How can you make Furnace in Minecraft? What is its use?

The cobblestones is used for crafting the furnace in the Minecart. You can look see a picture making it.
Photo of furnace in the Minecraft

The furnace is the compulsory thing you should craft in the Minecraft mission. For making it, it doesn’t require any precious or rare resources-

You will get all resources effortlessly.
So, let’s know how to craft a furnace…

A guide to crafting furnace in Minecraft with pictures:

Firstly, make a crafting table- It’s your first task.

For that, collect a tree log and make it into 4 planks. Now, place all plank in the box by opening the recipe menu. Your crafting table is ready…

Secondly, Make a wooden pickaxe.

‘Pickaxe’ is compulsory equipment to collect resources for making a furnace in Minecraft. So, open your crafting table and place the sticks and planks for making a pickaxe.

Great! Did you make a pickaxe?

Now, go for mining and collect 8 cobblestones. You will get enough cobblestones under some layer of dirt. Keep digging until you don’t get those blocks.

But, you have to break the cobblestone blocks by using the pickaxe.

The photo of cobblestone in the Minecraft.

Finally, Open the crafting table and place 8 cobblestones on the boxes for making Furnance.

Your furnace is ready for use!

What is the use of the furnace in Minecraft?

It is specially used for cooking and smelting purpose. And it requires coal or charcoal for working.

So, if you don’t have coal right now, you can make charcoal by burning logs in the furnace.
The charcoal is used to light the furnace for cooking food and smelting ores.

You can cook chicken, mutton, and pork for the meal using a furnace- The cooked food heals faster.

Furthermore, You can smelt ores for making iron ingots, gold ingots, glass, smooth stones, and many more.

Moreover, to make the cooking and smelting work quicker, you can craft more than one furnace in your room.

So, if you have enough cobblestone, make 2 or 3 furnaces and save time.

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