All about Edith in Mobile Legends

All about Edith in Mobile Legends

Edith is the latest hero in Mobile legends, and she came for free to those players who got her exchange token. She is a best for tank/Marksman role, which means either you can play her in the gold lane or as the roamer.

FAQ about Edith Hero in Mobile legends

Edith is an ancient guard girl covered with an armor called Phylax. She has high health from the start and can deal massive damage. Edith has 6 sets of skills which are 3 skills when she is inside the Phylax armor and 3 skills when she is not.

(Edith’s passive): Whenever Edith uses a skill, she becomes overloaded for a couple of seconds. Her attack will trigger a lightning chain hitting up to 4 enemies when you use a basic attack when in an overloaded state.

The icon above the recall button is the sign that Edith is in an overload state. Since her passive deal so much damage, I recommend you to use a basic attack after every skill you use of Edith, just like Alucard in MLBB.

When Edith is in Phylax armor

Edith Hero is as hard as a rock while in Phylax armor, and her all attacks and skills deal physical damage.

(Skill 1): The skill is called Earth shatter, and Edith hits the ground in a particular direction making enemies in the path airborne. However, the attack has a little delay to it.

(Skill 2): The skill is called onward, where Edith dashes in a particular direction, and if an enemy is in its path, she will throw them backward.
She won’t throw more than one enemy, and this skill doesn’t work on creeps and minions.

(Ultimate): Edith Ultimate Primal wrath is a morph skill that enables her to be in-flight state. This means she gets out of her Phylax armor, knocking back enemies near her. The damage that Edith receives during the Phylax state converts into wrath. She gains magic life steal, shield, and attack speed.

When Edith is not in Phylax armor

When not in Phylax armor, Edith deals magic damage upon enemies during a battle in Mobile legends.
(Skill 1): This skill is called Divine retribution that gives the ability to deal continuous damage to a particular area for a couple of seconds.
(Skill 2): This skill is called a Lightning bolt that fires a lightning bolt and immobilizes the first enemy it hits.
(Ultimate): The Ultimate Primal wrath helps her get back to Phylax armor again.

What is the best build for Edith Hero in MLBB?

 best build for Edith Hero in MLBB

In Mobile Legends, Edith is the best build as a tank than a marksman is because every magic and physical defense Edith has will be converted to magic damage when in ultimate form. 1 point of physical/ magic defense = 2.5 magic power. You mainly want to build a physical and magic defense on her.

What is the best emblem for Edith?

Best emblem for Edith in Mobile legends

You should use the tank emblem with the first or the third talent, and You should spend talent points on physical and magic defense.

What is the Best spell for Edith in MLBB?

The spell most compatible with Edith in MLBB is Flicker because it gives her a lot of mobility. You can also use the Flicker and 2nd skill combo to surprise and throw the enemy. You can also use the purify spell if the enemy has a lot of CC.

What is the team role of Edith in Mobile legends?

While playing Edith, you can either go to the Gold lane or play as the roamer. But the best is to go to the gold lane. She can solo his lane easily. But, play a little passive until you get your ultimate because she will surely be out-ranged by the opponent marksman.

But after you get your ultimate, you can play aggressively. You can rotate to the mid lane if you see a chance of getting a kill or helping to get the turtle. You can farm from the minions until you get some core items.

 team role of Edith in Mobile legends

After the first 10 mins of the game, after you have successfully destroyed your lanes’ turrents, you can start joining team fights and make plays. Help to secure the lord and be with the team.

Furthermore, the combo you can use with MLBB hero Edith is;
You will have to be in Phylax armor to start the combo. Use second skill first to throw an enemy backward, and use your first skill to throw him into the air again.

This combo is best if any of your teammates are nearby. Since the target will not do anything for a while, you can finish him off smoothly. This combo is perfect for assassination.