What is the best subject to study after school life?

best subject to study after school life

Understand before selecting a best and suitable subject to study after school life?

The hard decision of every student is to select the best and suitable subject to study after their school life.

Let’s refresh your memory.

When I was a kid, I never thought that one day my parents would take me to a strange place(school) and leave me alone there for some hours.

I still remember my childhood days, when my parents took me to school for the first time, and I punched on the face of my teacher, kicked a bottle of water on the desk.

After that, my teachers tried to subdue me with their polite sound. But I cried a lot by crawling on the ground like a snake.

For many days, my parents took me to the school, but I cried, screamed as if I saw a ghost; because my mind was not ready to sit in the class without my lovely parents.

Yes, I was innocent, so my teacher never punished me for such insane behaviour and activities.

After some month, gradually, I made a habit of going to school by myself with a smiling face.

And I never repeated the same behaviour.

Also, I started to focus on my study willingly, because I understood my parents had sent me to the right place.

So, this was my sweet and bitter memory of my childhood. And How was your story?

I reckon yours and my childhood memory was the same because we both were born as an innocent soul, don’t we?

However, slowly we understood everything, and continued our school life with excitement and pleasure; and we learned, made friends and many more.

And after years when the farewell days came near, we started to think, ‘what is the next step?’ ‘What to study after 10th class(school life)?’

And we decide to study the best subject, but we get confused because of the lack of knowledge.

But now, you are no longer a child. Don’t be puzzled.

One fact about school life is that ‘it is a recipe for wedding party‘. You taste varieties of food item there; likewise, you study the different subject in the school.

You learn basic knowledge of different subjects. For example, I studied, Economics, Account, Social studies, Computer science and many more.

And you know that these all the subject that you studied in your school are not subject, but faculties.

So, the meaning is that you learn primary things about all the faculties.

After your school, you choose a faculty among, that you studied from nursery to 10th class.

However, when you complete your school education, you get puzzled thinking that ‘which faculty should I choose now?’

Therefore, you start to search here and there for the best and suitable subject to study after school life.

Also, you consult with your parents;

Saying, ‘Dad, my school life is going to end, now it’s time to choose the best faculty to continue my college or, university life, do you have any idea?’

Your guardian reply like this, ‘Look when you were a kid, you didn’t know anything, so it was our responsibility to do everything for you. We nourish you, made the decision for you, but you are mature now, you’ve understood many things, so you are no longer a kid. Therefore, you must decide about your future, because no one can understand you better than you‘.

Yes, most of the parents reply like that, and it’s true.

Because while you were an innocent child, you didn’t have the capacity of making a decision.

Therefore, they chose destination(school) without your choice. But now, you must think about yourself.

So, why to be confused? If you are experienced now and can decide for yourself.

So, it’s time to evaluate your quality.

Either it is a big decision or, small, research and analysis of internal and external factor are compulsory to get a better result.

So, you are ready to choose the best and suitable subject to study after school life, so now you need to review your need and choice.

Of course, you studied different subjects in your school life, but among them which one was your favourite. Which books’ problem you loved to solve?

For example, I was not good at other subjects, but Account and Economics were my favourites. I always had interest and excitement to learn more about these two subjects.

After I return to my home from school, I used to solve accounting problems with interest and try to understand the insight knowledge of theories of economics with joy.

And I always scored the highest marks in Economics and account.

Similarly, do you also have your best subject? Yes, I reckon you have, every student has at least one favourite book.

In your school life which book you used to understand easily?
So, in which subject you have scored the highest marks by your preparation?

In which subject exam your friend came to you for your help?
And, which was your favourite class or, period, and remained your mind always active?

So, research all these things to choose the best subject to study after school life.

Why is it necessary to evaluate yourself before subject selection?

Have you ever noticed one thing that, your every classmate had unique talent and skill?
Let’s take an example,

Some students are good in mathematics, so they can solve any maths problem effortlessly, whereas others use calculators for minor calculation.
Some are good at chemistry, so they can understand every complicated chemical reaction formula in second, while others don’t know what is ‘co2’.

Furthermore, some students are good at managing and talking, whereas others are a deep thinker and skilled who can write, paint and can do many more.

I took computer science in my 9th and 10th class as an optional subject.

And we had some computer programing chapter on that book. But I never understood a single program.

Yes, I tried to understand, but I can’t, not even the meaning of ‘CLS’, which was the first code of every Qbasic program. Not only me, but my other classmate was also same as me.

However, one of my friends was excellent in making the Qbasic programme; he could capture the concept of every programme. I don’t know how, but he could innovate and make them effortlessly.

Meaning is that each student is born with unique quality. Yes, no one is perfect in all subject, but at least in one, they are a hero.

So, the importance of doing research and analysis about yourself is to know, what kind of student you are. Analytical or, calculative? Imaginative? Deep thinker? Introvert or, extrovert?

If you do the analysis, then you will get the result about what kind of quality you have, and for which subject, you are born.

