How to get emotes in Wild Rift and How to use them?

How to get emotes in Wild Rift and How to use them?

In Lol Wild Rift, Emotes are gestures that you can use to communicate emotion to other players in chat or during a match.

You can use emote to poke fun at the enemy team and express your emotions without the burden of spending a long time typing something in chat.

There are hundreds of emotes in LOL WR, all of them are unique in their ways with a different rarity. So, let us move to our main point.

Best ways to get emotes in Wild Rift

1. Opening poro chest

You can use poro coins to unlock poro chests which have chances of giving you a random emote in Wild Rift for free. But, keep in mind that the rewards are unexpected, and you might or might not get any emotes.

However, the chance is high as the game releases new emotes almost every month. You’ll be sure to get some.

2. Completing missions:

Another way to unlock free Wild Rift emotes is by completing missions. If you finish Specific missions, you’ll obtain free emotes that are usually themed based on the emotes you are doing.

You will find the mission inside the daily missions section that you can do every day. Also, you don’t have to worry about doing the same boring activities every day, as the mission changes every time to keep it refreshing and fun to complete.

3. Other ways

Level up, clearing event, or Poro Shop are other effective ways to obtain the emote in the game. So, remain active in the game, try to level up quicker, and complete missions fast.

How to assign and use emotes?

Before using your emote Wild Rift, firstly, you have to assign them, so the instructions below walk you through how to do that.

(i) Go to the collections tab in the main menu
(ii) Tap on the emotes section
(iii) Chose one of your unlocked emotes
(iv) Tap the slot you want to assign it to

After selecting and assigning the emotes, you can use them in wild rift by tapping the chat icon and the smiley face icon and then choosing one of the nine.

Keep in mind, that you can only choose 9 emotes to use in-game, and you can’t change them during the match. You can only change once the game ends from the same settings that you assigned.