Best healing ability characters in Garena Free Fire. Top 6

The characters in Free fire have made the game more entertaining. For the matches, the player can select any character they love. But choosing the right one can help the player to reach the target faster. During the ‘match’, the player can restore their health by consuming health kits. But some Free fire characters don’t need kits because their healing ability is enough. The healer character helps in these situations:

  • Fighting situation
  • Out of zone
  • Lack of health kit.

So, using the healer character gives you additional HP in a difficult time even though you don’t have Medkit. Also, they will help you to get booyah if you know how to ride properly.

These are the top 6 characters with healing abilities in the free fire.


The singer Kapella is the Top female character of free fire with the best healing power.

Her ‘healing song’ skill increases the effect of healing items and abilities. Also, reduce the HP loss of her teammates.

By consuming Medkit, Kapella gets 10-20% more HP than other characters, and her healing ability increases by 10%. Furthermore, at every higher level, her skills reduce the HP loss of the team by 20%-30%.

  • Best for squad matches.
LevelKit’s abilityReduce team’s HP loss


HD photo of Luqueta in free fire. The character has the best healing ability.

The son of a businessman become a soccer star without much hard work. Because he always had a hobby with athletic quality. 

His ‘hat trick’ skill made him the best healer character in the Free fire game. Luqueta gets HP by killing his enemy in the battleground.

The super healing ability character Luqueta’s hat trick skill increases by upgrading him(6 levels). And killing more than an enemy can increase HP up to 35.

  • He is best if you are a rush master.

DJ Alok 

LevelHealing ability
1Every kills increase MAX by 8
2Every kills increase MAX by 10
3Every kills increase MAX by 12
4Every kills increase MAX by 14
5Every kills increase MAX by 16
6Every kills increase MAX by 18
HD photo of DJ Alok in the free fire.

After travelling the world, Alok signed a contract for a closed concert in the free fire. And he becomes famous among all. 

DJ Alok is the best character for his fast-moving and healing skill in the free fire. The drop-the-beat ability can restore the HP of a teammate for seconds. His healing ability raises at every level up.

  • Best for the rank push.
LevelHealing ability
15HP for 5 second
25HP for 6 second
35HP for 7 second
45HP for 8 second
55HP for 9 second
65HP for 10 second

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HD photo of Antonio in free fire. Best healing ability characters in Garena Free Fire.

An orphan child Antonio grew up intending to be a gangster. And he wipes out all the gangsters in his town using his survival ability(gangster’s spirit). 

Antonio is another character in the FF with healing power. His ability activates when the round starts during the match.

He gets extra HP at every higher level. And Antonio can help you to increase your survival time by restoring your health in the battleground. 

LevelHealing ability in every round
1Extra 10 HP
2Extra 15 HP
3Extra 20 HP
4Extra 25 HP
5Extra 30 HP
6Extra 35 HP


HD photo of A124 in free fire.

She is another female robot character with a unique HP-restoring ability in Free fire. Her thrill of battle skill converts your EP into HP for 4 seconds. Just upgrade the A124 and convert your EP into health for survival.

  • Best for out of the zone. 
LevelHealing ability
1Convert 20 EP into HP
2Convert 26 EP into HP
3Convert 33 EP into HP
4Convert 41 EP into HP
5Convert 50 EP into HP
6Convert 60 EP into HP


HD photo of Jota in free fire.

A male character Jota left his city and family in search of adventure.  He has the power(Sustained Raids) to restore health only if he kills the enemy with SMG or shotgun. He is the best healer and best character for the short-range battle. 

  • Best for a player who is a master of short-range battle
LevelHealing ability
1Restore 25 HP
2Restore 28 HP
3Restore 31 HP
4Restore 34 HP
5Restore 37 HP
6Restore 40 HP

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