How to earn Money playing Dota-2?

How to earn Money playing Dota-2?

Can I earn Money playing Dota-2?- I think every Dota 2 player has asked this question at least once. It is the dream of many players, but not everyone can do this as Dota 2 esports competition is a Hard place to be recognized, let alone survive there. So, If you can, here are a few ideas you can Make Money by playing Dota 2 in 2022.

5 Best way to Earn Money playing Dota-2

1. Going professional

Whenever people think of earning money from playing games, they think of playing professionally, and it is the most reliable source to make money as a Dota 2 player.

But be ready to grind and spend thousands of hours perfecting your game and rank up. Ranking up in your region will make pro teams in your server recognize you. There are many success stories of Dota 2 players like this, such as OG’s midlaner top son.

2. Becoming a Coach

Most players don’t know this, but you can hire coaches for Dota 2 on websites such as Fiverr. You can do the same by listing yourself on such a website. Most coaches charge on an hourly basis, and also you can if you are.

But for players to contact you, you must have a good amount of MMR. You cannot earn money to support yourself fully, but you can do this as a side hustle.

3. Streaming

Many people watch their favorite streamers play their games on platforms such as Twitch, and they donate gifts to them. You can try to do the same, but it’s not an easy task creating a community and fan base.

Many people do not see quick results immediately, so be sure to start with a not giving up and consistent mindset if you eagerly want to generate good income by playing Dota 2. This way may not give you quick results, but if you show dedication, nothing is impossible.

4. Posting Dota 2 content

Today, you have access to every social media platform, and you only click away from being viral. So why not use this to your advantage- you can post different hero tutorials, hero updates, game updates, Playing videos on YouTube for Dota-2 players, and if you get good views, you will earn money in the long run.

You can also share your gaming experience and write and sell Dota 2 content for those who want to give you some dollars in exchange for your content and time contribution.

5. Selling Accounts\MMR Boosting

Earn money by selling accounts in Dota 2

In the Dota 2 world, account buying and selling is a big business. Some highly ranked players make a living out of this.

Players also provide MMR Boosting services in which they log in and play from the customer’s account and win their ranked matches.

You can also do the same, but it is considered somewhat unethical in the dota2 community.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article!!