How to make workplace safe from COVID19? Go to work?

make workplace safe from COVID19
Work with safety measures

Have you started to go to the office after a long vacation? Can you make workplace safe from COVID19?

The COVID19 has not left any creature of this earth untouched. It has negatively affected the life of peoples.

  • Social life
    People are afraid of people. No interaction, no celebration, neither gathering. Now, all afraid to shake hand with other as If, there is electric shock on the hands. People avoid each other with whom they used to hug, kiss. Covid19 impacted the social life of people negatively. It has turned our home into the zoo.
  • Personal life
    Don’t ask what kind of depression the pandemic has given to us. It stopped our mental growth. It has broken the dream of individual of the planet. Nowadays, every people has forgotten what they were doing last year. Don’t you hear news most of the people are going in the mouth of death due to depression and starvation?
  • Economical life
    During the pandemic, income is zero, but expenditure is the same.
    People are suffering because the unemployment rate has fallen significantly.
    Also, The covid19 has slammed the people and government economically. Government is sacrificing them all budget in the prevention and cure of coronavirus.
  • Future life
    In the past, people used to live for the goal and ambition. But now they live to live tomorrow.
    People used to have for the hope of the future, but nowadays it looks like there is no future. Is there any future? What future will look like? Students have changed their study habit. Most of the time I heard a question from students that, Is there any point in the study?
Maintain social distance to avoid the coronavirus.

However, most of the people are using safety measure themselves to avoid the infection. Because of public awareness and rule of social distancing, In most of the places the spread of coronavirus is halting gradually. Therefore, the government has approved to lift lockdown in some sectors.

Where the lockdown lifting?

  • The places, where the spread of coronavirus controlled successfully.
  • Where there is a strict rule of social distancing.
  • Government has lifted the lockdown, where the people are taking safety measure themselves.
  • Countries whose citizen are dying from starving instead of the pandemic.
  • Countries with many big industries have lifted the lockdown to start production for economic recovery.

Government is lifting lockdown, it does not mean that they have reopened every sector.
Then what kind of sector have got priority to reopen? In some territories

  • Banking sectors are reopened.
  • Medical stores were always open.
  • Short distance transportation(Not public transportation until now).
  • Farm product and food product store.

Can I return to my office?

Life becomes boring if we don’t have run and caught in life. It’s been a long time and also 2020 is about to end, but also there is no sign of the pandemic end. So, we are afraid that it may remain around us for years or decades. Therefore, the only option is, we have to learn to live life as like past despite COVID19.

Human life is difficult because of unlimited wants and desire. We people work hard in life to satisfy our craving. However, it’s been a year, life has become bare and boring. All the people are tired of sitting at their home. If the people will spend their whole life in the home quarantine than they may survive from pandemic but not starvation and poverty.

Therefore, they are deciding to return to the job either it is secure from COVID19 in the workplace or, not. If there is no other choice than you can return to your workplace after a long vacation. However, don’t forget to make the workplace safe form COVID19.

As we all know, because of the pandemic, every sector and work stations are closed. However, the spread of the virus is not halting.
Then what? Do people have to spend their whole life at home quarantine? Do they have to live like a tiger in the zoo?

No, the tolerance has its own limit. Therefore, people are learning how to hide from the virus. And most of the business organization has learnt to make the workplace safe from COVID19. So, despite pandemic, they are running the business safely. Yes if the lockdown has lifted a bit and you can make workplace safe from COVID19, then you can start your career again.

Why make the workplace safe from COVID19? How is it dangerous?

  • It is a mysterious disease because it doesn’t affect health immediately. And takes about 14 to 21 days to show symptom of infection.
  • It attacks the sensitive part of our body system(Lungs).
  • The symptoms are random. Different people are experiencing different kind of symptoms.
  • COVID19 has affected millions of people, so hospital beds are becoming full.
  • The virus is not discriminating any age group.
  • People are losing their self-motivation
  • It can transmit to another person in one touch.

And the main reason why coronavirus is dangerous is, it is a fatal disease with no vaccine or, medicine.

Knowing everything about the covid19, why not to make workplace safe form COVID19?

How to Make a workplace safe from COVID19?

Give priority to the digital world.

To make the workplace safe from COVID19, try to give more priority to online activities rather than offline services. We don’t know who is infected from coronavirus, therefore, don’t let your customer make crowed in your service location. If possible, make your business internet-based. So, to make work easy and safe from COVID19 take the order of your customer online. And deliver the product to their home.

You can do business from home.

During the lockdown, it not only make the workplace safe from COVID19 but also make a good relation with your customers. So, if you have reopened your business, don’t forget the coronavirus hasn’t gone away.
In the case, the customer won’t know how to order from online provide them with information about your relevant business website. Educate them about online shopping from your business.

Don’t trust outside food.

