How to become a master of FPP mode in Pubg mobile?

fpp mode pubg mobile.

Let’s know the tips to become a master of FPP mode in Pubg mobile.

There are two types of modes in Pubg mobile– TPP and FPP.
Most of the player prefers to play TPP, because of their habit. They start to play the Pubg games from the TPP, so they don’t change their habit.

Only a few players try FPP mode due to some gameplay difficulty and a lack of interested teammates.

But also, around 30% to 40% of players play FPP to push their rank. Because there is less competition in that mode.

And other players want to try FPP for different gaming experiences.
So, this article is for those who want to be pro in the FPP mode of Pubg mobile.

Tips to become master of Pubg mobile FPP mode.

Sharpen your reflection

On TPP mode, you should be alert. And your reflection speed should be high.
To increase your shooting reflection speed, practice in TDM. Because the TDM is the best platform to improve your FPP skills.

And again, to be a pro player of FPP, use prone to fire. If you are in an open place and your every spray on you_ in that situation, you must use prone fire.

Aggressive and improved aim.

If you have better aim and reflection speed, you can take a rush effortlessly in FPP mode.
So, improve your aiming skill for the rush by using the aim board in the training ground.

Improve your listening ability

You know, if you don’t have the better sound listing ability, you feel difficulty capturing the footstep of your enemy from a far distance.
Therefore, use better headphones and keep your game sound around 70% to 80% to get a better result.

Furthermore, the only headphone is not enough to be a pro player of Pubg FPP. So, you should practice on FPP switched TDM to improve your listing ability without headphones

Use crouch fire

On FPP, use the peek button in every situation to be safe from the enemy’s bullet.

Also, you can hide from the enemy for a while.
Most of the players use peek bottom on the right side. But, you should practice for both left and right sides. It will make you master FPP mode in Pubg mobile.

Use crouch fire

The main point is crouch and fire.

If your crouch and fire are not perfect, then you can’t play a better close-range battle.

Because the crouch fire is used to disturb your enemy’s aim from your body on the FPP mode of PUBG.

Therefore, you should practice more and more to use crunch and fire to become a pro in FPP mode.

And if you feel hard to use crouch and fire, here is the best sensitivity setting for you.

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