How to make your life meaningful and valuable. Understand these things.

make your life meaningful and valuable

What you should understand to make your life meaningful and valuable?

Once we are born as a human, we need to understand and learn many things; Things may be useful or futile. However, as much a possible we do best things to make our life valuable and meaningful.

And what factors make our life significant and worthy is a big question for all of us.

This article is all about what things we must understand to make the the life meaningful and valuable.

Why we try to make our life valuable?

Most of you think that a valuable and successful life is the same concept. However, if you will think properly, then these two sides are different from each other.

Life becomes worthy If a person understands all the fact of life journey deeply whereas, successful life means your dream get completed.

Suppose you are educating yourself to achieve your goal in the future.

Let’s say you are going to university, to get a dream job in a big company in the coming days.

Thank god you successfully achieved what you had wanted, you earned fame and wealth everything.

Now, you can consider it a successful life, because you got what you had wished.

Success doesn’t matter how did you get your dream job. Neither it matter how much you learned while you were walking in the highway of your dream.

However, life become better and valuable, only if you achieve your goal with learning and understanding.

What kind mysterious or, fact side of life you understood, matters worthy life.

For example,

You craved to be the staff of a well-reputed company.

And you had a good relationship with the higher-level employee of that company where you wished to be a member.

As a result, he appointed you as an employee immediately after your graduation.

You never did any preparation for that job, neither you worked hard, even though you were not eligible for that job, but also you got appointed.

In this case, you will not sustain in your position productively, firstly, because of your light attitude toward your success.

And secondly, you never got any experience in the journey of grabbing that job. Also, you have not understood the meaning of struggle and hard work.

I am not saying you’ll not progress, you’ll but at a slow pace.

However, if you’d worked hard or, had learned many up and downs of life before going to that position, then these things would have made your life meaningful and valuable because you know the resources required to go on top.

Another example;

You won a lottery of 10 million dollars, and you know that the amount is enough to make your life better.

You can fulfil your wish and want with 10 million dollars that you got from the lottery. So, you can call it a successful life, because you have got a lot without a struggle.

Now tell me how you will spend those amount, wisely or, blindly?

Of course! You will spend them closing your eyes.

You cannot become the best financial manager of those 10 million dollars, which comes to you for free. Because you’ll think the amount comes to you without a struggle.

You’ll not understand the value of sacrifice to earn that amount in whole life. So the people seek a meaningful and valuable life rather than a successful life because valuable life makes a person wise and humble.

Meaningful life teaches the person an accurate perception and makes the person silent form outside and loud from inside.

Understand these things to make your life valuable and meaningful.

You can’t do in the first trial.

Of course, you’re dreaming about a particular goal in your life.

And to achieve it, you go through this and that, up and down.

The unavoidable fact of everyone’s life is, how much easy the task is, in the first trial, it’s impossible to complete without flaw.

You need to understand this thing to live valuable and meaningful life, ‘your first trial is just a lesson.’

Meaning, “no people on this earth can get success in the first try. And the result is that some people make it as a motivation whereas, others give up, thinking that they will fail again.

Let’s say you are learning to ride a bike, and you got a minor accident on your first trial.

Now, will you quit to learn how to ride it or, you will be cautious in another try?

If you afraid of your first accident and never touched the bike again, then how you’ll enjoy the bike ride in the coming days.

Meaning, “the first attempt is full of struggle, but if you stay determined, you win.

  • Always think that the first chance is the chance to learn, not to earn.
  • Try to understand, it’s your beginning, so disturbance and failure are sure.
  • If you eagerly want something, then you wouldn’t give up. But if you give up, then it is not made for you. Be satisfied!
  • If you make mistakes, then don’t blame yourself, it’ll discourage you. Instead, thank yourself for creating a chance to solve a problem practically.

Not all the questions deserve a reply.

Sometimes, it is necessary to remain silent to save you.

You should know, “when to speak“, “how to speak“, “to whom to speak” and “how much to speak“.

Most of the time, people speak too much to prove themselves a genius, but they become stupid.

You know that your every single word has the power to built someone and destroy someone. So, you need to know for what purpose you’ll speak.

Remember another thing, not every person ask you question only to have a good conversation, but some people have another purpose.

They try to take out your secret things or to make fun of you.

They will ask you question to troll you or take you down. Be aware!

So, every word must have meaning. It must have value with a sweet tone. Otherwise, it’s better to remain silent.

