Everything about the coal in Minecraft. It’s use and place to find

coal in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, coal is another necessary item that helps to survive longer. And without coal, it’s impossible to process some compulsory goods and equipment. Therefore, you should know where to get coal and its best uses.

Where to find sufficient coal in Minecraft?

To get coal, you should not do much hard work- I mean, there are many places where you can find coal easily, but only you must have a pickaxe.

You can collect sufficient coal from underground, in mountains, caves, and sometimes in random places. And among them, the cave is the best spot to get enough coal in less time.

But while you go mining, you should carry a torch with you. Now search for the coal ore blocks and break them using a pickaxe.

You can collect a piece of coal by breaking  a iron ore blocks in the Minecraft. The iron block can be found in the caves and underground.
It is a photo of Iron ore block.
coal in Minecraft

What are the uses of coal in Minecraft?

Coal is used for various purposes. Here are the uses:

To cook food

Coal is used for cooking purposes.
In Minecraft, you can eat raw food to boost your health. But cooked food has more healing power. A cooked meal is a necessary item to survive in a dangerous situation.

And if you have raw food, and raw materials then open the furnace and cook your food using coal-like shown in Picture:

The coal is used for cooking purpose. The cooked food heals 2X than raw meat. So, this the picture showing the procedure to cook food by using coal in Minecraft.

1. To make a torch

Torch makes your mining mission easy and successful. And coal is used for lighting fire on the top of the stick to make a torch. Meaning, coal is also used for crafting torches.

So, if you have a stick, then place it on the top box and place charcoal down to craft a torch.

Coal is also used for making the torch. The photo of making torch in the Minecraft by using coal.

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2. For refining purposes

The coal is also helping to refine the ores in Minecraft. And by smelting the ores, you will get special raw materials for making weapons and armour.

For example, if you have iron ore, then you can’t take its many benefits. But if you refine it, it becomes iron that can be used for other purposes.
Likewise, not only iron but also you can refine many things using coal. Like,

Send into glass
Wood into charcoal
Iron ore into iron ingot

And to do so, you should open the furnace and place the ore on the top box and coal down.

The photo is about the procedure to smelt a item to make a iron ingot in the Minecraft.

3. To make a campfire

Also, coal is used for making a campfire. The campfire is used for many purposes. It can be used for cooking purposes. Also, you can melt snow and make the night bright in Minecraft. Moreover, you can use the campfire to get honey.
So, you can use coal to make a campfire in Minecraft.

4. You can trade with

It’s a difficult task to collect and make all the material. And some recipe is rare that are not available everywhere. And some items are out of the menu. But, you can buy them in exchange for coal. Also, you can purchase rare emeralds from traders by giving them coal in return.

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