Can I do Business during a lockdown: online business.

Business during a lockdown
bisuness is on your hand.

Because of the pandemic, the whole world is suffering physically, mentally and emotionally. If we wait for the pandemic-free life, then we will become older and older, and gradually our mind will lose all the excitement. Seriously, The pandemic may remain for years or, decades, for how long you will wait to start something? However, instead of waiting for the bright future, why don’t you start something right now, which will pay you immediately or, in future. There are many business ideas during lockdown if you want to try one.

Yes, the market place is empty without customers. However, it doesn’t mean the people have stopped to eat, wear and entertain. So, except travelling, people are doing everything (to survive). They are buying all the required goods and services what they want.

Start your future now.

Despite lockdown, from where customer is buying their needs? Who is serving(selling) their desire and wants? Are they making goods and services themselves like stone-aged people used to do? No, they are purchasing everything from the online market. And business organization are selling them door to door. It means that despite lockdown customers are buying, and business is running during the lockdown.

Can I start a business during a lockdown?

If you ask this question to other people, then they will say, ” no, you can’t. Don’t you see there is a lockdown? Who will buy your goods or services?”
However, if you ask the same question to me, then I would say “yes, you can do business during the lockdown. If you have the right talent and a creative mind, then the lockdown can’t stop you from becoming an entrepreneur.”
If the market is empty, then the internet is the perfect option to reach to your customer with service.

How will I succeed in online business during a lockdown?

Invest now for bright future
  • You have the desire to earn.
    Right now, you are deprived of income, and you have the desire to earn money. So, if you have committed want to do something, then you can do anything. Therefore, your passion will push you on a profitable path. Your desire to earn money will give you success because there are many opportunities in the online world.
  • The world is online.
    Whatever skill and experience you have, they will not go waste because all the customer and client and customer are online due to lockdown. So, you will succeed in the business during to lockdown, because you have got a golden opportunity to sell your talent with billions of customer.
  • You have resources.
    Without resources, it is difficult to do anything. However, you are lucky because you have all the support (mobile, computer and internet) to start a business. So, you will succeed in venture during the lockdown, if you use your resources properly.
  • You have talents.
    To startup online business, it requires knowledge about the internet that you already have. If you think you are not talented, then don’t forget everyone is bestowed with a creative mind. You will succeed in business during lockdown because you have skills to sell with billion of the customer on the internet.
  • You have free time.
    To get a good result on any endeavour, it requires focus and time. Fortunately, nowadays, you have enough free time. So, you will succeed in business during the lockdown, because you have sufficient leisure time to focus on your task. Therefore, the more time you give to something, the more you will understand and know the way, how it works.

Why start an online business during a lockdown?

  • To learn while you are locked.

An online business can give you real-life business experience. If you don’t learn, then you can’t earn. Because of lockdown, you have enough leisure time. Most of you are depressed because you have nothing to do. However, if you look from your third eye (mind), then you will see a lot of opportunities.

Until the pandemic online world is everything, it is the job market. If you want and you have ideas, then you can earn 6 digit income from online business. However, in the case, you don’t know about online business, then invest your free time to learn about online marketing. Because the knowledge you got during lockdown will pay a good return. If you try either you will succeed or, you will discover. Therefore, learn and earn while you are in your home.

  • We don’t know when the pandemic will end.

Another reason to saw the seed of business right now is, we don’t know when the pandemic will end.
Do you want to wait for years to start a business? Do you know when the CIVID19 will disappear from the world?

If you are planning to do something after lockdown, don’t forget you are becoming older. So, the older you will be, the faster you will lose enthusiasm to do something. Therefore, do right now, what ought to be done. Noone on the earth has seen the future. The starting of business during lockdown can make your future bright after COVID19.

  • Build your network while you are in-home quarantine.

No one will ring your doorbell to meet you. Or, no one will say, ‘serve me, I want to be your customer’ if you are silent. If you don’t communicate with people, then gradually they will forget you. Therefore, while you are at home, connect with peoples, building your social network.

If you have the right talent and a creative mind,

then the lockdown can’t stop you from becoming an entrepreneur.

Before the lockdown, most of the people were busy in their offline duty. However, due to the lockdown, people give time to the internet. Therefore, it is the best time to interact with people. You can introduce yourself and your business with an unlimited customer. Because all the customers are online now.

  • Low capital to establish

The capital investment is far less in online business in comparison to offline business. Because, You don’t need to purchase land, furniture, or, building. And no need to pay a salary or wage to the employees. So, only you need to know about the internet and buy a computer. And little investment for some business.
It doesn’t cost much to make a website. There is no membership fee to be freelancer, online tutor, and so on. The investment in online business is low, and you can make 20 times more return on your investment if you have technique.

  • Earn good income by sitting on a comfortable chair.

Look, right now, you don’t have a job. And until pandemic, no online business will publish vacancies to hire you. Then tell, what you will do till then? Will you count your quarantine days? Or, pray for pandemic end?
But who will listen to your prayers? Noone!
Who will give you income to survive till pandemic? No one!

Online business during lockdown is becoming the first option for everyone. Therefore, be smart and don’t waste your precious time. Many people are earning a full-time salary without hard work from their online business during the lockdown.

  • Great opportunities after the pandemic.

If you don’t learn then how will you know? In the coming days, you will not see customers in the market. Even you will buy everything online. Thus, knowing the possibilities of the future business trend, why are you hesitating to start your own online business during the lockdown. If you start now, till pandemic your business foundation will become stronger,.
During the lockdown, start your online business. Also make a big social circle, customers, and learn more about online marketing which will turn a golden asset in the future.

