Dewali celebration in 2020. Are you excited?

Dewali celebration
Happy dewali 2020

2020 is the cursed year in history. When the strange virus with strange name captured the earth, then the smile on the face of people faded away. The birthday went with a gloomy face, and other special events passed without celebration. Now, the great festival of Hindus is on the way. So, How will the Dewali celebration look like in 2020 during the COVID19? Will people have a smile on their lips and shine on their face? Or, They will consider Dewali as ordinary days of 2020?

Dewali is a festival of light and fire. It is the day of happiness when the god demolish the demon from the world. Dewali is noted as, the victory of Devas(god) over the demons. It is the auspicious day when people forget all the stress of life and show a smile on the face.

The Dewali celebration long lasts for five days.

(Dhan Teras) or, kaaj tihar

Feeding crow in first day of Dewali

It is the beginning day of Dewali. On this day people buy new and valuable items like gold, silver, instruments, clothes many more. They consider it is the auspicious day to purchase new things.
And in the Nepalese community, on the first day, they worship crows. They feed the crows because they consider crow is the symbol of Shani dev. Also, they assume they are nature’s protector. Therefore, on this day they honour the crow; early morning, people keep a variety of food items on the rooftop for crows.

(Narak chaturdasi) Kukur Tihar

Second day of Dewali(Kukur Tihar)

It is the second day of Diwali, on this day Lord Krishna slay the dead of demon Narakasur. So, on this day, people keep their house neat and clean. They decorate the house and make Rangoli(Hand art on the ground designed from colourful flour, mud and rice). And in the night, people fill their home with lamp(Diyas).

In Nepal, people worship dogs. They acknowledge the dog for their loyalty. They consider dogs as the protector of human who safeguards them from evils. So, people honour the dogs with tika and garland; and feed a variety of food items.

Lakshmi pooja (Gai Tihar)

Cow is worshipped in the Day of Lakshmi pooja.

It is the third day of the Dewali. On this day people worship the goddess Lakshmi(a goddess of wealth). Also, they prepare tasty foods and exchange sweets and fruits with their family, friends and relatives. And on the night time, they light the Diya in every corner of their house. On this day, the whole country looks bright and marvellous. And, people play with firecrackers and fill the sky with the shrapnel of a firecracker.

In the Hindu culture, the cow is called the auspicious creature and symbol of wealth. So, on this day people worship with a garland made of beautiful flowers.

Govardhan Pooja

Many centuries ago, the Govardhan hill had saved many people from the disastrous curse of Lord Indra. Since that day, people make the hill shape by cow dong and worship it considering a Govardhan hill.
And, on this day the bulls are worshipped in some Hindus culture. Bulls support in the farming activities(Plough the field) so, they are admired on this day.

Bhai Dhoj or, Bhai Tika

It is the last day of Dewali celebration. After a long time, Lord Yama(lord of death) went to meet with his sister in her house. And her sister welcomed him with Glory and hospitality and, put Tilak on his forehead in exchange, Yama gives blessing to his sister. Since then, Bhai tika has been celebrating.
On this sisters worship their brothers and pray for the long life. They feed their brothers with a variety of food, and in exchange, brothers give gift and blessing to their sisters.

Reason for Dewali celebration: Brief stories

There are various faith and believes about Dewali celebration. Why Dewali is celebrated with light and Diyas, these are some reasons.

Return to Ayodhya

According to the story, the King of Ayodhya, Lord Ram sent to Banbass(Forest life) along with his wife and brothers. While they were in the Banbass, the king of Lanka(Sir-Lanka), Ravan(demon)abducted the Mata Sita and took her to the Lanka. After then, the lord Ram went to Lanka to defeat(kill) the Ravan to bring peace in the world and to rescue his spouse Mata Sita. After the long war, Lord Ram and his team return to the Ayodhya so, the Ayodhya citizen welcomed them with big celebration by lighting Diyas. Since then, the Diwali is celebrated on the memory of Lord Ram’s victory over Ravan and return to the heavenly homeland.

Wedding day of Goddess Laxmi

The Dewali is the wedding anniversary of Goddess Lakshmi(Goddess of wealth) and Lord Vishnu. The goddess Lakshmi was born by churning the ocean of cosmic ocean of milk. And at the night time, she chooses Lord Vishnu as her husband. Therefore, all the gods and goddess celebrated the marriage event at night by lighting Diyas. They turn celebrated the wedding in such a way that was never celebrated before. They turn night into day with the light of Diyas. That’s why people light Diyas for Diwali celebration.

