How should you play duo to become a conqueror? Pubg mobile

Play and get duo conqueror tilte in Pubg mobile

Are you dreaming of getting a conqueror tire? Why? For title tag, for fame, rewards and entry emote, right? But, it’s a challenging task to reach in conqueror. Yes, it’s hard to get the highest tier in the squad and solo. However, if you play duo, then your choice is best to get a conqueror title because of the low competition in Pubg mobile.

Is duo mode best to get conqueror?

Play duo mode

As you know, to become a conqueror, you should reach the ace with the top 500 scores. Also, you know too many cats can’t catch a rat, and a single cat will miss a rat.

Meaning is that playing with the ‘squad’ is the best choice, but during the match, the squad changes their mind. Also, playing solo to push rank is not the best choice because it requires pro skills to fight alone and get the victory.

Therefore, pubg mobile duo mode is the best option to get the conqueror tire because neither you will be alone nor have too many mates to handle. You and your partner can do it if your partner is helpful. In conclusion, you can reach the conqueror tire in a duo.

These are the tips to play duo to get the conqueror title in Pubg mobile.

Make a daily target

It’s impossible to reach Pubg mobile high tire in one day. Therefore, you have to make a daily target plan for how many points you want to get. And according to your target, make the best routine and play.

TiresDaily points target
Bronze to Silver400-500
Silver to Gold 300-400
Gold to platinum250-350
Platinum to Diamond220-320
Diamond to crown180-220
Crawn to ace110-150
Ace starBelow 100
Target example

The table shows an example of the point ratio you should set to become a conqueror in duo mode. From gold to crown, you can set a higher point goal.

But, from the platinum tire, you will get fewer points even though you get chicken dinner. Therefore you should fix fewer points in the crown in comparison to another tire.

And here is the question how many hours I must play per day?
The answer is;
Depending on your target, you should play at least 10 to 12 hours to become a squad conqueror. But, for the duo conqueror, play 5 to 6 hours a day- Don’t get minus points.

Do perfect teamwork.

What is needed for the best teamwork? Yes, you are right, you require a helpful partner. Therefore, firstly you should choose the best duo friend who will play all matches together to become a conqueror in duo mode in Pubg mobile.

Your partner should communicate with you during the match. Also, he\she should not have aggressive behaviour. Furthermore, you both should have trust in each other with the best plan.

But decide who will become a duo IGL of your duo to reach in the conqueror?’ Otherwise, there will be conflict during the match.

No! not blind rush

In the conqueror pushing lobby, you will face different players- Campers, rank pushers, pros, but not noob players.
Therefore, you should play the match with your duo partner with strategies, not blindly.

And don’t rush or push yourself without making the best plan. Because in the battleground, you will encounter god-level campers in every unexpected zone. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid the unknown rush and also suggest your partner not to do so.

Don’t forget to heal yourself.
How should you play duo to become a conqueror? Pubg mobile

You know, in the ranking system, you additional points by healing. So, use more items like the first kit, aid kit, energy drink, painkiller, bandage, and medkit.

There are two advantages of using health kits during the match- firstly, you will get heal points, and secondly, you can increase your survival time. And stay out of the zone in some situations and consume kits frequently.

Don’t play forcefully.

Have you decided to push rank in duo mode? But the decision is not enough if you don’t have the right mood. And don’t make a becoming duo conqueror plan until you don’t get a suitable partner for you.

The meaning is that don’t force your mind to play the Pubg mobile for pushing the rank. But only start your conqueror mission if you have sufficient time and the best mood to play. Otherwise, postpone your decision.