The business you can start during the lockdown.

Game and apps developer.

Have you ever played Ludo on your mobile? It had around 14 to 16 million players before COVID19, but now it has more than 50 million users. Similarly, during the lockdown PUBG, Call of duty game become famous. So, in comparison to the past, the demand for the game has surged dramatically during the lockdown.

Nowadays, people have nothing to do, therefore, to avoid depression or, to have fun people prefer to play games on their PC and mobile. So, if you have knowledge in the gaming field, you can develop the game and start gaming business and earn millions. The play store is waiting for your new upload.

Similarly, you can develop creative apps, or, team software. For instance, I am using an app which shows me the ads, and in exchange, it pays me 1 dollar per week. So, simply you can make an app using the same concept to start up your business.
If you want to sell your skill, then you can work as a freelancer. You will get many clients online, who are searching for the best app developer to make their own app.

Share market

Yes, the offline business is closed because of lockdown. However, the share market is running at the same pace. Nowadays, most of the people are engaging in share market using the internet. They are trading share and earning a good income. Due to the lockdown, the stock price has fallen. Therefore, it is the best time to hold shares of profitable companies, to sell them at a higher price in the future.

These are the procedure to buy share online.

  • Select a trusted online share broker.
  • Make an analysis on share which you are going to buy. To find out a future return (is it profitable),
  • Then after, decide how many share you want to buy.
  • Now, choose your share order type. And optimize your share portfolio.

To trade your share, eToro is the best online platform. Buy now, sell later or, enjoy the dividend on your investment.

Game and video streaming

You can begin your business during the lockdown as a game or, video streamer. Everyone loves to play games and want to watch the gameplay. Game streaming is the process of telecasting live gameplay on the internet. So, during the lockdown game and video streaming business going on top. Because of lockdown, all the people are online 24/7, so you will get many subscriptions on your channel quickly.

To show live gameplay to your audience, you can choose, TWITCH, Smashcast, which are a top platform to stream the game. Also, if you have a habit of using youtube, then it is also the best platform to live telecast your game. Game streaming is such business which has a lot of fun and money.

Similarly, you can stream video in the platform like NETFLIX, AMAZON prime video, Hotstar. Because these are the best place to start up your streaming career.
Moreover, you can stream any kind of videos like your funny movements, celebrations, video of your pet, or, anything. Therefore, you can start streaming business during the lockdown, because it is the golden chance to make a big audience circle.

Sell insurance policies.

What is required to sell insurance policies? To sell more and more insurance policy, it only requires good relation with everyone. Do you know? An insurance agent earns lifetime salary if they make more insuree. Therefore, you can also sell insurance plans with your customer during the lockdown.

However, I am not suggesting you go in the door to door to convince people. However, I am saying that you are the king of social media with a big friend network. Therefore, you can convince them to buy an insurance policy from you.
Don’t afraid of the competition, because it is everywhere. Something is better than nothing, therefore, during lockdown work online as an insurance agent.

Deliver product online

Obviously, no customer will make a queue in front of your store during the lockdown. But don’t worry, if you have lost your customer because of COVID19, then you can sell your product online. Take the order of your customer through online, and deliver their demand to their home.

Take the order of your customer through online, and deliver their demand to their home.

If you are running the store, but no buyer is coming because of the coronavirus, then make a partnership with logistics. Like, ZOMATO, Swiggy, FLIPCART or Amazon to deliver your product in the door of your customer.
Moreover, if you are running a pharmacy, then you can contact with 1mg, Pharmeasy to sell your pharmacy product online.
In this way, there are many ways to sell your product. Then why not to start a business during the lockdown?

The business of education technology (ed-tech)

Byju’s, Unacadamy are some popular online platform to start an education technology business during the lockdown. So, if you are interested in teaching, then you can participate in ED tech during the lockdown. You need to solve the problem of your national and international students.

In the beginning, you may not earn as you wish. However, if you got the best review of your teaching method, then you can make a good income without going anywhere. Therefore, you can start tutoring business from today because the national and international students are demanding the best teacher on the internet.

Online Consultancy

During the lockdown, you can establish an online consultancy business. As we all know that, due to COVID19, all the offline consultancy offices are closed. Therefore, people are searching for the best guide on the internet.
If you have yoga skills, then you can share the yoga tips to others.

Start online consultancy to spread your knowledge and earn millions.

If you have business experience, earn from your best suggestions and guidance.
Are you good at search engine optimization(SEO)? Then, many bloggers are asking for a guide online.
There are many customers with problems on the internet. Therefore, your online consultancy business will not go flop during the lockdown.

Digital marketing

Lockdown has given you the free time to focus on something new. Therefore, it is the perfect time to start digital marketing.
Digital marketing is the method of promoting and selling goods and service using the internet.
You can start freelancing in the Or, make your website and promote and sell your or product.
If you have a hobby of writing, then start blogging and earn from the affiliated marketing. Or, you can do social media marketing or, Pay per click advertising (PPC), which are the part of digital marketing.

start digital marketing business during lockdown.
The Best way of earning money without hard work.

Digital marketing doesn’t require much investment. Therefore, it is the best business idea to do during the lockdown.
You don’t need to go anywhere or, no need to work hard. Only you have to use your limited resources and unique skills to continue your business.

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