Which are the rarest outfits in Pubg Mobile?

Which are the rarest outfits in Pubg Mobile?

Till now, Pubg mobile has brought hundreds of outfits for the players, and some are still available in-store, but some have become rarest to get.

The rare outfits mean those which came for once or twice in the game, and only a few players unlocked them with UC.

So, here you will see the list of the 10 most rare outfits that every Pubg Mobile player wants to get but can’t get at the movement. Less than 1% of players have these outfits in their inventory.

Top 10 collection of rarest outfits in Pubg mobile

1. Bape Mix CAMD

Bape Mix CAMD: Most rare outfit

The Bape Mix outfit was released in October 2019 in Pubg mobile, and it consists of Hoodie, shorts, Shoes. Only a few fans unlocked this outfit because the crate opening price was costly.

To get the Bape MIX CAMD outfit, the price of one crate was 180UC and 1620UC for ten. So, nowadays, you will see very few players or YouTubers who have this dress because it has become most rare in Pubg mobile.

2. Dystopian Survivor set

Dystopian Survivor set: Rarest outfit

The Dystopian survivor outfit came in September 2019 as a PMSC special crate reward. The price of crate opening was 60UC for one time and 540UC for ten times.

In that time, some players spent more than 10K UC to unlock this outfit, but nowadays, you will rarely see the players who have Dystopic set in their inventory.


Bape X PUBGM CAMO outfit in Pubg mobile(Rarest cloth)

Pubg mobile had brought this outfit in august 2019 as a crate opening reward. Like other outfits, the price to unlock Bape X PUBGM was 60UC and 540UC for one and ten crate opening, respectively. This outfit was a favorite among all players during the release because of its attractive style, but currently, it is rarest in Pubg mobile.

4. Arctic Witch set

Arctic Witch set in Pubg mobile

The Arctic witch set came during the Christmas vacation in December 2019, and with this outfit, one Mythic emote was also available. This outfit was available in the spin reward, and the price of spin was 60UC and 540UC for one time and ten-time, respectively.

The appearance of this outfit is much attractive, so still, players want to have this item with them. However, if you are an old Pubg mobile player, you might have an Arctic Witch cloth, but for new payers, it is rare.

5. Scarecrow set

scarecrow outfit

The Scarecrow set is an RP crate reward introduced in July 2020. This outfit is rare in Pubg mobile because it never came again, and only a few players have this item. However, the look of the scarecrow is not much attractive than other outfits in this list. But also rare is rare.

6. Charged Armor set

Rare Dress: Charged Armor set

This outfit was introduced on the occasion of the Pubg mobile 2nd anniversary on 15th March 2020. After that, it again returned as a classic crate reward on 5th March 2021.

However, despite being released two times, this cloth is rarest in Pubg mobile. Because to unlock Charged Armor set, the player needed more than 10KUC, but the spin outcome was random.

7. Hazard Jacket

Hazard Jacket outfit in Pubg mobile: Rarest item

For the first time, the Hazard jacket outfit came as a royale pass reward on season 3, and for the second time, it came in season 8 RP crate. The appearance of the Hazard jacket outfit is cool and unique, and it is also called one of the oldest and rarest outfits in Pubg mobile.

8. The fool set

The fool set in PUBGM(Rare joker outfit)

You can call it a Joker outfit, and it was introduced in Pubg mobile two times- Firstly on 11th April 2019 and secondly on 12th April 2020 2nd anniversary. It was the most demanding dress during that time, because of the free mythic emote, but nowadays, it’s rarest in Pubg mobile.

9. Fireman set

Fireman set in Pubg mobile

I am sure not more than 0.4% of players have Fireman set because it came on 10th January 2018. So, you know, at that time, the game was new for the player, so only a few players used to top up UC to purchase in-game items.

But, nowadays, such attractive come in the PUBGM, almost 50% of players will buy it because of Craze and trend. If you see Fireman set equipped player in the lobby, you can say he is a season 2 player(Old player).

10. Infected Patient set

Players unlocked the infected patient set from the ‘infected spin’ on 1st May 2019. At the same time, Pubg mobile payers spent at least 80KUC to get this outfit and Dacia skin-Police but nowadays, it has become one of the most rare outfits.

How to get outfit in Pubg mobile?

  1. Upgrade Elite pass
  2. Open Premium crate and classic crates
  3. Try spin and luck crate on the special occasions
  4. Complete Achievements
  5. Complete Event missions
  6. Purchase items and get outfits as bonus rewards (Rare offers)
  7. Purchase Treasures