Wild Rift Draven Build: Best Spell, Rune, Item & Counter.

Wild Rift Draven Build: Know his best Spell, Rune, Item & Counter.

If you do not have an idea to build your favorite champ Draven in Wild Rift, then I will guide you through this article.

Draven is a hyper-carry 1vs9 AD carry Champion in LoL Wild Rift. Draven can Carry the game if he gets early game leads, as he is known to have one of the best snowballing kits.

Every time he gets one kill, he can snowball due to his passive which grants him tons of gold. Draven is one of the few Wild Rift champions that do an insane amount of damage with just his autos in the early game.

But keep in mind that he is hard to play. Therefore, you don’t see draven in your ranked games due to his hard-to-learn kit. If you want to learn to play draven, I suggest you practice him in Normal games instead of trying him in ranked to avoid flame from your team.

If the draven player doesn’t know what he is doing, he becomes one of the most useless champions.

But if the player knows the ins and outs of the champion, then he will be a force to be reckoned with him. So, let us try to build Draven to make him a super champ.

Guild to build Draven in LoL Wild Rift

1. Draven combo

The only Real combo or damage that draven has or needs is his first ability axes. Draven is a useless champion without his axes, as almost all of his damage comes from his axes. So be sure not to drop any of your axes.

2. Draven counter

Wild Rift Champions like Leona, Lucian, Alistar, and Braumf can counter the engagement and aggressive playstyle of Draven. So, you can pick these champions against the Draven.

Another main counter of draven is also hard CC and stuns as draven is very mobile with no dashes. So if he gets focused on during teamfights without stasis or flash, he is almost always guaranteed dead.

3. Draven Spells

Draven Spells in Wild Rift

Flash barrier is the perfect spell for the best build of Draven in Wild Rift. But if you are against champions that can easily kill Draven, you can use exhaust if you know how to use it to its full potential.

4. Draven Runes

Draven Runes

Conqueror is the first best rune for Draven. Secondly, Brutal is very good on draven as this rune boosts his early game damage, making it easier to get kills to snowball.

Next, You can pick either adaptive carapace or hunter titan runes, depending on the enemy team comp.

Draven is an early game champion, so a sweet-tooth rune works best on him for more healing and gold.

5. Best Items to build Draven

Best Items to build Draven in Wild Rift

Bloodthirster should always be your first build item for Draven as it gives you an insane amount of healing and a shield for extra sustainability in Wild Rift battle.

After that, the best items of Draven are rush infinity edge for maximum snowball potential, and you can pick boots enchanted QSS if the enemy team has lots of stun or stasis.

Similarly, other suitable items of Draven build are Solari, Phantom Dancer, and Mortal Reminder. The Solari for attack speed, phantom dancer for the extra shield, and a mortal reminder to deal with those annoying tanks during the late game.

6. Draven Best Skin

Draven Best Skin is PrimeTime Draven