Best heroes to rank up in Dota 2- Top 10 heroes

Best heroes to rank up in Dota 2- Top 10 heroes

To make it easier for you, I have made a list of heroes that will help you rank up quickly in Dota 2, according to the experience that I collected over the years playing the game.

There is a ranking system in Dota 2 which shows how good a player is, and the ranking system starts from herald and goes up to immortal. Players with similar skillsets will get placed in the same bracket. Climbing the Bracket means that you are improving your game. So, If you climb the bracket high enough, you might get recognized by some pro teams and be called for Dota 2 online tournaments.

But as much as good as it sounds, climbing the rank\MMR in Dota 2 is not an easy task. I struggled for over two years before I finally climbed out of my first Bracket.

Top 10 best heroes to pick for rank up in Dota 2

1. Juggernaut

Best solo carry hero in Dota 2

Juggernaut is one of the best solo-carry Heroes in Dota 2 with high movement and attack speed that can chase down enemies, push lanes, escape, and has an excellent late game. This hero is perfect for lower bracket matches where players do not usually have coordination with each other. You can take advantage of this by farming aggressively without worrying much about coordinated Ganks. If there is a Gank, you can escape easily by activating blade furry and using tp. So, the skills of Juggernaut Hero will support you to rank up fast in Dota 2.

2. Anti-mage

Best hero to rank up in Dota 2: Anti mage

An anti-mage hero has all the qualities that can support you to rank up fast in Dota 2. Although you will need help in the early stages of the game, after completing your battle-furry, you will be able to push sidelines and farm the jungle, which will help you scale faster than anyone in the game.

If the game is in your team’s favor, then you can start farming enemy jungle camps too. If the game is not in your team’s favor, then you can start trying the rat strategy.

3. Shadow-shaman

Best hero Dota 2 to rank up: Shadow Shaman

Undoubtedly, the shadow Shaman is one of the best heroes to Push rank solo in Dota 2, and he is probably my favorite support to play on any bracket- this hero is too easy and fun to play. This support hero can help them carry in the lane by harassing the enemy heroes using his abilities. He also helps the midlaner by Ganking the enemy midlaner.

Players do not realize the importance of wards in lower-level bracket matches. So, while playing shadow-shaman, you have to take full advantage of this by warding enemy jungle or the river. The main thing to do when playing Shadow-shaman is to push the tower when you have your ultimate.

4. Warlock

Warlock in Dota 2

Warlock is a support hero that does not depend on items to make much of an impact in the game. Warlock’s ultimate syncs very well with the rest of its ability making the hero very valuable in gang fights. Using Warlock, you can provide regeneration to your safe-laner and help him in the early stages of the game. Most players in the lower bracket don’t know how to counter this hero as it is not a common choice. So you can take advantage of this. Be sure to keep a tp when you play this hero so you can tp anytime. Your midlaner gets ganked, and you can counter the Gank using your ultimate. So, pick the Warlock hero and boost your MMR in Dota 2 as fast as you can.

5. Tide hunter

Tide Hunter in Dota 2

He is a tank semi support hero that you can play, as pos3 and pos4, both. Tide hunter is an initiator that can stun multiple heroes at once, and he can turn a fight around with his ultimate. He is extremely Powerful when he gets a blink dagger.

Tide hunter does face mana problems as he has very little mana regeneration and a small mana pool. With this hero, you can start farming the jungle camps from level5. Tide Hunter is not picked very often in the lower level bracket, so many players do not know how to counter it.

On the other hand, Tide hunter can counter many commonly picked heroes in Dota 2 like Phantom, Lancer, Chaos knight, and that is why you should Pick Tide Hunter if you want to increase your rank in Solo or Squad. While playing tide hunter, you should focus on warding enemy camps and initiating Ganks after getting your blink dagger.

6. Alchemist

Hero to increase rank in Dota 2: Alchemist

Alchemist is one of the best heroes in Dota 2 to increase MMR quickly. Farming is only one thing to do as an alchemist player in the Lower Bracket. Alchemist is a hero that farms faster than anyone because of his greevils gold ability. Farming until I could solo 1v5 or takedown Towers, barracks, and escape using a bkb was all I did in the Lower Bracket. Although, this strategy works well in lower brackets like a guardian. You will slowly need to start coordinating with your teammates in the higher Brackets to make the most out of this hero.

7. Huskar

Powerful hero

Huskar is a hero, which is very hard and annoying against Lane. This hero is a pure lane dominator and can get easy kills in the early laning phase by purely spamming his ability-burning spear. The game plan using this hero is to harass opponent heroes.

Huskar is a perfect counter for phantom Assassin in Dota 2 that is picked Commonly in brackets such as guardian or herald. With a good laning stage husker becomes a monster on the map, jumping and killing every hero on sight. Huskar is the Effective Dota 2 hero to increase the solo rank fast when picked when the enemy lacks stunners or disablers.

8. Earthshaker

You can play Earthshaker as pos4or pos5 in some cases. This hero is perfect for assisting your sideliner in the early stages of the game by initiating kills or stopping enemy Ganks using his abilities such as fissure. Once earth-shaker gets blink dagger and lvl ups, he can be used extensively for Ganking other enemy heroes by blinking in and stunning them.

So, to increase your rank in Dota 2 with Earthshaker, you must have some coordination with your teammates and set up a gang fight. His ultimate echo slam is very Powerful when the enemy team pushes the lanes.

9. Lifestealer

Lifestealer is probably one of the most slept on carriers in the lower bracket. This hero, like a juggernaut, is perfect for lower-ranked matches where there is not much coordination. Life stealer can survive easily in the lane due to his life stealing abilities. If the Lane becomes Hard, he can start jungling as soon as early from lvl4.

After getting some early items and completing the armlet by 12 min life stealer can start killing heroes when he has his ultimate ready. Basically, in most matches, I would farm until min12, then start going for kills when my ultimate was ready. And, Again start Farming and repeating the process till the game reaches mid-stage.

10. Viper

Viper in Dota 2

Viper is a hero that is easy to understand and play, so this hero is the best pick for you to rank up in Dota 2 quickly. With viper, it’s easy to win Lane, and you can pressurize and get kills in the early stage by spamming your abilities. Viper face problems with mana as he has very slow mana regeneration and a small mana pool. With viper at lvl6, you can start Ganking the other lanes and help your teammates.

Buying items that will help with his mana problem and attack speed will make viper even more Powerful. With viper, you can take advantage of your ability Nether toxin by stacking jungle creeps and using it as it does a.o.e damage.