Death of Narakasura

Goddess Bhudevi had a son named Naraka whose behaviour was like a demon. He had god power from the blessing of Lord Brahma. Also, his mother had given a boon that ‘Naraka will die only from the hand of her mother’. Because of his power and blessing, Naraka turns a demon(Narakasur) and dominated the universe.

When he knew that, the Lord Indra(King of God) had thousand of divine elephant, he went to rob them from Indra. While Narakasur reached in the residence of Indra(Heaven), he humiliated the Indra and his mother(Aditi); and he destroys the peace of Heaven. Therefore, lord Indra didn’t tolerate, and he decides to take revenge with Narakasur; he asked Lord Krishna for the help. Immediately Lord Krishna went to defeat the demon with his wife(Satyabhama) and team. After a long battle, Lord Krishna unable to kill Narakasur because of the blessing of his mother. However, Satyabhama killed the Narakasur with an arrow, and later Krishna reminds Satyabhama of the boon, that she has got as Bhudevi.

After the death of Narakasur, Lord Indra celebrate the triumph over demon by lighting Deyas. That’s why People do Dewali celebration with Diyas and light.

Other reasons

So, the people celebrate Dewali as the victory of gods and goddess with peace disturbing demons. The Dewali is not only celebrated by Hindus but also Sikh, Jain and Buddhists.

Sikhs do Dewali celebration in the name of the Bandi chor(Liberation day). On this day, Sikh leader (Hargobind) was released from the prison so it is called Bandi Chor.

Similarly, Jain people celebrate Dewali because, on this day, their leader lord Mahavir got liberation(Moksha).

And, Buddhist celebrate Dewali as the Ashok Vijayadashami. On this day, Emperor Ashoka the choose to adopt Buddhism religion.

Some people celebrate this day as the New year. According to the Hindus calendar the New year start from Dewali. On this day, people pay their all debt and become free from the debt and liabilities.

Surprisingly, In Nepal and India, Every religion does Diwali celebration in the name of Humanity and brotherhood.

So, Dewali celebration is done with light, fire and decoration for five days.

Thus, people celebrate Dewali happiness and joy by lighting Diyas. However, In 2020 it’s going to be a bit unique than the previous year. The lockdown has brought sadness in the face.

Dewali celebration during COVID19

Gloomy days

This year’s Dewali is not going to be as exciting as past. The Dewali celebration of 2020 is not going to be easy for everyone. The Festivals are good only we have an income source. However, the COVID19 has taken away the job from the people and excitement from the peoples and brought gloomy days. Most of the people have become jobless. As a result, people don’t have enough income to spend during this Dewali.

Silent days

We could saw a magnificent glimpse of Dewali. And we could listen to the sound of joy on the streets. People used to play with firecracker so, the whole sky used to look bright and shining. However, this year due to lockdown, people will not get the chance to go out. I reckon the Dewali celebration of 2020 is going to be silent without the sound of a firecracker.

Isolation celebration

This year, People have to celebrate Dewali in the home quarantine, to stay away from coronavirus. Before COVID19, this great festival was used to rejoice with friends, family and relatives, but these people will celebrate the festival inside their home. And, fewer people will visit their relatives(If possible) for celebration. I think the government will tighten the lockdown during the Dewali to control gathering, which is the reason for COVID19 transmission.

Market fall

Before the pandemic, the demand for the product used to surge in Dewali time. People used to buy new products, clothes, jewellery electronic goods, vehicles and decoration products. However, in 2020 the market will not get as much customer as in the past.

Even though you are in lockdown, you are at your home. So, you have got a chance to celebrate this great festival with your family member.
Don’t be upset for not getting a chance to walk on the street grabbing burning firecrackers. This year let’s make the pollution-free Dewali. Surprisingly, last year, In India the pollution was surged by more than 30 per cent by the smoke of firecracker.
So, never lose your enthusiasm due to the pandemic, because it will end soon. So, celebrate the Dewali with joy and happiness, and don’t be upset you don’t have the income to spend on this festival instead think that you saved some amount this year.

Let’s hope this Dewali will demolish coronavirus(evils). The ancient stories prove that the problem comes within us in any form, but they don’t long last forever. Like, Lord Ram killed Ravana, and Lord Krishna killed Narakasur, this Dewali will bless us to fight with the coronavirus. Dewali is the day of victory so, don’t let the coronavirus fade away from your happiness.

Stay safe
Happy Dewali

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