Earn money by playing games online. You can, but!

Earn money by playing games online
YOU can but!

It is said ‘fishing require ideas.’ So, without an idea, you cannot catch a single fry, but if you have, then the fish will itself come in your basket. Similarly, the internet is the pond full of fish, only you need to have a robust net(mind). There is various way to make money online and varieties of platforms. And here a question that, Can I earn money by playing games online? So, the answer is definitely yes! and it’s your choice.

Making money is not a difficult task

Some years ago, not many people were aware of the internet due to the lack of various factor. However, nowadays, each individual has a smartphone with them with enough data pack. As a result, they hang on the internet for many reasons. Before the advent of smartphones and the internet, earning while sitting at home was beyond imagination. And thanks to technology, everything is possible. Since the past few years, the craze of internet earning has surged dramatically. Surprisingly, the lockdown has added more number of internet users.

Making money is not a difficult task unless you have the knowledge and a little bit of creativity. Some people aren’t earning a satisfying amount after a hard struggle, whereas others are making money without much effort. And, the surprising thing is that nowadays people earn money by playing online games sitting on a comfortable chair wearing headphone. The games which are made for entertainment are now becoming the source of job.

I want to tell a fact.

I have seen peoples who forget their hunger and thirst to play online games also, they spend a lot of money on those games. Is there any sense? I don’t saw any solid point on it. Yes, it is fun to play games. However, who is such a long-lived person who can donate his precious time only for fun? Who will damage his eyes and waste his capital sitting in isolation? Yes, isolation. While playing the game, you sit separately.

Okay, you are enjoying your time, I understood then, where is the return(profit)? Now, don’t say fun is a return. Look, life is not all about fun and enjoyment, sometimes we have to think of the coming days. Because the future decides our present so, if you are getting something in return, then you can do whatever you are doing. Otherwise, it’s futility to hang on bright devices for long hours to play games. It means that you are in double lockdown.

Let’s go to another side.

Also, I have seen people who are taking double benefit from games. Firstly, they are enjoying their time and secondly, they earn money with the online game. And here a question arises, How can a person earn money by playing games online? But, yes they are earning income and if you want you can too.

I reckon you all have installed online games like PUBG, call of duty, clash of clan, Minecraft and other trending games on your device. Also, you have GTA 5 on your computer, which is a popular game. So, these are the most popular online games, and I think you hang on your bright device for hours to play these games. Then, let’s go to a step ahead and think about taking benefit of your resource. You can earn by playing games.

Your audience

Do you know, PUBG have around more than 400 million users. Likewise, clash of clan, Fortnite, Minecraft, call of duty has around, 100 million, 350 million, 126 million and 250 million users respectively. And about more than 100000 people play GTA5 online. Do you notice what I mean? It means that you have around more than 500 million average audiences who are searching for tips and tricks to complete their level. And other people love to watch gameplay on the device only for entertainment.

Just take my example, I have played Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider series. But, whenever I open Facebook or, youtube, I watch the gameplay of PUBG or GTA5 and other. Do you know what does it mean? I mean, people not only see the gameplay for tips and trick, but they also watch because they love it. Now, calculate how much audience you have? There are unlimited who are waiting for your performance.

Let’s try game streaming

Yes, you are right, the perfect way to earn money by playing online games is live streaming. Many people are eager to watch the gameplay to learn and for fun. Numbers of players are upgrading every day. And they are not the only a player but also viewer. So, why don’t you show them your gaming skill through game streaming?

You can stream on Youtube and Twitch that is a popular platform to stream and earn money by playing the games online. However, Nowadays, people are choosing the second option (Twitch) to stream their games. Because the youtube is the mix of a variety of video whereas the twitch is made for especially streaming purpose. SO, you make more audience for your channel either platform, and you will get various option to monetize your gameplay videos. You can earn by either subscription or, through ads of Google Adsense. So, you are a gamer who hang on mobile or, computer for the whole day and night then try something new to earn by playing games.

What skills are required to earn by playing online games?

If you wish to earn, then you need to have a regular audience. And it is difficult to make more and more number of the viewer in a short period. IF you regularly work on it, then surely you can increase audience gradually. So, It requires patience. From my own experience, interesting communication pulls more number of audience. Sometimes, I love to watch game streaming, and I choose to watch that channel which not only shows gameplay but also, talks funny things. I assume everyone does as I do. Meaning, the audience prefer not only to watch but also listen to something from you. Here is some way to get more number of audience. You need to have these skill to earn money by playing games online.

Good commentary skill

Don’t beg anyone for subscription, instead give your performance you will get subscription automatically. Most of the best gamer aren’t making enough audience to earn money by playing the games, because of their sluggish communication style. I have seen that they just remain silent or, they sound boring. Yes, they play nicely, however, no one prefers to watch their channel.
Also, I have seen not a very good gamer with a large number of viewers because of their exciting voice.

