Talent championship in Pubg mobile. You should know.

all Talent championship in Pubg mobile new crew challenge chapter 2.

On the 3rd anniversary, Pubg mobile has brought a new event called the all talent championship. It is based on the crew challenge concept chapter 2.

And by completing the all talent championship event you will get many permanent and temporary rewards.

  • All talent exclusive crates.
  • Outfits
  • Gun and pan skin
  • Classic and supply crates coupon
  • Silver fragments
  • Room card
  • Parachute trial
Talent championship in Pubg mobile.
permanent and temporary PUBG rewards from talent championship.

To redeem all those talent championships, you need a ‘talent coin’.

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And here you will know everything about the Pubgm all talent championship event- its rewards, and how to play it.

A guide for playing Pubg mobile all talent championship event

At first, make your ‘crew’ or join the ‘crew’ to play the ‘all talent championship’.

There are three rounds on it;

Weekly, Semi-Final, and Final round
  • Weekly match
  • Semi-Final
  • Final round

In the first round(Weekly match), your team has to complete 4 matches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday(A total of 12).

And the objective of the team is to get top 50 ranks in the all talent championship.

After getting top 50 ranks, the team will move on ‘semi-final round’.

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However, if the team loses matches in the first 2 weeks, they will be given extra 2 weeks for the progress.

Either, the team should be in the top 50 within 2 weeks to go on the semi-final of all talent championship.
They have to go on top of the remaining weeks(3rd and 4th weeks) to move on semi-final around.

Furthermore, the team that reaches the semi-final round within the 1st and 2nd weeks will play for the final round. And the match will be held on Thursday of the 5th week.

The team that completes the weekly match on the 3rd or 4th week plays the semifinal. And the ‘match’ will start on Saturday of the 5th week for the final round of all talent championships.

Talent championship in Pubg mobile

Here, to go on the final round, the team should be on the top 2 from the semi-final. Finally, the final will be held on Saturday the 6th week.

The all talent championship is the best opportunity for the player who wants to head for the big tournament PMCO.

So, I hope you have a skilled crew member on your team to get the top rank victory.

Other detail
  • You can play duo and squad but not solo mode.
  • The map is Erangle non-event mode.
  • You have to play on TPP mode only.
  • Hacking, cheating is strictly prohibited on all talent championship.
  • To play weekly matches, your tire should be on silver.
  • For the semifinal round, the Golden tire is compulsory.
  • And you need platinum tire for the final round of Pubg all talent championship.

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