Are you improving your habit daily? These are the sign.

How to you will know you are improving your habit daily?

You will try to improve yourself daily, to rise in your life. Or, you will do everything to convert your negative things into positive. And how you will know, you are going to progressive direction? Yes, You will see these changes within you, that ensure you are improving yourself habit daily.

improve habits

You will obey your parents.

In the initial years of life, everyone fight with their parents, because of misunderstanding.

It usually happens in the teenage.

But now look at yourself, and judge your behaviour toward your parents.

Are you changed or, still you go against their words?

If you still haven’t felt their love and understood their care for you, then you are the same person as you used to be.

But, if you have realized that your parents are everything for you; their suggestion is like a medicine, then be happy you passed another level of maturity.

Do you know why parents monitor us until we live with them?

Because they have gone through a good and bad day in their life; so they know the actual meaning of life.

Therefore they don’t want you to make a mistake that they had made in their life.

So, if you regularly follow their voice without going against, then it symbolizes you are improving your habit daily.

You will make mistakes.

It is an unbelievable fact that “who is upgrading daily, remain depressed.”

Why does this happen?

Because they remain to be busy in some activities; And as a rule, they make mistakes which becomes the reason for upset.

However, disappointment doesn’t mean they will quit the job but search for a solution to go to another level.

Again, the next day, another mistake; solve; new level.

This kind of rotation happens in their daily life.

But they learn a new lesson from their mistake and never repeat the same in the big task.

But what irresponsible person do?

They don’t want to work, nor want to learn.

Moreover, they don’t know what is the mistake, because they never tied anything in their life; as a result, they never learn anything.

Therefore, if you remain depressed daily for some hour because of mistake, then congratulation you are not wasting your time lying on the bed.

The person who wants to improve their lives have a disappointing face, but they learn new skill daily which will give them result in coming days.

You will be in front of the boring channel.

Whenever you open your TV which channel you prefer to watch? Movie? Cartoon? Or, other entertaining?

However, the person who changes day to day positively has a habit of watching the boring channel in their free time.

You, I am talking about News channels; no music; no drama; just a quiet environment without entertainment.

Oh sorry! I didn’t know you love to watch those monotonous channels (News).

Then don’t blame yourself you aren’t upgrading yourself.

You are improving yourself day by day because you are doing what others don’t prefer.

Despite being boring, those channels give you global information.

You prefer to watch them because you wish to know what’s going on the universe.

The person who listens to the news is the most confident.

You will not feel your upgrading daily, but if anyone asks you a trending question, then your answer ensures you are improving your habit daily.

Your parents will agree with your decision.

Only parents know about your maturity more than you.

If you are progressing continuously, then it’s the result of your good habit and behaviour.

Imagine your childhood days,
You asked your father, “can I take a bike to the market, my friend is waiting there.”

But you were immature, so your father neither let you take the bike nor, let you go to market.

And nowadays you have become younger, so will you tell me does your parent accept your decisions?

If you don’t have childish, irresponsible behaviour, then they will permit your decision.

Otherwise, if they think you are still immature, then you will get a sorry response.

They will support you to do this and that alone, if they saw you changed your habit and behaviour comparison to past.
Or, you are still like a kid despite your high age, then they will not let you do anything alone; because they will think, till now, you haven’t developed yourself.

Therefore, to ensure if your habit is improving daily, judge your parent’s response to your decision. You will know everything.

Your friend will criticize you.

The more time you will give to your friends, the happier they will be.
For example, before some months ago, you used to hang with your friends for the whole day.

But nowadays, you realized, you are spending your time without doing anything.

Also, you realized that you are wasting 24 hours of the day without getting a profit.

Therefore, you start to engage in some activities; personal development activities or, household activities.

And You don’t have much time to meet with your friends, because you made a habit to focus on your duties.

Whenever your friend invited you to come somewhere, you denied going due to lack of time.

Then obviously, you fiend will start to hate you and criticize you, because you have not much time to hang with them.

If your friend has stopped to talk with you due to that reason, then you can ensure you are improving yourself daily.

Because nowadays you think about your future.

Meaning is that when you realize the work is slightly more important than friendship, then you can say you are upgrading daily.

You will understand the value of things.

Compare your past spending habit with the present.

If you are spending less because you have understood the value of money, Or you realized how hard it is to earn wealth.

Furthermore, if you have noticed your life is limited, and it never comes back.
If you engage yourself more in your goal activities rather then T.V and video games, then it means that you care for yourself.

Moreover, you were careless about your health.
But nowadays, you focus on your health.

When your head starts to think, “if I not a healthy, I won’t see beautiful tomorrow.”

