How to Find the Best Sensitivity in Fortnite?

How to Find the Best Sensitivity in Fortnite?

If you successfully find and customize the best sensitivity, soon you will become a skilled Fortnite Player. If your sensitivity is opposite of your playstyle, it can be a problem. It is very debated as well- high sensitivity Vs low sensitivity is a popular debate in the Fortnite community.

There is nothing such as perfect sensitivity as everyone is different. Some sensitivities setups might give smooth gameplay for one player but may disappoint another. Therefore, instead of copying others’ sensitivity settings, it is better to have your own that suits your PC and playing style.

Tips to Find Best Fortnite Sensitivity settings

1. Best Fortnite eDPI

Learning what eDPI is is very important while customizing the perfect sensitivity setting. In Fortnite, eDPI is effective dots per inches which you can calculate by multiplying the mouse’s DPI with your in-game sensitivity. The answer you get by calculating this is your eDPI. The average eDPI of most Fortnite players is around 48-68, so you should generally try to keep your eDPI close to these values much as possible.

2. Using what’s comfortable for you

The basic rule of thumb while selecting your sensitivity is to use what’s comfortable. No matter what you do or how good of a sensitivity others think you have, if a sensitivity you have is uncomfortable for you, it is not a good sensitivity. So, while selecting your sensitivity settings, you should only use what is comfortable for you.

3. Turning off mouse acceleration

It is something you should turn off. With mouse acceleration on, you cannot ever be consistent. It makes your mouse move faster the more you turn it. So that means if you have it on, you really can’t build muscle memory which will ruin your aim. You can turn this off by going into the mouse settings in Windows 10/11.

If you don’t know how to do it, here is how you can:
I) Navigate to Search on your taskbar
II) Search “Mouse” on the search bar
III) Click ‘Additional mouse options
IV) Hit ‘Pointer Options’
V) Untick the ‘Ponter Precision’ box by simply clicking it

If you are a console player who plays Fortnite on keyboard and mouse, sadly, this feature is still not available on consoles, and by the looks of it, you might never be able to turn mouse acceleration off on consoles.

4. Changing Build and Aim Sensitivity

If you are a controller player, you MUST know about this feature. If you don’t know if you use advanced sensitivity on the controller, you can change the build and aim sensitivity in Fortnite.

Some people are confused on whether they should use a lower or high sensitivity as they like a higher sensitivity while building and vice-versa.

Controller players don’t need to face this problem anymore as you can have a very high build sensitivity, low edit sensitivity, and a high aim sensitivity. Thanks to Epic Games adding this feature, people don’t have to get worried about this anymore.

5. The DPI myth

There’s a myth that higher DPI is generally better for gaming, so that’s why most Fortnite players buy those mouse with ridiculously high DPI limitations. But this is a myth, and you should use the DPI you feel comfortable with while accessing settings or using your inventory.

6. Using the PSA method

It can be quite a roller coaster ride, so hold on. The PSA method would require some math, but luckily there are calculators online to make your job easier.

First, you need to move your mouse from the left-most part from your mouse pad (or the place you use to use your mouse) to the right or vice-versa on your current sensitivity.

It might be too much or too little for you, as you should crank your settings until you have an almost perfect swipe. After you’ve found the sensitivity with the perfect sweep, you should play around a little in creative with it.

If you think it is best and comfortable for you, you’re lucky and can stop the PSA method. However, if it is not perfect, you can go on the calculator and enter your current sensitivity. It’ll show higher or lower you can choose either according to what you want. You can repeat this process until you find a good sensitivity setting you’re happy with to play Fortnite.

These are some ways you can set the best sensitivity in Fortnite, and I hope, after reading this, you know something new. So Good luck finding the best sensitivity for your game which will help you keep on being a champion.