Quick landing trick in Pubg mobile. How to land fast than the opponent?

Quick landing photo.

Having the best fighting skills is not enough to get chicken dinner if you don’t know other rules. The rule of Pubg mobile is ‘a player who knows the trick of quick landing has a higher chance of winning the match.

To play a match like a king, you should know how to land faster than your enemy. During the match, you require weapons and other equipment to defeat the enemy and survive longer.

And if you can land first in the PUBGM battleground island, you can collect all those loot supplies before your enemy.

However, if you fail to reach the ground before your opponent, they will take all loot.

As a result, you will face some unavoidable challenges in the match- A lack of the best gun and equipment. That’s why it’s necessary to know how to do fast landing in Pubg mobile.

And there are some places where you should do speed landing to get sufficient loots for high kills. They are:

  • Boot camp( Sanhok)
  • Georgopol(Erangle)
  • Power plant(Livik)
  • School(Erangle)
  • Paradise resort(Sanhok)

These locations have higher loot items, and you can take necessary items if you can reach the ground faster than your enemy.

So, let’s know the tips to land with more speed than your enemy. The blog will discuss the two landing situations.

The best trick for quick landing in the Pubg mobile

Far landing(Gliding landing)

It’s the landing from a height of 2000 to 2200 meters.
This landing is best if you are in a rank push mission and you want to go far from your aeroplane path to be safe. This trick will help you to land fast than your opponent while pushing the rank.

And to do a fast gliding landing, here are the steps;

Step1: First, mark the location you want to land.

Step2: Tap for the jump. (But don’t jump if you are at a height of more than 2200 meters)

Step3: Now, target your joystick toward the location you want to land(Marked point). Also, your camera should be in an inaccurate position.

Quick landing trick in Pubg mobile. Photo of fast landing

Step4: After that, open the parachute when you reach a height between 600 to 700 meters.

Step5: After opening the parachute, use the glide trick. For that, put your joystick toward your destination and move your joystick in every 2 to 3 seconds.

For near landing

Also, you can call it landing near the aeroplane path or rush landing in the Pubg mobile- From a height of under 800 meters.
Players do rush landing to land quicker than the enemy in the hot-drop areas.

And to perform a faster rush landing in Pubg here is the steps:

Step1: Mark the location where you want to land in the battleground.

Step2: Tap for the jump. (You should be below 800-meter height)

Step3: Take your joystick in the left corner. And place the camera in a fixed location.

Note: don’t use your parachute to do a quick rush landing in the Pubg mobile.

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