And you do regular exercise, eat in time, and pass your days with routine.

Therefore, if you have realized the value of time, money and health, then be happy you are going in the right track.

Because it ensures you are improving your habit daily.

You will wake up early to see the result.

I know you wake up in the early in the morning.

But, Have you wake up early with hope and excitement?

If not, then you haven’t started any special till now.

Once my YouTuber friend told his story:

“Whenever I upload a new video, I used to pray for more audience before sleeping.

Therefore, every morning I used to wake up with excitement and hope to post a new video and to see the result of my previous work.”

You are improving yourself means, you have started something new in your life.

So, you will wake in the morning to see your progress, and you will have a good dream at night.

And you will double your effort if you are getting expected result.

Otherwise, you will find out the mistake and error to get a better result.

Therefore, if you come out of the bed early in the morning to see the result of your work with excitement, then don’t be confused, it is a good sign you are improving your habit daily.

Otherwise, the irresponsible and lazy people don’t have a routine to start their day.

You will become responsible and gentle.

You are making better than yesterday means you are becoming more responsible for everything.

Many people don’t care about anything, neither about study nor, about their parents.

Irresponsible people break the rules.

Furthermore, they don’t know the manner, ethics and discipline.

But the person who is changing daily positively makes himself better for all prospect.

They love to take responsibilities and duties; because they know that it will help them to make more mature and mentally sharp.

Also, they know that duties and task are the only sources of learning things practically.

They prefer to study out syllabus books and focus on study.

Furthermore, they don’t carry the ego to help others.

So, if your heart tells you, what is wrong and what is right; And if you are love to take responsibilities without burden.

IF you give equal priority to all works, then it is the sign you are improving your habit daily. And one day you will become master perfect.

You will listen more.

“A person who talks more learn something, but who listen learn many things”.

So, nowadays, what kind of person you are becoming a listener or, speaker?

Do you still cut others word while they talk to you?

Or, you listen to them even though they are telling wrong.

Most of the people interfere with others during conversation saying, “you are wrong”, or, “let me say”.

If you also do the same thing, then you are not learning new from others, because you are not listening to their updates.

Also, do you stay inside room for the whole day, or you seek the partner for the talk? Or, you go to some people for a short conversation daily.

If you don’t do, then you are not collecting new information from others.

But if you are becoming social gradually then, of course, your habit is changing continuously.

You will do it alone.

A daily improving person walks alone and does the task himself.

Think about the past when you used to go shopping with your parents.

And imagine the time when you quit your plan because your friend is not coming with you.

But nowadays if you can walk alone and don’t depend on others for minor works, then you are upgrading every day.

Yes, doing the things alone need courage.

Again think about your school life when your parents used to go to school to pay your fee.

And you used to feel hesitation to enter inside the hotel or, restaurant alone.

But nowadays if you don’t need other’s help, it ensures that you are improving your habits daily.

Depending too much on someone is not a good habit, because supporter doesn’t remain forever.

How to upgrade habits daily? you’re improving.

improving your habit daily
  • It’s impossible to become both smoker and healthy. Therefore a wise person chooses to be healthy. And, if you are wise and you care for you and your family, reduce your intoxication dose day by day.
  • A busy and responsible person makes a mistake every day, And only a person enjoy the success and beauty of life, who learn daily something new from his mistake;
    rather than who quit the task due to the afraid of error. Therefore, make blunder one day and solve it another day.
  • Fresh morning is there to make plans and schedule for the day. Wake up in the morning, get fresh, sit on your comfortable chair and write down the what you are going to do today. Don’t cook plans at midnight after your mobile gives you a battery-low warning.
  • The more you read, the more your value will surge. There are a million opinions of peoples on the internet; read them daily. Read at least five blogs every day, because they are filled with an idea and thought of national and international peoples.
  • You love to watch entertaining stuff on the TV and the internet; it’s a good thing to soothe the mind. But at least for some hour give your time to read and watch the news and other knowledge-oriented stuff. Today is not tomorrow. Therefore, what you have the plan to do complete it today as much as possible. What tomorrow will look life neither you know nor, me.
  • The 21st century is full wonders; a new invention, miracles, technologies, everything new; And tomorrow will be more wonderful than today. So, to daily take care of your health if you don’t want to see miracle lying on the hospital bed. Why waste 24 hours of the by shouting with someone for a second. It’s not a proper way to make a happy life. The anger for someone remain for a long time, so don’t start it.
  • Go out of home for some hours; go to the market alone and talk with Stanger and shopkeeper without reason, to boost your communication skill and confidence level. Motivational videos can motivate you for some time. So, wh to step back to be motivated for a while. At least for an hour, you will get the courage to change the world.

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