Which is the best character in the free fire? CR7, DJ ALOK or K?

Photo of dj alok, cr7 and K free fire.

On the Garena free fire, the player has varieties of character choice. Also, the game adds more new characters in the new seasons.

Each of the free-fire characters has a unique ability and power. For example,
Some character is best for healing. Whereas other characters are the best to increase the movement and rate of firing.

So, each character of the fire game is best at something and provide a special ability to the players.

But also,
Why most free fire player select CR7, DJ ALOK and K among 37 other characters?

Because those characters have a super ability in compression to others.

However, let’s make a comparison among CR7, DJ ALOK and K to know a powerful characters in free fire.

Which is the powerful character among CR7, DJ ALOK and K in the free fire?


CR7 is the super character in the free fire. The CR7 character makes protection for some second to protect you from the bullet. And the hit point of the shield is 600.
Therefore, by using CR7, you can kill your enemy early without any risk.

And do you know?
The movement speed of CR7 is more then DJ ALOK and other free fire game characters (only if you activate the skill).

CR7 shield saves you from the bullet but not from grenade and punch.

Therefore, you should use the CR7 character while using the health kit, repair kit toolbox in the open place.


DJ ALOK is another op character in the free fire. You can increase your health by taking DJ ALOK in the match. Also, this best free fire character increases your movement speed during the match. So, you can get extra power from DJ ALOK to get booyah in the free fire.

If you are out of your zone, then DJ ALOK become best than other characters. Because it helps you to increase your health and movement speed.

The DJ ALOK character is also best for the close-range battle to get healing power.

At the maximum level, the DJ ALOK give healing power for 10 seconds by 5 HP.


K is also a top character of the free fire game. By using K hero, you can increase extra power by 150 automatically.
This awesome free fire character work like a mushroom.

By using K, your EP conversion speed increase by 500% also you will get 5 HP every second if you use the skill.

You can use K character out of zone also while fighting.
So, try to increase the EP of the K character because it’s power depends on it.

In conclusion, all the character best because of their unique ability. However, among all character, DJ Alok is popular in the free fire game 2021. Because it has a bit of different ability than other free fire heroes.

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