Do this to get happiness in a difficult time.

happiness in a difficult time.
Happy life

The only ambition of the people is to get happiness, so they do many endeavours to get it. However, few people get it for a few days. There is saying if you want to change the world then change yourself. And there is a similar philosophy for pleasure; you will only be happy if you change your habits positively. You can get happiness in a difficult time, but to do so, you have to search for faults within you.
If you are searching for a place full of happiness, then stop it, because there is no such place where happiness lives. The fact about our life is, the thing we wish to avoid, happen to us. The comfort lies within us so don’t search it outside. Let’s come to practical life and try to avoid these things to get happiness in a difficult time.

Don’t overexcite

There is saying, ‘neither the happiness last for a long time nor grief.’ But remember one thing, if you become depressed in the sadness, then your gloom will multiply and make a shelter in your mind. And if you celebrate happiness with overexcitement, then you will not know if you had got pleasure some movement ago. Yes, the person who keeps calm in a good situation can take the joy of happiness for a longer time.

Have you ever experience what I am saying? You can’t keep happiness for a longer time if you excite more than needed.
Let’s read a brief story of my life and try to understand the inner meaning; After a long time, my old friends arrived home from their far universities in the festival time. We decided to to make the gettogether program by making a trip to 70 km far away from home. We all had a bike, so we planned to make a trip on the bikes. And with the stylish haircut and well dress, we started our short journey. We all were very excited. Unfortunately, suddenly in the middle way of the trip, one of my friends fell off from the bike, because he was riding by singing and dancing.

I don’t know how a man can do such activity while riding, but I reckon he was enjoying the movement and outflowing his happiness. After that unexpected accident, our smiling face turned into gloomy, and we all returned to our home without reaching the destination. Instead of enjoying the day, we went to the hospital for his treatment.

So, have you ever had such an unacceptable experience in your life? Have you ever excited to do or get something but your expectation to become bare? If you had how do you feel at that time? You know, every action has an equal or opposite reaction, you would have become sadder than you become happy earlier when you achieve nothing you had expected. So, keep calm in every situation, to get happiness in a difficult time.

Search for the goodness

If you are born with a human mind, then obviously you are going to make many mistakes in your life. So, the best idea to get happiness in a difficult time is to accept everything; It may be a good thing or worst.

Let’s take an example; I had a neighbour who was a failed businessman. Nowadays he is living in another city. He tried many businesses but never got succeed due to various reasons. But, after all these things, I never saw him upset, not for at least a single day. I don’t know if he had sorrow in his heart and never expressed anything with others. But from his smiling face, it was clear that he had taken the habit of accepting everything. One day he told his life story to us. He said, ‘ I am a failed person, but I don’t mind for that. At least I tried something in my life and learn valuable things from my mistakes.’

Again he continued,’ success is bare if there is no failure because accomplishment gives you sweet fruits that can cause diabetes. However, failure is a bitter fruit that can cure cancer. Yes I am a failure, but at least my children learn something from me, so they will not repeat the same things which I did.

Isn’t it interesting he could find good points from the worst events, and it was the secret of his smiling face despite failure?
To get happiness in a difficult time, don’t think about why I am the one who gets slammed but assume that you are the selected student of nature. So, accepts everything and learn.

Stop and take a nap

If someone asks me, ‘do you overthink?’ I would say, Yes I used to, but nowadays I don’t take everything personally. I suggest you do so. Don’t care about anything, and move on.

For instance, a man went to the market, and he visited five stores and met with at least 20 people in the whole day. After doing all these things, he returned to his home. While he arrived at home, he took off his clothes to wear a home dress. While doing so, he saw a tiny hole on the backside of his pants that he had worn to go to market.

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Now his mind start to cook rubbish, and he raised the question to himself; How careless I am? I didn’t look at my desk before getting ready for the market. I don’t know how many people noticed and laughed at me.

Again the person think about all the movement he did in the market, where did he go? In what posture did he stand in the store and front of people; thinking all these things, he became nervous. He arrived home with a good mood. But because of negative thought created by tiny hole on his pants, faded his happiness.

And if I were in the shoe of that person, I wouldn’t have care about anything. Why? Because firstly, no one in the busy street of the market will detect your little fault. Secondly, I was just a mistake.

It is only an example. I think you have also faced a similar situation once in your life. And did you overthink? Yes, you did, and everyone does. But I suggest, don’t overthink because no one will laugh at you in your minor fault. Okay, if someone laughs at you, then it’s all right you make someone laugh; It matters of pleasure.
Overthinking demolish our peace, so avoid it to get happiness in a difficult time. Stop your mind making the untasty recipe, instead go and take a nap everything is all right.