  • Explain your answer if required, otherwise, make it short.
  • Always use valuable words while speaking, which will be beneficial to all parties.
  • Never be overexcited in the crowd, always use your mind, not others.
  • Understand that it is not necessary to reply to a silly question.

Don’t be like a mushroom.

I see a mushroom as a strange thing. Neither it looks like a flora nor fauna. Scientifically it is flora.

But, if you judge it deeply, then your perception will alter toward it. It is grown on the body of other plants, consume their energy.

Despite depending on other plants, neither it can develop beautiful colour nor shape.

I think you understood what I want to say.

If you are searching for the ways to live a meaningful and valuable life, then don’t depend on others. “Don’t be like a mushroom”.

If you live on others, then it will hamper your mental growth, and you’ll not learn anything.

Let’s say, you got an assignment to do, but instead of researching and doing yourself, you did photocopy of your friends work.

Your friend worked hard to complete his task, but you did it in seconds.

Yes, you and your friend may have got equal marks, but not the same knowledge and meaning.

  • Do every work yourself, don’t take help from others, only take ideas.
  • If you are making a big decision, then make 70 per cent yourself and to complete it, listen to a suggestion from others.
  • Understand that you will not get support from others.
  • Understand that life is not to be an unusual coloured mushroom but to be a green-leaved tree.

Time is dynamic.

Time is not anyone’s property.

We go through a different stage of our life; our childhood, teenage, adult age, and old age. And these all phase have their importance.

For example, child age is to play; teenage is to learn, adult age is to use that learned lesson and old age is to review all the activities you did in your whole life; you can call it resting time.

Now, let’s say, you didn’t enjoy your childhood by playing, then you can’t do it in your teenage.

Because teenage is for learning, in this phase, you get emotional, mental and physical lessons; you make mistakes.

However, if you don’t learn, and do all childish things in your teenage, then your adult age will go on waste.

And in the old age, you’ll have nothing to remember to smile.

Meaning, “time is changeable, and all stage of life have their significance. So, one must do things according to the time to make life meaningful and valuable.”

  • Time is not a number, so you still have time to start up your good routine.
  • Understand that, opportunities are like a flowing river, once you missed then you missed.
  • Remember that, best adult age is the result of best teenage. And satisfying old age is the result of victorious adult age.
  • Teenage is frustrating and depressing, but it is the beautiful stage of our life.

Never deal with foolish.

Helping other people is satisfying work, but sometimes the help can turn against us as a threat.

Sometimes we want to change other people by our words, we try to fix their problems, but we get an unexpected and unsuitable response from them.

So, to make life meaningful and valuable you must undrstand that, spending your time to change someone by motivating words is futility. If you try to teach wrong or, right to others, then they’ll turn against you.

Let’s say you’re trying to convince a drunkard to stop drinking, who shouts whole night on the street and beat his wife everyday.

You are advising him not to do so because you dislike his insane activities.

Now, what you think, will he follow your suggestions? No, he will not, on the contrary, he will command you rudely, “to shut up“!’.

He is foolish who don’t care for himself and his family, then do you think he will care for your request? No, never!

He will curse you and scold you for your good suggestion.
It’s only the example of a drunkard, I want to say don’t waste your time to deal with idiots.

Why become foolish speaking with those who don’t understand you?

  • Don’t suggest anyone unless they ask you.
  • The best way to change someone is to change yourself.
  • Don’t teach anyone unless you are a teacher or an authority.
  • Your words are precious don’t make it matter of laugh speaking in front of dumb.

Not every friend is your friend.

We hang with many people in our lives and think that the person who talks and enjoys with us is our friend. However, I reckon not all people who are around us are our friend.

Have you ever noticed why people call you friend; because you help them; you keep their every word, or you spend a lot for them.

If this is the reason you are everyone’s friend, then do this experiment;

stop helping them for somedays or, don’t pay bills for them, then see who stay with you and who criticize you in your back.

Most of the human’s heart is full of selfishness. Therefore, they act like a good friend to take out self benefits from you.

You must understand this thing to live a worthy life that worst company create suffering life.

And if you got a friend in spite, you have nothing to offer him, then think that he has added meaning on your life.

  • Remember that, you got a friend, not low mileage vehicle, who stay with you if only your pocket is full.
  • The more you will be in a big circle now, the more you will feel lonely in the future because most people do not long last.
  • Make friends but don’t expect anything from them.
  • Sometimes think about your happiness too.

You are the owner of your life.

While we are born, we born as a pure soul.

However, our community, religion all these factors alter our perception toward our life.

