Smoker in Minecraft: How to make it and its use?

Smoker in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, you can craft different types of equipment, machine, and survival gadgets. And among all the items smoker is one of them. So, let’s know more about the smoker in the Minecraft game.

How to make a smoker in Minecraft?

To craft a smoker requires a furnace and four tree logs. You can make a furnace by using cobblestones. You will get cobblestones in a cave and underground.

After making a furnace, cut trees and collect 4 logs. You can use the logs of any tree. There are enough trees in the game world.

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Now, after collecting logs and making a furnace, open your crafting table. Put the tree logs and furnace in the box like in the photo to craft a smoker.

How to make smoker in Minecraft.

The smoker is ready for use.

What is the use of a smoker in Minecraft?

The use of a smoker is somehow the same as the blast furnace that is cooking.

But the smoker can cook the food two times quicker than a furnace.

Furthermore, the furnace can be used for both cooking food and smelting ores like iron, and gold.

But, the smoker doesn’t perform the smelting task as the ‘furnace’ does. The smoker can only cook delicious pork, chicken, bread, and mutton faster.

Coal and charcoal are needed to light the smoker in Minecraft. You can mine coal from the cave and underground easily.

And you can make charcoal by burning wood using the furnace.

So if you have coal or charcoal, then you can cook food in the smoker. Here is the photo:

Open the smoker, put the meat in the top box and place the fuel in the lower box.

The food will be ready in seconds.

So, cook your food in the smoker instead of the furnace to save time.

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