How to become heroic in Free fire? Reach within few days.

HD photo of heroic tier in the Free fire

Are you looking for tips to become heroic in the Garena free-fire game? This article will guide you to reach your goal as quickly as possible. But the question is, which is the best mode to get the heroic tier fast? Is solo best? Or squad? or duo? Let’s find the answer.

Among duo, squad and solo, which is the best mode to reach the heroic tier?

Solo means you are alone, right? Duo means you are with a friend. And In the squad mode, you play with the team. Now, think once what is best for you.

All the modes are best for get your goal. However, I would suggest you play the solo mode if you want to reach the heroic tier within less than 2 days. I don’t want to suggest you play with the squad and duo to become heroic in free fire because of some challenges.

The problems are; Firstly, you need an experienced squad or a friend who doesn’t change their party(always plays with you). And the partners must have a similar goal to yours.

Meaning, you all should go on the battleground to push the rank. Most of the time, a squad or a friend breaks the team rules, and one goes for loot and another for kills. As a result, the game is over.

Secondly, in the squad, there is less chance of getting booyah in every match. Your opponent is like you, perhaps more skilled than your team. As a result, it’s hard to camp in in single place because of aggressive enemies. And you know to reach in the heroic in free fire booyah and survival time matter.

So, if you have the best and most loyal team, then the squad and duo are the best options to play for the heroic tier(it’s rare to get such friends). Otherwise, solo is best.

Is solo always the best choice to become heroic?

Look, every choice have both, pro and cons. But playing solo gives you more advantages than disadvantages.

(I) Your kingdom, your rule, and no need to request anyone. You can play solo anytime, anywhere. But if you want to play squad, you have to convenience your friends to play with you for the rank push. But, your friend will not support you during the match because of a different goal.
(II) No one will command you, and your decision is best. You can play the match with your strategies without pressure.

(I) Playing solo mode is boring because no friend will be there to communicate. Also, you must have high-level skills to survive in the battleground. Because if you get knocked, no one will retrieve you.

But don’t worry, you can adjust, it’s a matter of a few days. I know you have the best fighting skills only you need some tips.

Tips to reach the heroic tire within 2 days in free fire

Make a mood

You can’t force your mind on something. To get a heroic title fast, play free fire only if you have a playing mood. As you know, to go in heroic, you need to play against top players with focus. But, if your mood is doing something else, then don’t force yourself to start the match for the rank push.

Select the best character and pet

On free fire, there are different types of characters and pets with unique abilities. But the most necessary thing during the rank push mission is your health.

Therefore, to go on a heroic fast, you need to select DJ Alok. Because he has a super healing and moving ability that will help you during the match and out of the zone- healer Alok will increase your survival time to get the top position for getting the heroic tier in the FF.

And another thing is you need to choose the best pet for the match. Here I have made a list of pets that you can choose for the rank push.

Use the best loadout

The suitable loadout for the heroic matches is a scanner and bonfire.
(Scanner)- It is used while landing to know how many enemies landed with their location. It helps you for a safe landing.

(Bonefire): It is used to increase your HP and EP. But you need to wait for some minutes to activate it. The main advantage of a bonfire is you can use it in the last zone. It is the most useful supplier for the rank pusher. So, use a scanner and bonfire to go on the heroic fast in Free fire.

Focus on booyah
How to become heroic in Free fire? Reach within few days

To go on the heroic tier, you need to get a good position and booyah in each match. While pushing rank, you can’t choose a map, but you can select a landing point.

Firstly, you decide the best drop location. It must be safe and full of loot. To get booyah for the heroic, you can land in these areas:

  • Bermuda map: Aden’s creek, Observatory, Kota-Tua, Academ.
  • Kalahari map: The Maze, Stone Ridge, Shrimes, Old space Hampton.
  • Purgatory Map: Quarry, Mt. Villa, Ski Lodge.

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Some other
Photo of fighting movement during the rank push for heroic in Free fire
  • Play zone to zone to increase your survival time.
  • Use a powerful weapon with a combination.
  • Don’t fight or fire out of the zone as much as possible.

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