Most Rare Emotes in Fortnite- Top 5 collection

Most Rare Emotes in Fortnite- Top 5 collection

Fortnite is one of the first games that had emotes, and that’s why it was apart from other games. Emotes set the game out from other Battle Royales apart from the building mechanic, of course. But we all wonder, what is the rarest Fortnite emotes, so let us see the five most rare emotes in the game.

Emotes, who doesn’t love emotes. Emote is our favorite dance item in our favorite game Fortnite, and we use it after we get kills, Victory Royale, or when we get excited. Yes, the emotes are the best things in the game, which you can use for showoff and trolling others.

Top 5 Most rare Fortnite emotes

1. Rambunctious

Rambunctious Emote Fortnite: Rare Emote

Rambunctious is a emote that you’ve probably never seen in the game, and the reason is it is the rarest emote in Fortnite. It was last seen on November 12, 2018.

You would use this emote to celebrate your epic Victory Royale. It is rare because most players didn’t buy it when it came out, and like the looks of it, it might never return to the item shop.

2. Floss

Fortnite Foss Emote

Introduced in Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass, the floss emote was inspired by the BackPack kid who went viral on social media.

Floss emote is extremely rare as only those people who played Fortnite back then, bought the battle pass, and were good enough to grind it have it. The last date you could get this emote was the Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass. i.e., February 21, 2018.

3. Take the L

TAKE THE L : Fortnite Rare emote

Ah, what a classic. Take the L is one of the most toxic emotes in the game, and you can use it if you want to show your rare emote and want to be a toxic player.

Released in Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass, the Take the L is one of the best emote in Fortnite. The last day you could get this emote was April 30, 2018.

4. Fresh

Fresh emote in Fortnite

Fresh is a rare emote last seen in the item shop on November 21, 2018. It could’ve been purchased from the Item Shop.

It represents a jolly mood, so you could use Fresh emote when something in-game makes you happy. Firstly, it came in Chapter 1 season 2.

5. Tidy

Fortnite Tidy Emote: Rarest Emote

Tidy emote, one of the first collaborating emotes in Fortnite. It was indirectly a collaboration emote with Snoop Dogg because the emote is the dance of Snoop Dogg. It is a very good emote with great music in the background. The last time it was seen was on December 12, 2018.

Overall, these are the five most rare emotes, and if you have any of these, consider yourself lucky as most Fortnite Players dream of having some of them. On that note, keep playing Fortnite and keep being a champion!

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