And the result of this analysis will help you to choose the suitable subject to study for the future.

The decision is in your mind.

You are thinking to choose the best and suitable subject to study after school life, means that you have a goal, don’t you?

Why do you want to study?’

If I ask this question to 100 students, then I will get 100 answers with a different tone.

Among those 100 students, half will say like this, ‘I want to be a doctor, pilot, engineer, Sportsman, many more‘.

And remaining will say, ‘I want to study to be a manager, a lawyer, teacher, artist, many more‘.

Yes, I will get varieties of answers from those students, because they all have their own goal in their mind.

So, that’s about the reply of those 100 students.

If I ask you the same question, ‘why you want to study’ then what you will answer? Yes, you will reply with an exciting tone, ‘ I want to study to do this or, that in the future.

Meaning is that your reply reflects you have plan and path to go ahead in life.

So, if you are already heading in the highway of goal, then I don’t think you will have the difficulty to select a perfect faculty in the future. However, it means that you have already chosen a relevant subject for you.

The only student feels difficult to make a decision, who has no ambition in his life. But you are not among ambitionless student.

Let’s understand something more!

It is a matter of debate, which course will be a best and suitable subject for you to study in 11 and 12 class or, in university(after school life).

I want to write a summary of some well-known faculties that student wants to choose after their school life.

Let’s suppose if you select a ‘commerce faculty‘, you will learn about business and management.

Therefore, you will get knowledge of, ‘How to deal with people and money?’, ‘how to use the resources and keep a record of them‘; and many more related to it.

Again, if you think ‘art‘ is a suitable subject, then it has its unique content.

You will learn things related to ‘art’ like painting, photography, graphic, acting and many more. However, you will not get a chance to learn the subject matter of commerce.

Similarly, a person who chooses the ‘science faculty‘, know how to treat a patient; also, he’ll understand the solar system to microscopic objects, many more.

But he will not know about engineering and commerce. Yes, he can subdue the universe but not peoples.

Furthermore, if you select ‘humanity faculty’, then you’ll learn the subject matter of literature, philosophy, law, politics, culture, archaeology many more.

Yes, you will be the master of all these things, but you will be knowledge less about the subject matter from other faculties.

Moreover, In the ‘engineering faculty‘, you’ll become an engineer, who gives the shape to the giant building and mind-blowing technology or equipment. However, you’ll not know other subjects.

Note: all the faculty have a variety of subject, but their meaning is almost the same. Faculty is a house, and the ‘subject’ is a room.

Meaning is that all the faculty is a boundary. They all have their unique quality and content.

Just imagine,

Imagine the world without science and scientist; no discovery, invention, miracle; no doctors_no hope.

If there were no engineer, who would design everything that we use in our daily life?

Who would explore the ancient mystery and write the books to change the thought of dumbs, if there were no writers and archaeologist?

And imagine the world without art; boring and gloomy.
And so on.

Meaning is that all the subject has equally contributed to turning stone age to modern age; one is incomplete without another.

Then, which is the best and suitable subject to study after completing school life?

Things to understand to choose the best and suitable subject after school life.

Let’s say, You are the person who loves to interact with people, you love to manage the situation, and you are good at money matter.

And also, your future goal is to be a businessman or, a good manager, then your best house in commerce faculty.

Or, in the case you are god gifted; I mean you have a flexible body or, the sweet voice then you belong to the art.

In the case, you love to sketch the maps, or, you want to represent your imagination in physical form then engineering is suitable for you.

Or, if you want to distribute your knowledge among other; want to change the world by your research and thought, and if you wish to find out the hidden mystery of the world, then humanity faculty is best for you.

Finally, if you are a natural healer and want to learn more about the universe and creatures, then there is science faculty for you.

To select a suitable subject to study after school life, you need to have a determined goal.

And, you must know, for what purpose you are born; and which faculty’s lessons will help you to boost your skill and knowledge to fulfil your goal.

Don’t change your mind If you want to select the best and suitable subject to study after school life;

Because of other’s opinion, most of the people change the goal and ambition of their life, and at last, they fail to make their life meaningful.

Don’t study for the job.

Let’s say you want to be an archaeologist to explore the hidden secrets and mystery of the world, and you have the curiosity to learn more about ancient symbols and relics.

Therefore, you think to choose a humanity faculty. Also, your hobbies match with that subject; you are deep thinker and researchers.

However, your friend changed your mind saying, “what you will do in humanity faculty? It doesn’t have any scope; no one will give you a job; you’ll have a degree, but you’ll be jobless in the future.”

Instead, join the commerce faculty, you will get a business and management idea, and it will help you to become a businessman and earn a lot. Don’t you see it’s the age of commercialization?”

Now, your mind altered, and you start to think like this, “Yes, he is right. What is the benefit of a degree without a job? Instead, If I will go to the commerce faculty, I will be a businessman or, a manager and earn a lot.”

