How can you get more Flux Coins in Apex Mobile?

How to obtain more Flux Coins in Apex Mobile? Crafting metal

In every game, there is a store where you can use the money to buy different things. Similarly, there are two main in-game currencies in Apex Legends Mobile called Syndicate Gold and Crafting metals, also known as Flux coins.

You can only get Syndicate gold by purchasing them with real money in Apex Legends Mobile. Players can use these Syndicate golds to buy different things in the game. They are like Diamonds/UC in other games. You can use Apex Syndicate gold to purchase different epic skins and tokens to open different crates.

However, Crafting metal/ Flux coin is a fragment that you can obtain from different sources in the game, and you can use them to craft the things in Apex Mobile.

You can use Flux coin by going to the crafting menu in the store to buy legend skins, gun skins, frames, poses, trackers, and emotes without spending real money.

Crafting metal is an in-game currency which means you can get this from the game, and to get these coins, you will need to complete different tasks. So, let us discuss all possible sources.

Best Ways to Obtain more Flux Coins in Apex Legends Mobile

1. From different events

Complete the events and obtain Flux coins in Apex Legends Mobile

You will find different events running in the game, such as Treasure of Kings, Two-day challenge events.

These events bring some simple missions and tasks that you have to complete to get rewarded with free flux coins. There are not that many events right now, but there will be more soon in the future.

2. From the battles pass

Whether you purchase a battle pass in Apex Legends mobile or not, you will obtain free rewards at each level up. The only difference is that the premium player will unlock more rewards(Some special) from the battle pass.

If you have purchased a battle pass or not, you will get rewards, including free flux coins. So, completing the missions to level up the battle pass is one of the best ways to obtain many Flux coins/crafting metals in Apex Legends mobile.

3. From Daily logins

When you play the game for the first time, you will get free rewards, including Crafting metals.

Also, you will get surprises after playing for a while, which is the 7-day cumulative login. So, by logging into Apex, you will receive Flux coins, but be sure to collect them.

4. From crate opening

The crates are also the best things to get a lot of Flux coins fast for free. As you play the game, you have to complete different missions, level up, and you will get many crates. You can open these crates by going into the store. By opening these crates, you can get Apex flux coins.