Best drop locations in Apex Legends Mobile: Worlds Edge Map

Worlds Edge Map: Best drop locations in Apex Legends Mobile

Battle Royale games work on the concept of fighting against other players on a battlefield until the last one stands. But what is needed to become the last man standing in the game? Yes, ideas, experience, and most importantly, loot and supplies. So, let us come to the point. There are two maps currently available in Apex Legends Mobile, but here, we will talk about the best drop locations on the Worlds Edge map only.

There are mainly 2 types of drop locations. Once you board the ship and fly over the island, you will see the names of areas on the ground with a purple or blue line below them. The purple line signifies the place as a high-tier loot area, whereas the blue reflects a mid-tier loot area.

Apex Legends Mobile Worlds Edge Map

Top 6 Best Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile Worlds Edge Map:

1. Capital City

It is a mid-tier loot area in Apex Mobile and a perfect landing spot to get high kills. Capital City is a big city full of buildings and construction sites. It is not famous for its loot, but it is popular for its fights. Even though it is a mid-tier loot area, many players tend to land here, so the Capital City is also known as one of the hot-drop in Apex Mobile.

This area is for players who like to play aggressively from the start. You can get guns anywhere in this city and can immediately start fighting other players. Since many players drop here, the fighting doesn’t stop. There are mainly two buildings that you should land on; these buildings have the highest loot among the building in the capital city.

Capital City is a perfect Drop Location in Apex Legends Mobile

2. Sorting Factory

The sorting factory is a big factory with lots of crates and pipelines. It is based on the Amazon delivery warehouses in real life. Sorting Factory is a high loot place in Apex Mobile and also a hot drop zone of Worlds Edge Map as many squads drop here to fight early. The best place you want to land first is the train station which looks like this;

There are many chests in this area that contains guns and other stuff. Another good thing about this place is whenever the train stops in this station, chests come from the underground, which have epic loot in them.

Another best location to land in Apex Mobile is the factory located just by the train station. It is a large building with lots and lots of loot. You can get scopes, guns, body shields, everything from this place.

3. The Epic center

The only part of the Apex Worlds Edge Map covered by Ice is the Epic center. It is also a high-tier loot area, so it is one of the perfect drop locations in Apex Legends Mobile. In the middle part of Epic center, you will find many chests full of loot items.

There are no other buildings here, just ice remains and ledges. The epic center is not a hot-drop, but Apex players land here to get the best loots, then go for the kills.

The Epic Center: A place inside Apex Worlds Edge Map is best landing place

If you play Apex Legends Mobile with your squad, then you should land in this place to fill up your bags with loot. This location is also near the capital city, so you can go there to take on fights. Players only drop on Epic center if it is in the ship’s path fall there, but if not, they usually don’t drop in this location.

4. Terminal station

The terminal station, also called Terminal Station is one of those areas inside the Worlds Edge Map full of lava. It is one of the large areas in Apex legends mobile, full of lots of chests full of loot items all over.

It is not a hot drop location unless it is in the ship’s path. The terminal station is the best landing zone for the safe players in Apex Mobile. Here you can get enough loot for 3 squads at least since the area is just a fountain of chests.

5. Skyhook

Skyhook is a city with a large building in the middle which is also is the best looting point in Apex legends mobile. The building in the center is the point of attention.

Players who drop in this location will take the fight to capture the center building as the middle building contains good loot inside.

Skyhook: Best Drop Location in Apex Mobile

It is not a hot drop, but many players drop if the ship path falls near. The city is perfect as the capital city to take the fight. You want to land on the middle first to get loots and kills immediately. You can also see the whole city from the center so you can hit them from far.

6. Lava city

Lava city: Best landing spot in Apex Legends Mobile

Lava city is another perfect drop location in Apex as it is a small, but high-tier loot spot. You can find a couple of buildings that have good loot in them. Since it is at the edge of the map, it is not a hot drop. So, Apex players who play safe and passive like to drop in this area.