Best Mid Laner in Wild Rift: Top 5 Champions

Best Mid Laner in Wild Rift

The mid-lane is the most important and impactful lane in Wild Rift as it is in the center of the map, and due to it being in the center, Mid Laner champions can easily roam and affect the whole map.

In wild rift, the match outcome usually depends on how good the team picks champions for mid lane. So selecting a very strong and reliable mid laner is crucial to winning your games.

Saying this, I have listed out the five strongest Mid lane champions in LoL WR. If you play with these heroes, you can dominate your opponents without any doubt.

Top 5 Best Mid Laner Champions in Lol Wild Rift

1. Zed

Zed is a very reliable Wild Rift assassin that dominates the mid lane with his broken damage and mobility. It’s almost impossible to win a trade against zed as he can just run you down and kill you with all his damage and mobility.

But zed is relatively weak in the early stage game as he needs his ultimate to deal more damage. So try playing safe before you get your ultimate ability. Then once you get it, you should be looking for roams.

After that, you can do whatever you want, kill whoever you want with your ultimate every time it’s off cooldown. So, being such qualities, zed is known as one of the perfect champions for mid lane roles in Wild Rift.

2. Ahri

Ahri is the AP version of zed as she too functions like an assassin. She is also quite useless in the early stages of the game. But, once she gets her ultimate and one or two Full items, she can easily burst down any enemy champions once she lands her charm on them.

It’s also impossible to catch her due to the free dashes that she gets from her ultimate ability. You can use this ability offensively whenever you roam and see an enemy champion off position.

Therefore, I highly suggest you pick her for the Mid laner role as she has always been a reliable and Strong champion in Wild Rift.

3. Twisted fate

If you want a mid laner who can have the most impact in every game, then twisted fate is the best champion for you. All abilities that twisted fate have been designed to help him snowball the game and get more ahead.

He gets free gold from just last hitting minions in the lane. So in many cases, even if twisted fate is behind in kills of the enemy laner, he will still have equal or sometimes more gold than the enemy laner if he has a decent farm.

If you pick twisted fate, you should always look for roaming with your yellow card. Once you get your ultimate, you can be all over the map that creates pressure and breaks the enemy team formation so you can pick off enemies who are alone.

4. Katarina

Best Mid Laner in Wild Rift: Champion

In Wild Rift, Katarina is a champion that is famously known for being hard to catch and a champion that can 100-0 your whole team when ahead.

It is better to pick her if the enemy team has no cc abilities or stuns or any form of disrupts that can stop her ultimate. So, choosing her as the last pick against the enemy team with no CC is always a good idea. It’s because if she can land her full ultimate in team fights as it does so much damage.

And once she is ahead with items, it is impossible to stop her due to her crazy amounts of dashes and damage. Katarina is the hardest mid laner to play in this list, so if you want to try her, I suggest you be patient with her and try to master this wild rift champion.

5. Ziggs

ziggs perform well in Wild Rift mid lane

Ziggs has always been a very strong mid laner, no matter what patch. He can do a crazy amount of damage from afar without putting himself in a dangerous position or off position. It is always good in a strategy game like a wild rift.

This mid lane champion can win team fights even before the battle begins by poking the enemy before they engage. It is because they will be too low, and your team can easily clean up the low Hp enemy laners. And in the late game, it’s almost impossible to secure an objective if the enemy ziggs is alive. He can land his combos and ultimate move on your whole team, lowering Hp and forcing your team to back.

Ziggs is also a hard champ to learn as all of his abilities are skill shots, and you have to land all of them to be helpful. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be dominating your ranked games. So, the Ziggs is a Powerful champ in Lol Wild Rift who can perform best in Min lane.