They outflow their energy with a funny tone while streaming games. Also, they tell jokes or, ridicule the game character.
So, if you want more viewer then speak in a funny tone, try to explain everything what you are doing and where you are going. Furthermore, try to change your voice that sounds funny and interesting.

Know everything about the games.

Try to understand the game rules and way. Learn the technique of how to survive you a hero. Your audience doesn’t want to see ‘game over’ frequently. So, before showing others, play that game much time. For example, you are streaming Assassin’s creed syndicate, where you have to explore the place of ancient London. Now, if you don’t know the name of the place where your hero is going for the mission, then what you will tell your audience.

Similarly, Assassins creed unity is the most challenging game I have ever played. However, if you have the fighting skill, then you can complete level fluently. Otherwise, you won’t pass a single one. So, if you don’t have skills, then your gameplay looks boring. Therefore, first, know everything about the game and practice to play it fluently to show it to others.

Focus on your audience and prepare your self

Don’t show the audience what you want but show them what they want. Suppose you are streaming the game which was made before 2010 then, no one will prefer to watch those videos. Or, only you can show that gameplay if your audience is demanding. Otherwise, prepare upcoming games. For example, the coming games are Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins creed Valhalla which needs, high system requirement so prepare your pc to those games. Furthermore, tell your audience what you will show the next day. Similarly, I think the craze of PUBG will long last for years so, you can stream that anytime with making fun.

Do silly things

You are not teaching a psychology lesson to university students but a streaming game so go informally. Therefore, speak funny and do funny while you stream. I am following a channel who show the GTA5 and PUBG gameplay, and I love the way he does. He does some silly things like, Go to the top roof and jump from there. Or, whenever he had lag and glitch on the game, then he makes a funny joke about it. Means, Do it informally like you are at the birthday party of your friend.

Promote your best video

It is a costly way to get more viewers. But you can make twice the income of your expenditure. However, don’t promote your video unless it is interesting. Only promote, if you think one promotion can make many audiences. Or, you can boost, if you think you will give the same mind-blowing performance again. Otherwise don’t waste your money; a Thousand views on one video doesn’t make sense if others get zero. So, promote your video, give more content and earn money by playing games online.

Select best time for streaming and do it regularly

Before deciding to stream game first know about your audience. Where they are from and when they get free time. Because no one will leave their work to watch your streaming. Therefore, only start when your audience is ready. I would recommend you to do that at night time when more than 75 per cent of the people come online for any purpose. So, night time is the best time to stream, but remember ‘not your night but your audience’s.

And suppose you did excellent for the first day, but another day you remain absent. Then it will not work. You have to give updates and performance regularly to win the heart of your audience.

Is the habit of playing online games well?
Neither I want to want to say it is good nor bad. Because every individual play game with a different intention.

Let’s make a list of pros and cons of playing online games.


It avoids stress and depression.
When you enter the gaming world, you forget your stress and worries of life for a while. So, let’s say it’s good to point.

Make money if you want.
I don’t want to ignore this point on advantage side because you can earn money by playing the game online, but only if you wish.

Communicate with your friend.
During the lockdown, online games are becoming the best thing to communicate with your classmate. You can say, get inside the car, let’s kill the enemy, but I will drive. Sound interesting, isn’t it?

Change your thinking prospect.
Let’s say, you watch WWE, and after that, you try to give power slam to your brother. Why? Because it changes your mind, now you want to be a wrestler. Similarly, you are playing the game and if you are a curious person than your curiosity can take you to the field of computer programming and software or game development. But, this doesn’t happen to everyone, I am talking about the person who wants to learn insight things.

Give your real-life experience.
I don’t know how you will take this point, but I would call it an advantage of playing the game. Playing a game can give you real-life experience, You can walk in the street of new york or, street of ancient Italy. Also, you can drive expensive vehicles. And you can fly in the air while sitting on a gaming chair.


It makes you buy power glasses.
Yes, if you concentrate on the game for hours, in fact, it can damage your eyes badly.

Disturb your routine.
Online games are such addictive things that once you start your game, then you will forget everything. Last time because of Pubg, my friend had a break up with his girlfriend.

It can hamper your education.
You will say why to study if you got a game and high internet speed. Means, online games can hamper our education negatively. You won’t give time to your books.

Waste your money
Playing online game is a waste of money. Nowadays, newborn babies are purchasing game materials. They are wasting hundreds of dollar to do a royal pass for PUBG. Also, they are buying an expensive computer and graphic card only for the game.

It makes you lazy and unproductive.
If you will lay down on the bed or, sit on the gaming chair for hours without any work, then definitely you will be lazy. Your laziness can create other health problem like obesity.


Despite some merit, playing for hours is not wise. If you have eager wish to be a good gamer; and earn money by playing the games online, then yes, you can do a lot. However, remember that not every individual can make money by games. It requires talent, time and resources. So, if you have all these things, then keep it up, otherwise, think about the future. Hanging on a mobile or computer for games won’t give you fruit.
I am not telling you to quit to play, but I am requesting you that, don’t make time for games, only play them on free time.

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