Best things to do during lockdown? Lockdown life.

Best work to do during lockdown
There are many activities you can do while you are in lockdown.

I don’t think, the lockdown life going better than past life. But if we want we could turn coal into a diamond. Why be depressed if we have many best things to do during the lockdown.

Without any other choice, we are living a boring life from months. And, we all are tired of waiting for a corona free life. But still, we don’t get any clue. So, most of us are thinking about what to do while we are inside our home.
To make life better, are there any best things to do during a lockdown? Are there any productive things, that can divert our mind from depression due to the lockdown?

Unfortunately, in 2020 we don’t get a chance to celebrate our birthday with our friends. Also, we don’t know how many birthdays we have to celebrate with a gloomy face. But this is not a matter of worry, because not only you but all are depressed and facing a similar situation. The only option to take satisfaction is, all are in lockdown. However, high satisfaction can disturb personal growth. Therefore, don’t waste your time like others. There are many best things to do during the lockdown if you want to try.

Focus on your hobby. Best things to do during lockdown.
Focus on your hobby to convert them into profession.

Clearly, we all are different from each other so, we must act differently. So, don’t sit folding your hands, and freezing your mind. If you want to add colour in lockdown life, then there are many best thing to do during the lockdown.

No one is responsible for this great pandemic. So, there is no point to blame anyone for lockdown days. Yes, life has become like a poisonless snake. But let’s be positive, after a long struggle in life, nature has given us a vacation to take rest. So, it is time to add more strength and energy to use after this vacation.

What do you think the pandemic will long last for a lifetime? If we think so, then we are wrong. We know that every problem has a solution, the only difference is solving time. Meaning, some issue can be solved immediately, while others take a bit more time. So, the pandemic will have solved soon.

Therefore, until then, live your life with a smiling face. And give your time to produce works that will pay you immediately or future. Who knows the pandemic may end tomorrow, that’s why don’t leave the activities that you used to do.

Also, unwillingly let’s thank the lockdown that gives us some rest and time to do many more things except travelling. The only thing we can’t do during lockdown is travelling. However, it doesn’t mean that we have become handicapped and can’t do anything. There are many productive and best thing to do during the lockdown

Learn arts and skills

Learning new art and skills is the best things to do during the lockdown. You don’t need to go anywhere to learn art if you have a mobile and internet with you. During this free time, you can take expensive advantages. So, make yourself busy in learning new art and skills during the lockdown. If you make yourself involved in learning, then you will not notice when you passed your lockdown days. These are the things to do at home during the lockdown.

  • Practice Drawing, sketch or, painting
  • Learn Typing
  • Learn writing skills
  • You can learn to repair computer and mobile at home.
  • Practice farm works
  • Tailoring skills
    You can get tips on learning these skills on Youtube and blogs. Just keep learning to take benefit after lockdown.

Watch Knowledgeable channels on TV.

Nowadays, every educational institution is closed due to lockdown. However, only educational institutions are not the source of knowledge and education. Sometime Tv can be our best teacher if we have a habit to change our favourite channel.

  • Documentary films are full of information and knowledge so, we can watch them on the discovery channel.
  • If you want to know about the behaviour of flora and fauna, then Animal planet channel is the perfect option.
  • Watch news on tv to remain up to date. And if you want to know about international territory during the lockdown, then BBC and Aljajera are there.
  • Learning and watching about history is full of fun.
  • Many channels teach about our religion with are full of knowledge.
    And so on…

So, if you know the past, present and future then no one can stop you from getting a government job after lockdown. That’s why watching knowledge-oriented channel and program on tv is the best thing to do during the lockdown.

Make money

Is it possible to make some money from home? Not some money if you have proper knowledge of the internet then you can make a large amount of money with little effort. Don’t say it is not the best thing to do during the lockdown. There are many online plate form to earn a full-time salary while you are at home.

  • You can earn by writing.
  • You can earn by speaking.
  • And you can earn by guiding.

Click here to get tips to earn money while you are at your home.

Meditation and yoga

Focus on your health during lockdown.
Do yoga everyday to increase immunity power.

