How to build Braum in Wild Rift? Best Spell, Runes, Item, Counter

How to build Braum in Wild Rift? Best Spell, Runes, Item, Counter

In this article, you will learn all about the build of the Strongest champion Braum in LoL Wild Rift. Also, you will know the best spell, combo, runes, and items of Braum to play him as an ideal champ.

Braum is the most reliable support in Wild Rift. He is best since the beginning due to the amount of utility Braum provides to his team, like a slow, aoe shield block, armor and magic resist, and even a knock-up.

So, he has been nerfed many times and still has not stopped Braum from being a Problem in the dragon lane for the opponent ADC. If you want to try the support role, Braum is the right champion as he is easy to understand.

You shouldn’t be autoing just one person during a team fight as it would be a waste of his passive. So, focus on autoing every 5 of the enemy champions to activate your passive on all of them. It helps your team stun all of them for 1 sec if they manage to proc your passive.

If the enemy team has all range and skill shots, you can easily block them using your third ability, which works like a wind wall. It can block all attacks and powers, making it easier to protect your carry.

So always be sure to activate your shield and stand in front of your team. If you are against a hard match in the lane, buy a deadman’s plate and roam and look for plays somewhere else on the map.

Best Way to Build LoL Wild Rift Champion Braum

Know the proper Combo of Braum

For the Braum combo, First, start the fight by landing your first ability and slowing the enemy, and follow that up with your ultimate to knock all of them up. Then use your second and third ability towards your team to block all the damage.

Know the Counters and Weakness of Braum

Braum doesn’t have any real drawbacks as he is very tanky and can afford to make mistakes. But, the only weakness of Braum is Enchanters support which can deny his engagement and deny him from starting fights.

Also, you need to know that champions like Janna and Morgana can counter Braum in Wild Rift, so be careful while dealing with them.

Pick the best Runes for Braum.

The best Wild Rift runes for Braum build are Aftershock, Weakness, Loyalty, and Pack Hunter. Here is why:

1. Aftershock:
Aftershock is a perfect rune for Braum as he has a lot of stuns, and he can use this rune to be tankier than he already is.
2. Weakness:
Boost your carry damage

3. Loyalty:
Since Braum already has a dash that he can use to go to this ally and grant them armor and magic, resist loyalty is a very good rune on him.
4. Pack hunter
Pack hunter for the extra gold and movement speed.

Pick the best Spell for Braum.

Flash and exhaust are good spells for Braum. These spells give Braum the extra utility, and he can exhaust the fed enemy to reduce their damage and movement speed making it easier to lock them down.

Use the best items to build Braum.

Best items to build Braum in Wild Rift

Zekkes convergence is the first wild rift item for Braum build as his ultimate provides a knock-up and slow, and this item can further add on to it. After that, if you are in a hard lane, you can go to the deadman’s plate and roam and look for plays around the map.

After those items, build Braum accordingly, depending on the enemy team. If they have lots of attack damage, you should stack armor. But, if not, then you can build magic resist for Braum.