Some tricks about the long-range fight in the Pubg mobile. Win the battle

Some tricks about the long-range fight in the Pubg mobile? Photo

This article will discuss the three tips and tricks for becoming a pro in the long-range fight in Pubg mobile. In the game, there are three battle ranges, and they are:

Close-range fight(short-range): When the player fights with each other from a distance of 0-150 meters. Most of the time, the battle takes place immediately after landing on the ground.

(Mid-range fight): It means when the player fires each other from 150 to 250-meter distance.

(Long-range): It is a stealth battle in Pubg. In the long-range, the player kills the enemy from a far distance- above 250 meters.

And to become a master player, you should be perfect in all three-range battles. But if you can master only a long-range fight, you can do many more during the match.

For example, if you have the skill of long-range battle, you can get more kills without risk.

The 3 tricks to win the long-range fight in the Pubg mobile:

Use suitable guns with scopes.

Photo of gun scopes to win long-range fights in Pubg mobile.

To get kills from the long-range battle in Pubg mobile, you need the best guns. They are:
(I) Bolt action sniper: Kar98K, M24, and AWM
(II) Rifle snipers: Mini14 and MK14
(III) Assault rifle: M416, AUG, and Scar-L

The guns that I have mentioned is for long-range battle. Also, their recoil is smooth than other guns in the Pubg mobile.

In the ‘training ground and cheer park’, select them and improve your skills.

Furthermore, use 6X scope in AR and use 8X in the bolt action and sniper during the match.

Use the best gun attachments.

Gun attachments for long range battle in Pubg mobile

It’s necessary to select the best gun attachments to aim from the long-range because the ‘attachments’ control the recoil of the weapons and increase the aiming accuracy.

And the question is, which is the best gun attachment for the long-range battle in the Pubg mobile?
So, use these attachments to kill more Yemenis in the long-range:

  • Compensator
    Making zero recoils of the gun is the best trick to win long-range fights in the Pubg mobile. Therefore, don’t forget to use a compensator to control the recoil while firing the bullets.
  • Verticle foregrip
    It’s just the opposite of a laser grip. Laser grip is for close-range fights, and verticle foregrip is best for the far(long-range).
    Just use it and see the difference.

In conclusion, there is other gun attachment, but you should focus mainly on the verticle foregrip and Muzzle.

Use cover and smoke grenade

It’s a simple but effective tip for a long-range fight in PUBGM.
Many players do snipping and use AR for long-range battles in an open area.

As a result, they are knocked and finished from the hand of their enemy. And the teammate doesn’t get enough time to use a smoke grenade to revive you.

Therefore, I suggest you don’t leave your cover while fighting from a far distance. And use a smoke grenade in your surrounding to divert your enemy.

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