To survive in a stressful environment meditation and yogas is the best technique. These are the best things to do during lockdown to make the mind peaceful. Surprisingly, it not only removes our stress and worries but also fills us with positive energy.
The habit of meditation keeps our mind satisfied. Similarly, yoga is the best way to increase immunity power which is very important during the lockdown. Also,

  • It helps to lower the blood pressure and improve your heart health.
  • Beneficial for Asthama patients.
  • Helps to improve our digestion system.
  • It makes your mood fresh and makes your day.
  • Also, it helps to make the body flexible and elastic.

Already we are hiding from coronavirus then why to born a new disease in the home quarantine. Therefore, practice yoga and meditation to survive from coronavirus and other fatal diseases. So, it is the best thing to do during the lockdown.

Make online friends and fans.

The other best thing to do during lockdown is to make some online fans and friends. I hove you all are the hero of social media. And you have made many online friends. But what about fans? Do you have it? If you don’t have why don’t you try to make some, showing them your talent and skills. You have the talent and a lot of free time to make your social circle.

  • You can upload your informative and funny video on the internet.
  • Or, you can stream video of your pets.
  • Many people are making a fan base using apps like Tiktok or like.
  • Also, you can make followers and fans from Instagram and Twitter.

Spread your knowledge

It is said that Knowlege multiplies if we distribute to others. Who knows your small life tip can change someone’s life. Therefore, the best things to do during lockdown is to share your mind with other people. To do so,
Post an informative status on Facebook and enjoy like, comment and share. Most of the people are living a depressing life.

  • You can share your motivational video or, words to them.
  • Teach tuition to your neighbour kids for free.
  • Aware people about social distancing.
  • Or, share about new symptom of coronavirus, if you have any information about it.

Try to get some experience.

Nowadays, every company focus on your work experience rather than your degree. So, to get your dream job after lockdown prepares from now. If possible, then you can work for others to know how it works. Nowadays, most of my friends are engaged in online share trading. Not to make money but to know how it works.

And others are working as an insurance agent to know more about the insurance company. They don’t go on the field, but they try to make my customer from online. Similarly, if possible You can do activities like that to learn insight business or job at home.
If your friend is working on something, you can take a suggestion from him about his job. Or, if possible try to help him for free.

Talk to yourself

Nowadays we all are in isolation, and It is the best time to talk with the most intelligent person in the mirror. Yes, it sounds like a silly idea but Sometimes talking to yourself can be beneficial. According to research, the person who talks to himself in front of the mirror is more creative than rest. Take yourself about your idea to innovate them.

Ask yourself why you are lazy?
Or what you will do after lockdown.
Trust me, when I was selected for a host of the program, I practised speaking inform of the mirror. I helped me to boost my speaking style.

(JOking)But be alert, do this while you are alone otherwise your parents will think you are out of mind due to the lockdown.

Make your mind creative.

Because of lockdown, the mind is disturbed badly. However, we can divert our mind toward some creative works, if we want. How the brain become creative? Simple, practice, practice and always think positive. So, try to boost your mind, this is the best work to do during the lockdown.

Make mind healthy
Exercise your brain.
  • Force your mind to solve the mathematics questions.
  • Try to solve hard IQ questions, but start from easy level. There are many IQ apps, you can download from the play store.
  • Play Chess which help you to develop the planning skills.
  • Moreover, Practice writing with both hands.
  • If you have any problems, then brainstorm your mind to find out possible solutions.
  • Make a reading habit, the more you read, the more actively your mind will work.

So, don’t let your mind to think about unnecessary things. However, exercise your mind to make it more active, which is the best thing to do during the lockdown.

Make plans

The future is on the way. So, do you have any plan for after lockdown life? Or, have you lost your hope for the future? Don’t be hopeless, this evil vires will die soon. Therefore, think about the future, what will you do.

If you are planning to do business after lockdown, then start to make a unique and creative business plan from today.
IF you are planning to compete for your dream job, then start to prepare for competition. So, make a plan which is the best thing to do during the lockdown.
Don’t stop practising and learning, don’t leave the routine. The future is near.

Make new hobbies

Most of you had a hobby of travelling, but due to lockdown, you can’t do that. So, make new hobbies that are possible in your home territory. Making new hobbies and working on them is the best thing to do during the lockdown. What new hobbies can I make?

