How to counter Invoker in Dota 2?

How to counter Invoker in Dota 2?
Who is Invoker?

Invoker is an intelligence-based ranged hero in Dota 2 with a massive arsenal of spells, and he is the Hardest hero to counter in the game. He is usually picked as a Midlaner and is good against heroes will low spell resistance.

Invoker is good against teams with a low amount of stuns and disable ability as he heavily depends upon spells. According to his power spike in the game, you can play him both as an initiator or a back liner.

What abilities does Invoker possess?

Invoker contains 10 abilities which is the most number of abilities in all of Dota 2. His base powers, Quas, Wex, and Exort are combined in different sequences to make other abilities. He can have up to 2 abilities at a time that he can keep in his active arsenal.

His Quas stuns an enemy target multiple times, and Ghost walk makes him invisible and changes his movement speed. His ability (ice wall) creates a Wall that slows and damages enemies who pass through it.

Similarly, his ability (EMP) creates a statistic storm that bursts after a few seconds, draining the mana of the enemies present in it. His (Tornado ability) unleashes a tornado that picks up enemies in its path and damages them. And alacrity increases the attack and attack bonus damage of a target.

Moreover, His (Sunstrike) sends a ray of the beam that damages enemies in it- this ability is a global cast. His forge spirit creates a controllable Spirit, and chaos meteor ability unleashes a meteor over a place that damages the enemies that get hit by it and take damage over time. Finally, Invoker’s ability, Defending blast unleashes a blast that disarms and damages enemies in the Dota 2 battle.

As mentioned above, Invoker has an arsenal of spells, and he can be the Hardest hero to play against, but not to worry, I will list out ways you can defeat him.

Best Ways to Counter Invoker in Dota 2

1. Gank him early on

The biggest weakness of Invoker is he does not have access to all of his spells in the early game, and even if he does, his Spells are not effective at that time. He also has a bit low amount of movement speed at this time.

In simple words, this time is the best time for you to Gank and stop his early game. If you are a Midlaner playing against Invoker, you should ask your support to come for a Gank and try to kill him early on.

2. Stop his Ganks

Invoker is a hero that needs kills for him to snowball. If you can stop him from getting kills, He basically won’t have much of an impact in mid and late-game.

After the invoker gets his boots, this is when he will be rotating to the side lanes, so be sure to watch out for his Ganks. Also, do not forget to ward the jungle so you can know when the invoker is coming for a Gank.

3. Pick Best Counter heroes for Invoker

As an invoker is a hero that depends on his spells, any hero that prevents him from using his Spells is the best counter. If you ask who can counter Invoker in Dota 2, then heroes such as Silencer, Nyx Assassin, Doom, and Anti-mage are great examples. Invoker is also a bit squishy hero, so heroes with High physical damage with a stun or a lockup are also good against him, such as void spirit and legion commander.

4. Focus on Invoker

Most Dota 2 Players make a mistake while playing against Invoker, and that is, they let him use all his Spells. This hero tends to stay at the backline and cast his Spells in the team fights. So, try to kill the Invoker as early as possible in team fights, as this will disadvantage the enemy team by a lot, and you will have a better chance of winning team fights.

5. Build best Counter items for Invoker

Any Dota 2 item that can disable, silence, or lockup invoker is the best pick to counter him. So, the items such as Orchid Malevolence can silence the invoker and make him useless in team fights.

Probably, the most Necessary item when playing against Invoker (Black king bar) that grants you spell immunity is a must-build item to kill him. P.s Always buy a gem or dust when Ganking Invoker.

In conclusion

Invoker is a hero that depends upon his spells and needs early kills to be Useful in the late game. Any item or a hero that can stun, disable, silence, or lock him up is a good choice. Building items that give you magic resistance is also a good way to beat Invoker in Dota 2. Be sure to Ganks coordinating with your teammates early on to stop him.