How to fix the lag problem in a free fire? Increase FPS

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Let’s know about the best gfx application to fix a lag problem in Garena free fire game.

Do you play free fire on low-end mobile? If you are, then I reckon you are facing a lag problem because of low FPS.

The low-end device with below 3GB RAM phone can’t load the game smoothly and gives a bad gaming experience.

For that, you can solve the lag problem by using some GFX tool applications. But before, that have you tried these methods to get high FPS in the free fire?

(I) Clean the RAM form setting before playing.
(II) Close all programs and applications before launching the game.
(II)) Uninstall unwanted apps that consume more portion of the RAM.
(IV) Restrict background data for other applications.

Have you tried those ideas to get no lag but still getting the same problem?

It means that you are playing free fire on a 1GB, 2GB RAM phone, so you fail to fix a lag issue. Therefore, download the best GFX tool for that. fire booster is the best application to solve the lag problem in free fire- It gives the best FPS and the best gaming experience.

High FPS gameplay in free fire photo.  fix the lag problem in a free fire and Increase FPS

Using GFX, you can solve the low fps problem and play a free-fire game smoothly.


(I) It is free of cost. No need to pay a premium or subscription charge.
(II) Best for both high-end and low-end devices.
(III) Limited ads.

How to fix the lag problem in free fire

Follow the instruction to reduce lag in 1 GB and 2 GB RAM phones:

(Step 1): Open the GFX tool from the home screen.

(Step 2): Customize the setting as your desire.

But if you are playing free fire on a 1GB or 2GB phone, then copy this setting to get smooth gameplay.

GraphicSo smooth
FPS30 or 40 (40 for 3GB RAM)
Graphics APISelect or skip(Default)

(Step 3): Tap on approve option and launch the game from the app.

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