Best Guns in Apex Legends Mobile to be the Champion

Best Guns in Apex Legends Mobile to be the Champion

As in every game, Apex Legends Mobile has 24 guns, some are good, and others are mediocre, but in this article, I will list out only those Powerful guns that you should use on the battlefield to be a winner.
(The weapons in this list are based on their pick rate, availability, damage, and potential on the battlefield.)

Top 10 Best Guns Pick in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Sentinel

Sentinel Sniper

Sentinel is one of the best Bolt action snipers in Apex Mobile after Kraber. While Kraber is a Mythical weapon you can only obtain from care packages, Sentinel is anywhere. So, if you do not have Karber, you should pick Sentinel(The best alternate) in the battle royale if you like sniping.

You can even charge Sentinel with 2 charge cells to deal more damage to it, and it deals a total of 140 damage if hit on the enemies’ heads. So, Sentinel is the perfect weapon for playing as a sniper since Kraber is a legendary weapon that is very hard to get in Apex Legends Mobile.


L-STAR EMG: Apex Weapon

L-STAR EMG is one of my favorite guns as it has no magazine size; you need to stop shooting after a specific time because of overheating. It uses energy ammo. The L-star Emg gun is the most stable and easy-to-aim Apex mobile gun as it does not have high recoil like other LMGs.

You can use it as a close combat weapon or a mid-range weapon. Also, you can use L-star to spray your enemies from a distance since you can attach a 4x on it. You can find this gun anywhere-it is common.

3. Kraber

Kraber: High Damage sniper

Kraber is another high-damage sniper in Apex Mobile, and this weapon does not have any attachment slots and comes with a 6X/10X scope.

Since the Kraber is a Mythical weapon, you cannot find it anywhere except in the rare care package. This Kraber can deal 435 with a headshot from the long-range shot. It is hard to come across, but once you have it and if you use it properly, your enemies will be running from your scopes.

4. Devoltion

Devoltion: Strongest LMG

Devotion LMG is another LMG that uses Energy ammo. It is the strongest gun with the most fire rate among its fellow LMG guns in Apex Legends Mobile. Devoltion has up to 44 magazine sizes with full attachments, and it is available anywhere. It is a beast in mid-range battles due to its fast fire rate.

The only problem with this weapon is it is a little hard to control at first, but once you can control its aim, you can get many kills.

5. Spitfire

Spitfire weapon in Apex Legends Mobile

Spitfire is Strongest legendary weapon like Kraber in Apex Mobile, which you can find in rare care packages. It is an LMG with 60 magazine size. It uses heavy rounds as ammo, so it deals more damage per bullet than other LMGs.

Since the spitfire is also an LMG with less recoil in Apex mobile, you can control it easily for mid-range and long-range flights. Its rate of fire is slower than others, but due to its stability and damage, it is an intense weapon.

6. R-99 SMG

Apex Mobile Best Weapon: R-99 SMG

R-99 is the best SMG gun with the fastest rate of fire in Apex Mobile that uses light bullets. It deals low damage than other guns, but also it is on the list of best guns because of its super reload speed and rate of fire.

7. Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper: Apex Legends Mobile Best Gun

Peacekeeper is the OP Mythical weapon in this list of best Apex Legends Mobile guns, which is only obtainable from care packages/Airdrops. It is a Lever-action shotgun. It deals the maximum amount of damage among the other shotguns in the game.

This gun is a beast and can knock the enemy in less than 3 shots in close-range fights. Peacekeeper is a high damage dealer weapon in Apex Mobile, but its rate of fire is slower than others.

8. Flatline

Flatline Gun: Apex Mobile

Flatline is the standard AR that uses heavy rounds, up to 38 magazine sizes with Full attachments. It deals decent damage, but it is hard to control on full auto because of its recoil. You can use this gun in single fire mode and full auto mode. You can use the Flatline gun in mid-range and long-range battles, and In my opinion, the Flatline is the most picked AR in Apex Mobile.

9. Longbow DMR

APex Longbow DMR

The Longbow DMR is a semi-sniper. This sniper deals lesser damage than Sentinel and Kraber, but they are bolt action snipers, and this is a semi sniper, which means DMR has the feature of both AR and a sniper.

When you use a bolt action, but you miss a shot, the enemies will have time to run away until you can shoot again. But you can continuously hit the enemies without allowing them to escape with Longbow DMR, so it is the best Apex Mobile long-range weapon for you.

10. R-301 Carbine

Apex R-301 Carbine

R-301 Carbine is an AR that uses light ammo. It deals low damage than other ARs and has a lower magazine capacity, but the thing about this AR is that it is like an SMG. It has a higher fire rate than other ARs like an SMG. Unlike others, this gun is very stable, and you can hit enemies from a medium distance in Apex Mobile Battlefield.

In conclusion, you might of the habit of playing with other weapons, but mastering these guns will increase your chances of becoming the Champion in Apex mobile.