requires UC.
But purchasing with UC is costly, so I will give you tips to collect free character card to unlock attractive ‘PUBG mobile characters.

These are the types of PUBG characters.

  • Carlo

Carlo (Bounty Hunter) is a more attractive and unique character than others.
Therefore, most of the player want to get Carlo. And it requires 1200 character voucher or, 1200 UC to unlock it.

  • Andy

Andy(Puppet Master) is another favourite character of PUBG that can be unlocked by the character card.
And, to buy Andy, it requires 1200 character cards or, the same number of UC.

  • Sara

The lady Sara is vehicle expert, and it is cheaper than other Andy and Carlo.
And, to purchase Sara, it cost 600 character card or, 600 UC.

  • Victor(For free)

It is a free character. Therefore, there is no need to expend UC or, card to get it. These are the instruction to get Victor for free;

  • Tap on the workshop.
  • Go to the character.
  • Now, collect it for free.
  • Default characters(With BP)

It is the system character which you get when you install the PUBG mobile. There are varieties of option in the default character like you can change appearance with the BP.

Here’s how to get character voucher in PUBG mobile for free in 2021.

I have purchase Sara without using my UC. And still, 1080 character card are remaining with me till the new year(2021).

And I collected Pubg character voucher for free.
Most Pubg player doesn’t care about the event box. But it is the best source to get a character card for free. And it is my secret too.

I always check my events and discuss with my friends for more Ideas.
If you also need, then you should remain active on the game as I do. And check your event box every day.
Definitely, you can collect enough voucher to buy your favourite character.

  • Go to the event box daily and check for the surprises.

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If you have enough UC, then you can purchase character voucher using it.

  • Go shop
  • Go to the treasure option.
  • Scroll down and purchase as you need


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