Camille Build in Wild Rift: Her Item, Counter, Spells & Runes

Camille Build in Wild Rift: Her Item, Combo, Counter, Spells & Runes

In this article, you will learn how to build the Hardest Champion of LoL Wild Rift, Camille.

About Camille

Camille is the hard-to-learn champ in Wild Rift, which you can play as a jungler or baron lane. But due to her recent nerfs that made her jungle clearing slower and harder, you will see Camille at the baron lane more than in the jungle.

However, that is not to say her jungle is weak. Her jungle is still intense, but her early game is powerless. Other than that, Camille is a powerful champ in the mid to late game as her Ganks are very hard to avoid.

Keep in mind that Camille is hard to master due to her first ability and third ability. You should always be patient with her first ability. But if you activate it again too soon, you will not get the True damage effect.

If you manage to activate your True damage, which ignores all armor, even tanks will not be any problems for you. If you are playing Camille in the baron lane, max your second ability and use it to poke and get a farm, as it has decent damage and range. Also, do the same if you are playing her against a hard matchup.

You have to use her third ability as it is hard to land, and if you miss it, it will be against you as it will make you go further away from your enemy, which is never a good thing.

During the mid to late game, always use your ultimate on the enemy carry. Your ultimate is unavoidable unless they have stasis as it creates a boundary for 4 seconds at max rank, which is more than enough to kill any carry, so always use it on the carry and not on tanks.

Guide to Build Camille in LoL Wild Rift

1. Best Combo for Camille:

If we talk about Camille combo, she generally starts teamfights with her third ability engage and ultimate, followed by your first ability. Use your second ability to slow them, and then use your first ability again after it fully charges for Real damage.

2. Weakness and Counter of Camille:

The only weakness of Camille is her early game which is powerless compared to other champions. But once Camille gets two or three items, she is forced to reckon with them as she will be tanky while dealing with one of the damage at the same time due to her True damage. So be sure to play the early game safely and farm. Champions that counter Camillie in Wild Rift are Lee sin, pantheon, Olaf, etc.

3. Camille Best Spells:

 Camille Spells

Since Camillie already has tons of mobility, you can build her with smite and ignite spells for more dueling and kill potential.

4. Best Runes for Camille:

 Camille Runes

Runes like Fleet-Footwork, Brutal, Bone Plating and Mastermind are the best pick for the build of Camille in Wild Rift.

1: Fleet-footwork
The fleet footwork rune is very useful in the jungle as it provides Camille with healing and sustains.
2: Brutal Rune
Since Camille struggles with dealing damage in the early game, brutal is very important to her.

3: Bone plating
Bone plating is a very broken rune on Camille.
4: Mastermind
Mastermind for jungle damage and extra gold every time you get an objective.

5. Best Build Items for Camille:

Best Build Items for Camille in Wild Rift

The best Wild Rift Items to build Camille are Tri Force, Sheen, Streaks gage, Deadman’s plate, Spirit Visage and Randiums Omen.

Your first item should always be tri force no matter what as it provides you with everything you need. Similarly, the sheen is the perfect item for increasing the damage-dealing ability of Camille. After that, it is a mix of what you use as there is no wrong build for Camille.

But I suggest you pick items like streaks gage and Deadman’s plate, spirit visage, and then finally, randiums omen make the Camille Powerful.

Camille Skin:

 Camille Skin: Program Camille