How to play bonus challenge match in Pubg mobile from another region?

How to play bonus challenge match in Pubg mobile from other region?

Yes, you can play a bonus challenge match if it is not currently available in your region in Pubg mobile.

The Pubg mobile has many regions, and the game brings unique events and offers to each location.

So, some players are still playing the bonus challenges. Whereas, in another area, it is closed for a year.

In this blog, you will know the best way to unlock the bonus challenge event in Pubg mobile. But you have to change the region.

How to play bonus challenge match in Pubg mobile?

The bonus challenge is a type of tournament in Pubg mobile, where players can get many rewards like outfits, clothes by winning the match.

It is special for everyone because you can get Free UC by using the bonus challenge points.

Play bonus challenge match in Pubg mobile

And to play the matches, it requires a bonus challenge voucher.

Now, let’s move to the steps to enable the bonus challenges in Pubg mobile.

(Note)| In some countries, the bonus challenge is still running, so you have to change your region. You may think it is harmful to change the country, but it’s not.

However, you have to change the region only, not the server.

Otherwise, you will get high ping while playing the game.

Step 1| Download Panda VPN.
Step 2| Select Israel region\country.
Step 3| Now, open Pubg mobile and go to the match-making setting.
Step 4| change your region to Israel. ( It’s the best option for right now)

Now, play the bonus challenge tournament from 6 am to 6 pm.

Frequently asked question

  • When will the bonus challenge event return in all regions in Pubg mobile?

There is no official fixed date for the event arrival. For a year, the game doesn’t give any clue. However, the bonus challenge tournament will arrive soon with new modes and maps.

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