  • You can work on the farm and grow organic food and save some expenditure on fruits and vegetable.
  • Hobbies in learning and reading.
  • Listen to music or, singing yourself
  • Watching Tv laying on the bed
  • YOu can make hobby to art and craft that can change your future after lockdown.
  • You can’t play outdoor sports, therefore, make hobbies to play indoor games like chess, video games and many more.
  • Start to love the beauty of flowers and grow them in your house.
  • The hobby of decorating home.
  • So, making and practising new hobby is the best things to do during the lockdown.

Make six-packs

Due to the lockdown, most of the people are becoming a victim of obesity. How? Because people have nothing to do and they eat when their tummy wants. But it is not a good habit, obesity can be dangerous for health, it crates heart problems. So, don’t forget to do exercise regularly. You are still young, so maintain your body. Don’t say all the gym hall are closed. Because it not only places to do exercise. You can make perfect body structure while you are in lockdown.

Physical health
Be physically fit.
  • Eat on time
  • sleep and wake on time
  • do exercise regularly
  • Weekly weight your body and don’t let to increase your body weight

Make six-packs and share tips with other peoples. For girls, you are the angle created by god. You are the beautiful thing on the earth so, focus on your beauty and health. Don’t let lockdown to disturb your physical appearance. In contrast, do regular exercise and stay fit during the lockdown.

Learn cooking

A lot of people are waiting to taste your recipe after lockdown. If you have a hobby of cooking, then upgrade your cooking skills from right now. Right now, you have enough free time to do a recipe experiment. I hope if you focus on your cooking hobby then till pandemic you will be ready for the demand. So, for now, cook for your self and family, and after the COVID19 you will cook for your customer.

What should parents do during a lockdown?

Teach their children

The parents are the first teacher of their children, then after, comes school. During the lockdown, parents should teach their children not only book lessons but other things too. During the lockdown, all the students are deprived of school and teacher. So, parents should act as both guardian and teacher.

  • During the lockdown, sit with your children and teach them good manners.
  • Tell them stories of your life.
  • Also, teach them about traditions and culture.
    The children’s behaviour reflects the identity of parents(in most case). Therefore, always show them the right direction and guidelines.

Make a happy environment.

The situation is already worsened due to the pandemic. If there is no peace in the home, then where to go?
So, parents should make a peaceful and happy environment in the home. They must understand the problem of their children.

  • Eat together
  • Take some photographs to save lockdown memory.
  • Help each other
  • Don’t fight with your spouse
  • Discuss the ideas and plans together.
    It is the best things to do during lockdown by parents.

Give motivation to your children.

Being the parent, it’s your responsibility to motivate your children. Nowadays, most of the teenager is depressed because the lockdown has broken their dreams. So, parents should give sympathy and hope to their children.
They should monitor their children if they are starting a bad habit like smoking and drinking due to depression. So, always ask what is running in their mind and ask them their problem. And try to solve them.

Teach skills

If you are father than give knowledge about profession and work. Give the idea to your children of how to work. Also, give your children tasks to complete. And the mother should teach about household activities.

In my place, most of the mother is teaching tailoring to their daughter. And boys are motivating to work on the farm. Like this way, share your ideas with them and make them busy in productive activities during the lockdown.

Make a routine for your children.

If you don’t control your children, then who will? Before pandemic, they had homework and assignment to do, but due to lockdown, they are jobless. So, it’ss your responsibility to prepare a routine for your children. So, give them work to do and problems to solve. And make a good routine of sleeping and waking up. Try to divert their mind toward the right things. This is the best thing to do during the lockdown.

Take care of health

We all know health is wealth. So, if your health is not well, then how will you guide your children? Therefore, take care of your health for your children. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so if you have smoking or drinking habit then quit it to save health and wealth. Also, not only yours take care of the health of your children.

  • Tell them to wear a mask while going out.
  • Keep sanitizer at your home and suggest them to use it frequently.
  • Tell them to do exercise regularly.

Stay safe
Take care of your health.
Let’s hope the pandemic will end soon.

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