Yes, most of the student wants to study the subject with scope(job opportunities). But they must notice one thing that doctors can’t fly a plane, and the lawyer can’t treat a patient.

Meaning is that everything has value if you will do with your determination.
If you go ahead in life with your hobbies and interest, one day you will be able to create a job for others.

Don’t sacrifice your goal for friendship.

Some students are determined, so they want to achieve their goal anyhow. Therefore, they select the subject what they love most, because they know their selection will help them to rise.

However, others are a dependent natured student, so they adopt other’s decision for them.

Let’s suppose, if their classmate studied politics, then they will also select the same course without interest; because either they don’t want to lose their friendship or, lack of decision-making capacity.

So, I suggest you don’t do what others do because you are born for a different purpose.

And stop thinking that friendship is maintained only by reading in the same class.

Don’t listen to others.

Let’s suppose you have basic knowledge about computer programming, so you want to upgrade your knowledge and skills. Therefore, you decided to study computer engineering.

However, someone told you that, “do you know difficult it is to write computer programmes. It is a tough subject and expensive too. If you fail, then you will lose your investment and time.”

Now, because of his opinion, you lost your confidence to become a computer engineer. You started to doubt your abilities and talent.

So, I suggest you don’t listen to others if your heart says you can do it. If you have interest and curiosity, obviously you can do it anyhow.

Don’t be comfort seeker.

Let’s say you decided to study a Chartered account(CA) after research. But find that no university in your location teaches the CA course.

Now, instead of to travel to another place to search your favourite course, you stayed at home and chose another subject that is available in your location; you chose a faculty in which you never gave interest.

Now tell me will you succeed in your life. Yes, you will get a job but not satisfaction.
It is said, “to get the success one should give some sacrifice.”

Most of the time, parents are financially weak and can’t pay a fee for their children.

For example, if you want to study MBBS because you have hope and determination that you will become a doctor who can bring back the life of dying people.

You think that you will work hard to get success, but your parents are not ready for your decision because of the weak financial situation.
Now, what you will do? Will you give up your goal?

No, a person with a strong ambition never loses hope, whatever the situation will be.

Instead, you will work hard for the scholarship. If you are a determined student who becomes a doctor in the future, then there is a government and some university who care about the students like you. But only you need to do hard work from the beginning.

Don’t enter the wrong house.

“You will not get a taste in meat if you are vegetarian”.

One day our university teacher shared his story about subject selection:

He continued, “my hobby from my childhood to teenage was to play sports.

And later, I made a goal to become a sportsman in the future. But my parents thought that I was wasting time on unnecessary activities, so, they used to convenience me to focus on the study.
Instead of supporting and approaching me to play and practised more, they always tried to stop me.

After school life, I told my parents about my hobby and goal to become a sportsman. But unfortunately, they suggested me to select the best subject for further study.

I didn’t neglect my parent’s suggestion, so I went to the commerce faculty from my 11th class and continued my university life as an accountant student.

I studied not because of interest but because of responsibilities and pressure.

After graduation from university, I went here and there to search for a job, but I didn’t get a suitable one. For two years, I worked as an accountant in the store. But thanks got, now I am a teacher at university.

Yes, I have accounting knowledge, and I can teach you all things related to it. But whenever I open my TV to watch sport, I imagine myself as a player running in the playground.

I don’t want to hide it from you that I have a good salary but not satisfaction in my heart because my life’s ambition was not to become a teacher.

I hope you understood many things from this brief story.

If you will go to the wrong house then:

You have to multiply your struggle.

Let’s say you are excellent in communication and debate but weak in maths. But due to some reason you selected mathematics for further study, then you will have to multiply your hard work, concentration and time investment for little profit.

However, if you had selected Law subject, then no need to do many struggles because you already have the quality to become a lawyer.

You will not get a job on time.

If you select your favourite subject, then soon you will get your dream job. If not, you will create one for yourself using your creativity and knowledge.

But if you went to the wrong house, then neither you will study with excitement and understanding nor, you will get a job at the time, due to your low skill and experience.

You will live a depressed and unsatisfied life.

To live a valuable and meaningful life, you must have satisfaction in your head and heart.

I am not saying you will live jobless forever if you choose the wrong subject now. Yes, you will get a job but with many struggles.

Or, you will get a job you never expected(with fault) which will be the result of depression and stressful life.


Subject or, faculty is not wrong but our selection. Also, no faculty is better than others, but all are equal with unique content.

Everyone chooses the faculty which will help them to secure a job faster, but no one thinks for once that how much satisfaction they will get from that job given by the wrong subject.

Fish can survive in the water because the water is the home of a fish. If you take out the fish from the water, then it will.

Similarly, your hope excitement will die if you select the subject out of your interest and goal.

Look at you mark sheet to know in which subject you loved to work willingly.
Know your talent and interest.
Match your capacity with all the faculty.
Make the decision

These are the crucial steps every student should take while they choose the best and suitable subject after school life.

Don’t forget all the subjects are equally despite different content.


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