How to build a bridge builder in nether in Minecraft?

How to build a bridge builder in nether in Minecraft?

How to go across the big lava lakes in the nether? If you have this question in your mind, worry not, we will solve it through this article.
In this article, we will learn to build an automatic bridge builder in Minecraft Nether step by step with the pictures. So, let us continue.

The nether is one of the most dangerous places in Minecraft, but to complete the game, you need to get blaze rods from blazes in the nether fortress. Nether is the only place to find Nether Fortresses in the game. In the nether, there is lava almost everywhere, and also, you can not place any water in the nether if you fall into the lava.

Sometimes you get a wrong portal spot that you can’t go anywhere, and bridging across islands is far too dangerous. So, you have to make a simple or automatic machine to build a bridge to cross the lava ocean inside Minecraft Nether.

Minecraft bridge builder(Machine): How does it work?

The nether bridge builder has the same concept of a flying machine. Whenever Blue ice comes in contact with lava, a basalt block forms, so this bridge works with slime, just like the flying machine. It is possible because the Minecraft blue ice doesn’t melt in the nether.

So, you might have understood that you have to make a machine which builds a bridge in nether to cross the lava lakes.

Steps to build a bridge builder in nether in Minecraft:

On the nether, you need to have these materials/resources to make a bridge builder- 2 observers, 1 soul soil, 2 sticky pistons, 6 slime blocks, 1 blue ice, and a temporary block. Then Follow these Steps:

Step 1

Place down a slime block. You can make a slime block with 9 slimes which you can get by killing the slime mobs in Minecraft. Slime mobs spawn in deep caves and swamp biomes.

Step 2

Place a blue ice block next to the slime block. You can collect blue ice with tools with a silk touch, which you can find beneath the icebergs in Minecraft.

Step 3

Place two observers on top that are both facing backward.

Step 4
4th Step to build a bridge builder in nether

Place one sticky piston on the right observer and the next on the blue ice block. Place them such that they are facing each other.

Step 5

Then place two slime blocks in front of the pistons.

Step 6
Step 6 to make a bridge builder in nether in Minecraft

Then Dig a 4 block deep area near the machine.

Step 7

From the right slime block beneath the piston, make an opposite L with 3 slime blocks.

Step 8
Steps 8 to build a bridge builder in nether in Minecraft

Then, at the tip of the L, place a soul soil block in the front. The soul soil should be below the Blue ice block. You will find Soul soil in the soul sand valley in the nether.

Step 9

Then from the right side, break the netherrack block to let the lava flow inside the area you dig.

Step 10
Minecraft bridge builder in nether

Then place a temporary block in front of the right observer, then break it, and after this, the machine will start to make a bridge.

You successfully made a Minecraft automatic bridge builder, and now this machine will build a bridge out of basalt blocks in the nether. This bridge builder will make a path over a lava lake so that you can cross it without dying. So, after making the bridge above the lava lakes, you can explore each part of the nether to find out blaze rods, blazes, fortress, whatever.

Some Related questions

  • What happens if the bridge-building machine gets stuck?

If the bridge builder gets stuck in a block, you should dig the blocks touching the machine, then Repeat Step 10 to activate again.

  • Can I use other ice instead of Blue ice to make a bridge builder in Minecraft?

No, Normal ice melts after a short while in contact with lava, and packed ice doesn’t make any block when in contact with lava. That is why blue ice is the only recipe you can use for building bridge builder in nether.

  • How to make slime blocks?

Open your crafting table and fill up slimeballs in the boxes to make a slime block in Minecraft. (In the picture)

How to make slime blocks in Minecraft?