Mighty Miner in Clash Royale | Skills, Counters

Mighty Miner in Clash Royale| Skills, Counters

The Mighty Miner is a new Champion card in Clash Royale like the Archer Queen and the Skeleton King. He is a 4 Elixir card. By nature, he is Miner wearing a Miner hat, but instead of a shovel, he uses a drill. The Mighty Miner is both a defensive and an offensive card.

How does Mighty Miner work?

The Mighty Miner uses his drill to damage the enemy or the buildings. His attack is like the Clash Royale Inferno Dragon and the Inferno tower. At first, Mighty Miner is less damaging, but as he keeps attacking, his attack reaches mid damage than to maximum.

It takes him about 4 seconds to reach maximum damage- about 1000. His attack starts with low hurt and takes 1.2 seconds to kill a skeleton. When his attack gets maximum, he can wipe the enemy or the tower in a go.

Mighty Miner doesn’t attack air units but only the ground units, and he is tanky and has 2400 health which is enough to survive a Sparky hit. He has medium speed, that of a Valkyre and a Musketeer in Clash royale.

Mighty Miner skills and abilities

Every Champion card has an ability, so similarly, Mighty Miner can swap lanes which will cost 2 elixirs. There will be a button above your deck on the right-hand side.

When you click that ability, he drops a bomb with a 3 seconds timer that will explode, dealing medium damage. Then he will dig underground and travel to the other lane. He will travel an equal distance from the tower.

If he is in the middle and you activate his ability, he will dig and come out of the same spot. So, it is the best ability of Miner to escape from enemy cards placed in that lane in Clash royale.

For which champions should you pick Mighty Miner?

Since the Mighty Miner is a card whose damage ramps up like the Inferno Tower and the Inferno Dragon, he is the best pick against troops with high health. The Mighty Miner is good against tanky cards like the Knight, Giant, Pekka, Valkyre, Golem, Royal Giant, and Giant Skeleton in Clash Royale.

Mighty Miner counters:- Who can Kill Him Fast?

Mighty Miner counters in Clash Royale

Since the damage of Mighty ramps up after a certain, while he is countered by zapping cards like the electro wizard, the spell zap, electro dragon, zappies, etc.

The cards which displace the Mighty Miner or knock him back like rocket, fireball, snowball, log tornado can kill him quickly. He is good against tanks but not the electro giant and the bowler because the electro giant can zap him from time to time, so his damage won’t go high up, and the bowler will keep knocking him back.

Mighty Miner is also defeated by buildings and spawners if placed in the middle, especially tombstone and goblin hut. Swarm cards and air cards are also on the counter from Mighty in Clash Royale.

The Mighty Miner is the best card, but he has too many counters. The best way to play Mighty Miner in Clash royale is to let your enemy use the counters first, then place him in the other lane. Once you lock on the enemy tower and start to drill, you can expect a Tower.