How to fix the touch issue on Poco x3 (pro) while gaming?

How to fix the touch issue on Poco x3 (pro) while gaming?

Sometimes, Poco x3 (pro) gives a touch issue while playing high graphic games like Pubg mobile, BGMI, Genshin Impact, and it’s necessary to fix it.

You know the Poco is a trading gaming phone for middle-class gamers. It can run any game smoothly, like an iPhone.

The phone is suitable to become a pro in any game.

It is also the best for streaming the gameplay, but you have to solve the touch problem that arises sometimes.

Here are some problems players get while playing Pubg mobile, Battleground mobile India on Poco x3(pro):
(I) When you shot your enemy, suddenly firing stops.
(II) The ads scope closes automatically.
(III) Also, the players get Pickup and button issues during the gameplay.

So, if you are also getting the same issue while gaming, let’s fix it.

Best ways to fix a touch issue on Poco x3 (pro) while playing games

Update your phone

The Poco x3 (pro) brings new updates frequently for the user.

After updating, your phone gets new features and files that fix many glitches and problems.

So, keep your phone up to date.

  •  Go to setting.
  • Go to system apps updater.
  • Update your phone if available.

About 30% Poco user has solved the touch problem after updating their phone.

However, 70% are still getting the same issue. Therefore, let’s move to another point.

Customize game turbo setting

On Poco x3 pro, you will get the game turbo app.

It is a pre-installed application that boosts the games for maximum performance.

You will get different customizable graphics, recording, and touch sensor settings.

And to solve touch problems while playing games on the Poco x3 pro phone here is the best setting and steps to customize:

Best game turbo setting to fix touch issue in Poco x3 pro phone

(I) Open game turbo.
(II) Go to game turbo setting.
(III) Go to an additional setting.
(IV) Tap on Pubg mobile\BGMI.
(V) Now, customize the setting to fix the touch issue.

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