Best Log bait deck in Clash Royale to climb up the ladder

Best Log bait deck in Clash Royale to climb up the ladder

There are different types of decks in CR. Every deck name specifies the goal of the deck. Log bait deck is as its name sounds; it is to bait the log from your opponents in Clash Royale. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean only log- it also means for other spells like zap, snowball, etc.

It is called log bait because it is a widely used legendary card by most CR players as it can one-shot more or less all the squishy heroes like goblins, princesses, etc.

The main component used in every single one of the log bait decks is the Goblin barrel. Goblin barrel is an old spell card in clash royale which is one of the best cards up till now. You can easily deal decent damage to the tower with a single barrel.

Players often counter the barrel using arrows, log, zap, so we use the log bait. The Goblin barrel is also one of the most annoying cards in CR.

Clash Royale Log Bait Deck you should try right now

Rocket cycle deck

Rocket cycle deck: Best log bait deck in Clash Royale

The rocket cycle deck is a cycle deck, and it is one of the best log bait decks right now to climb the ladder in Clash Royale. Cycle means you come back to the same card again.

Rocket deck consists of cards like Princess, Valkyrie, The log, Rocket, Guards, Electro-spirit, Hidden Tesla, and the goblin barrel.

How to play the rocket cycle deck in CR is either playing the princess or the goblin barrel first. This way, you can check if the player has a log or not.

You ought to play the princess first on the bridge. No one can hold themselves from using the log on the princess on the bridge. Once the enemy uses the log, you can use the barrel. You can keep doing this trick to poke the enemy towers little by little. The princess and goblin barrel are both very annoying cards.

Also, try to rocket the tower as you cycle your deck. You can also use the rocket defensively when needed.

You can use the guards as a mass troop for high damage dealers like the prince, mini Pekka, Pekka, and valkyre as a mini-tank to tank damage. Similarly, you can use the Tesla to deal with air troops and others, such as hog riders, battle rams, lamb riders, etc.

So, it is a good log bait deck with only an elixir average of 3.3, which means you can cycle fast in Clash royale.

How to use Rocket Cycle Deck in Clash royale?

There are variations to the Rocket deck, and you can substitute different cards for another in this deck. You can use the Goblin gang instead of the guards.

Instead of the hidden Tesla, you can use Inferno tower, which can melt down very tanky units like a Giant, mega knight, Pekka. Also, you can use the knight instead of the valkyrie.