Good relationship

to get happiness in a difficult time, share your pleasure with others

Time is dynamic, so you don’t know who is going to take care of you in your difficult. Therefore, don’t ruin the relationship with the people. The only person remains happy for a lifetime, who have to help hands; and who is pleasing to everyone. I am not telling you to become a celebrity or, dance in the stage to be a nice person. But I am saying that, quit the anger and help the needy, when you have something to give. A good relationship with people around you is the valuable intangible asset that will pay something for a lifetime.

Suppose you are walking on the street, meantime a hungry person ask you for food. Now, you show your kindness; bought food for him and donate some penny before departing from him. What do you get in exchange? Yes, you got something that people seek in their entire life but can’t find it. Yes, I am talking about satisfaction.

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While you will reach to your home, at least you will say to yourself, today I made someone happy, and he blessed me with a smile. So, the satisfaction you got from your good deed will become the reason for your happiness.

Help everyone who approaches you for help, because your little charity can make a shelter of your memory in someone’s mind. And if you will go to him after 50 years whom you helped now, he will not forget your face and kindness.
Besides satisfaction, what do you need in your life? I reckon delight comes to you if you distribute it with others. So, to get happiness in a difficult time, share your pleasure with others and it will come to you one day.

Save for future

IF you are such kind of person, who believes in spending rather than saving, then this habit is going to give you the unpleasant result. The attitude of spending will not affect your life immediately, but soon.

Let’s suppose you worked for the whole day and you get paid with a satisfied wage. Now, you decide to go to the expensive restaurant to have a meal. And you spend your all days income in 30 minutes, and the next day you have nothing to eat. Because of your lavish style, another day you will not have a single penny to go to the cheap restaurant.

Just think instead of going to the expensive place, if you have eaten in the cheap restaurant, then you could have saved something to fill your stomach for another day. Now, the next day your pocket will demand money, so you have to go to work and polish your bones and muscle.

It’s only an example that can explain many things; I only want to tell that saving is beneficial for the future. If you wish to get happiness in a difficult time, then you must be such a person who thinks for another day.

If you will not save tomorrow, then to whom you will ask for help? Not all the people are kind as you are.

Save your words.

to get happiness in difficult time only talk about the topic, what others ask you.

The person who talks more about himself without any reason never become happy. Suppose you are invited to the party, so you went there; you took two pegs of vodka, and start to talk. No one is asking you the question although you are describing yourself like; I am that kind of person, I am this, I am that, and many more.

Now, everyone starts to stare at you strangely, because you are not stopping self conversation due to the intoxication of vodka.
And after a few hours later, when the intoxication leave you, then you start to think about what did I speak and why? As a result, your good mood will turn in to worse immediately.

Let’s take another example a student debated from the corner by asking a ridiculous question to the teacher, to show himself smart. After a rude conversation with the teacher, he realized that, ‘why did I taunt my teacher. His intention of becoming smart made him senseless and how can a foolish become happy. After that day he remains absent in class for four days.

So, the more you will outflow your words, the more you will feel regret later. IF you want to get happiness in difficult time only talk about the topic, what others ask you. Otherwise, save your word for next time. I had also encountered the same kind of depression when I had a debate with someone, and it takes away my good mood for many days.

Don’t miss the chance.

opportunity comes for once

The chance doesn’t come from time to time. Once you missed the opportunity, then you will lose something important in your life.
I want to share my own experience; in my first semester, we all got scholarship opportunity. The university gives its students half per cent of scholarship every year. And to be eligible for the scholarship the student had to fill scholarship form and must have at least 60 per cent marks in board examination.

So, if I see the scholarship criteria, I was an eligible student for the scholarship; and only I had to submit my required document in the university which was 8 km away from my home. But I didn’t care about that and missed the deadline.

And after a few months, the university declared scholarship to a selected student who had appealed for the that. But I didn’t show my name on the list. How could the university mention my name If I didn’t apply for it? However, If I had submitted my documents, then I would be on the list.
So, my other friends got a scholarship, and they pay half the amount of fee. However, I paid double amount to get the same degree. My carelessness made me unsatisfied for whole college life.

Now tell me, what is the point on being eligible for something, if we never tried to get it. I am not saying scholarship in the only opportunity of life, but I am telling the same rule to apply for every chance if we miss them. So, to get happiness in a difficult time, don’t miss the opportunities.

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