Our society teaches us what is wrong and right from our childhood. But, being an ethical activity, our civilization has considered it as an unethical and unacceptable.

Yes, there are many such rules; and if we go against those rules, people criticize us, to take our motivation from us.

Let’s take an example of intercaste marriage, that I have seen unacceptable in many traditional societies. Do you think it’s unethical? No, I don’t think it is.

And it is the only example there are many other such things you have encountered in your life.

So, most of the time we give up our dream, because of the fear; not fear of ghost but the fear of other’s opinion.

We give up because of the opposite views of people. So, our dream decay in our heart and mind.

However, the only person lives a meaningful life, who listens to his inner voice, words of heart; who don’t care about other’s opinion.

Don’t you read that, When the first time galileo Galilei told people that ‘earth is not a centre of the universe, and earth rotate around the sun’; everyone laughed at him and called him lunatic.

However later he becomes the father of modern astronomy.

Yes, if you are doing the right thing, but also people laugh at you, then care about your work, not their opinions. March goes on even if dog bark, isn’t it? It’s is your life, and it’s your responsibility to make a unique history.

  • Your life will ruin if you stop your work because of the criticism.
  • If you do the work that the society afraid to do, then you will have amazing stories to tell to others.
  • Don’t kill your happiness, because of man’s created restriction and rules.
  • You must have the courage to do differently from others.

Good works take time.

How many days does it take to make a big building? Yes, you are right. It can take more than a month to build a big house.

And a not only month, but it also requires many resources and equipment.

Furthermore, there is no value of building without eye-catching decoration. And to do, so it needs extra, effort, time and capital.

But if you think to destroy the building, then does it require the same hard work as creating it? No, you can demolish it in a short time with less capital and time.

Meaning, the person who has understood this concept, lives a valuable and meaningful life. “To do any good work, it takes time”.

Most of the time you give up on your project because you don’t get the expected result in your estimated time.

Instead, you don’t think that if your work is asking more time, then definitely it will pay you more than your expected result after some time.

  • If you love to do something, then don’t expect for early profit.
  • You must have eager wish to do that word, despite failure.
  • Don’t give up, find out your mistake and repair them.
  • The more obstacle you encounter, the more return you will get. It’s the rule of nature.

Learning is like a debt.

X: Do you read out books?
Y: No, I don’t read.
X: Why?
Y: I am thinking to start them after some years. I am still young.
X: How old are you?
Y: I am 13.
X: How do you know you are 13? You are not 13 you are 26 years old or more.
Y: (laugh)How?
X: We consider 365 days a year because we follow the rule of the ancestor. Imagine, if they had made 183 days in a year, tell me how old you would be?

Amazing, right? Yes, I also used to believe in a similar way like Mr Y, but nowadays I have changed my perception toward it.

I used to think that the task is not suitable for my span. But nowadays, I suppose age is just a number.

Learning is like a Debt. For loan, if you pay interest on time, then it will be easy for you to pay principle in maturity.

Likewise, if you don’t learn continuously from today because of your age, then in future you can’t remember many things.

  • Never wait for tomorrow, because it never comes.
  • It’s good to learn five skills in five years, then five experience in a year.
  • If you respect time, then it will give you what you want.
  • You will live a valuable life if you are the slave of time.

Forgive and forget

The definition of a meaningful and valuable life is a situation full of peace and satisfaction. And you get comfort if you have the pure mentality and positive thought toward you and others.

If you throw a stone in the swamp, then your clothes become dirty. But most of the people do not understand it, so they believe in revenge.

If someone insults you or take you down, that’s their behaviour, and if you forgive such people, that’s your greatness.

The revenging attitude creates enemies in life, and the person with many enemies cannot live a peaceful life.

A man from my living place fought with the person of another village. Therefore, when the person form my town went to his enemy’s village for some work, he used to get beaten and vice versa. This enemy cycle long lasts for years, but at last, they both compromised on festival occasion“.

Now tell me, is there any point in breaking each other’s teeth, if they compromised at last?

  • If someone hurt you, then don’t take revenge. However, if you believe in repayment, then do it peacefully, never deal with your enemy.
  • The meaning of revenge is self-destruction.
  • Prove that you are from a decent family and society by forgiving others who hurt you.
  • The best revenge is compromising or, forgetting and forgiving.


The main factor which determines our direction of life is our habit and thought. There are many other facts of life one needs to understand to live a to make it better and valuable.

You are the proprietor of your life, solve the riddle of life, and achieve both success and happiness.

And remember, meaningful life is not a success without happiness, but it is the success full of satisfaction.

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