Wild Rift Ashe: Best Combo, Counters, Spells, Runes, Items

Wild Rift Ashe: Best Combo, Counters, Spells, Runes, Items to build her

In this article, you will learn how to build your champion Ashe to get the best result in the LoL Wild Rift battle.

Ashe is a mobile AD carry and has almost no damage, but she makes up for this with her utility, like her insane slow and global stun, which she can control.

I do not recommend you use Ashe, as like I said earlier, she lacks damage. But if your teammates are full of damage-carry, then Ashe is not a bad pick as she can slow the enemies and make it easier for your teammates to lane their abilities.

When playing Ashe, use your third ability to scout and look out for the enemy jungles and scout the area. And every time your ultimate is up, make sure to use it non-stop and stun enemy champions on another lane.

It is a 3-second stun when it is traveled a maximum distance, and ultimate can be supportive for your teammate lane if you manage to land it as it’s almost always a guaranteed kill.

Since Ashe is a mobile champ, be very careful with your positioning and buy stasis asap if the enemy team has assassins.

Ashe has a very long range in her second ability, and she can farm from afar. Therefore, If you are against a hard matchup, use her second ability and farm.

During the mid to late game, make sure to spam and use your ultimate ability for easy picks. Keep in mind- initially, It is hard to use Ashe ultimate, but once you get the hang of her, it will learn it.

Guide: Ashe Build in LoL Wild Rift

Ashe’s Combo

The only best combo of Ashe is using your third ability for vision. Use this combo with your long-range ultimate to land it on the enemy, and hopefully, your team follows up on the free kill.

Ashe’s Counters and weakness

The biggest weakness of Ashe is her damage, as previously mentioned. No matter how fed or ahead Ashe is, it always looks like she does not harm the enemy.

So, I suggest you use Ashe only if you are good with her ultimate and can use her third ability to the maximum. Another weakness of Ashe is her mobility, so the Wild Rift Champions like Lucian and Draven can counter Ashe quickly.

Best spell of Ashe in Wild Rift

Since Ashe is an attack carry, using a flash and healing spell is best for her to build. But you can also pick Exhausted OR Barrier spells for Ashe, which is best depending on the situation.

Best Rune for Ashe

The runes like conquer, Gathering storm, second wind, and sweet tooth are the perfect choice to build Ashe in Wild Rift. Here is why:

1. Conquer
It is the best rune on any carry in Wild Rift. Since Ashe has a lot of attack speed, she can easily stack this time using its full damage potential.
2. Gathering storm
Since Ashe has no damage, it is pointless going brutal, but to go for gathering storm and try to play for a late game.

3. Second wind
It is the perfect rune for Ashe for sustain and healing in the lane, but you can also go hunter titan or bone plating if the situation calls for it.
4. Sweet tooth
It is the best rune for the extra heal and gold. But you can also mana flow band as Ashe can easily use this rune with her long-range ability. Also, since Ashe struggles with mana issues, she can make full use of the mana flow band.

Best Build items for Ashe in Wild Rift

Best Build items for Ashe in Wild Rift

The best items you should pick for Ashe are:
(i) Blade of the ruined king, as Ashe has a lot of attacks speed
(ii) Hurricane Bow for wave clear

Then finish the Ashe build with the perfect items like rapid gunfire cannon and mortal reminder for reducing healing and armor reduction to deal with tanks in the late game.

Best Skin of Ashe

One of the Shining skin for Ashe in the game is Project: Ashe