How can you get gunslinger title in Pubg mobile in a few days?

How can you gunslinger title in Pubg mobile in a few days?

The gunslinger is also a regional title in Pubg mobile that has some mission and requirement to unlock it.

It is like other temporary achievements that you can hold until you have the required rank.

If you get the top 100 positions from your region, you will become a gunslinger titleholder. But if your rank fall, you will lose it.

Moreover, to become eligible for this title, you must have at least a platinum tier with game level 30. Let’s discuss more.

Some best ways to unlock gunslinger title in Pubg mobile in few days

The gunslinger title is all about getting more kills.

Your rank will go up by killing more opponents on the battleground.

Therefore, until you don’t achieve the title, you have to forget about your tier. And you have to focus only on the kills.

So, the Livik is the best map to get the gunslinger in a week.

You know, Livik is a small map where 60 players land in a match.

In the Livik map, you will get many advantages like:

(I) You will get some bots.
(II) You will find enough enemies easily to get kills.
(III) Also, the Livik is best to get more loot items.

But, the only map doesn’t decide you will get the title or not. You also have to play in the best mode.

If you play squad VS squad, you will get chicken dinner but few kills.

And you know the gunslinger requires more kills, not victory.

Therefore, it is better to play a solo match on the Livik map to get the gunslinger title quickly in Pubg mobile.

There are many advantages of playing 1 VS 4 in the battleground.

(I) No one can steal your kills.
(II) No need to share the loot with anyone.
(III) You can rush or camp without any responsibilities.

In conclusion, you should remember two things, choose the Livik map and play solo VS squad there.

Furthermore, you have to start your mission from the first day of the new season to get the top 100 ranks in a few days without facing high competition and risk.

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