Why risk your life to save time and for some taste. You can make your favourite recipe at your home too.
Nowadays neither you can trust any people nor the recipe prepared by them. To make the workplace safe from COVID19 don’t eat the outside while you are in the office. Instead, make a habit of eating organic food made by your own hands. Bring your homemade meal to your office.
Also, suggest your colleague do so.
Last time I watch the news about how the whole working team of bank branch infected from coronavirus. They all ate their lunch in the near canteen and admitted to the hospital for many days.

Joint Meeting, If compulsory

If you are the staff of the company then sometimes you need to attend a meeting and seminar. However, you can reject to join the conference. Because you have a good reason to do so.
Instead, you can request the team to a held an online meeting to maintain social distancing. Your life is much more important than discussion and seminar.
So, to make the workplace secure from COVID19 get together online. To hold a meeting online, you can use these team software. And discuss the topics while you are at home.
The benefit of using meeting software for discussion is that you can show your beautiful face to everyone without wearing a mask.

Avoid Easy life

Don’t try to search for a comfortable life in a difficult situation. One thing keeps in mind, to make the workplace safe from COVID19 stay away from the crowd. Also, don’t let your clients make a crowd in the working place.

While you are in the working place, then don’t use the lift to go up or down the floor. Instead, use the stair to go here and there in work hours. Because we don’t know how many people pressed the lift button and left a couple of baby virus. Also, don’t let your customer use lift free like before the pandemic.

Let’s be funny, you have started your job then you must be young and fit. Therefore, don’t take the help of the stair railing while climbing stair. Don’t act like your age is 80 above. So, use the stairs and suggest your customer, client, and workers to do so. Let’s do some physical during a pandemic.

Aware your customer

Your customer is your own people because you know them personally. Therefore, they will not ignore good suggestions. Aware your customer in a polite manner about how to be safe from covid19. Suggest them to,
Wear a surgical mask while entering the office.
Wash and sanitize hands.
Make a distance from each other.
Use hankey while sneezing and coughing.

Make the rules for safety.

So, only your customer can make the workplace safe from covid19. Therefore, provide them with drops of sanitizer at the main gate. And if possible distribute them a surgical mask. Your small investing in mask distribution can increase the goodwill of your business. Also, this little contribution can make your workplace safe from covid19.

Avoid overtime

It is not the best time to serve your customer for long working hours. We have got a chance to reopen our business again with safety measure then why should we break the rules? The more working hours means, more customer will visit your business. However, don’t risk your life for some extra income. Don’t deal with your customer for long hours. Instead, interact them from online.
To make the workplace safe from covid19, fix the opening and closing schedule. And serve your customer in only working time with maintaining social distancing. So, to make the workplace safe from covid19 don’t stay in the office for long hours.

Keep a record of every customer.

To make the workplace safe from covid19, keep the attendance of your every customer.
How keeping the record will make the workplace safe from covid19?
Look, you don’t know who has brought coronavirus with them, because symptom can’t be seen immediately. If an infected customer deal with you, then you will also get infected. In coming days if you noticed that your customer was infected from coronavirus than you can trace the detail of his activities.
With whom he interacts.
Did he touch anyone?
Who receives his money.
Nowadays, every store and financial institution are using this technique to make work safe from COVID19.

Use globs and mask during working hours.

In most of the cases, the coronavirus transmits through money.
Try not to make money with bare hands.
By chance, if you don’t use globe then don’t touch your face with your hands.
Or, wash your hand with soap.
And use sanitizer.

Use mask to make workplace safe from covid19.
Spread the awareness to use mask.

So, to stop transmission of virus or to make workplace safe from COVID19 always use a surgical mask on face and gloves on hands.

Check body temperature every day

High temperature is a common symptom of coronavirus. Therefore, check the temperature of every customer in the main gate. Also, provide them with sanitizer before entering the office.

Always check your body temperature.
Check body temperature regularly.

Moreover, not only of your customer, check your temperature too. So, to make the workplace safe from COVID19, always check the body heat. If you experienced an abnormal surge in your body temperature, then consult the doctor.

In the case, you get infected despite full security. You will experience these symptoms.

  • High body temperature
  • Difficulty in throat and cough
  • Short breath or, difficulty in breathing
  • you will feel the loss of energy or, tiredness without doing anything (Fatigue)
  • Pain in the muscle
  • Abnormal headache
  • If the case is serious than the loss of taste or smell is experienced
  • Abnormally Runny nose
  • Some people have different symptoms like nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.

Different infected people experience symptoms differently. However, a high temperature is a common symptom of Covid19(only In the case of infection).
If you have followed the rule of social distancing in your workplace, there is less chance of transmission of the virus. However, by chance, you think that your body is responding to you abnormally, then immediately do the PCR.
Health is wealth, so take care of your physical and mental health during this depression. Don’t let yourself to admit in the hospital bed which are full already. Instead of going to the hospital make workplace safe form COVID19.

Take care
Stay safe
Let’s hope one day will celebrate the pandemic free day.

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